Feng Shui Chime – Chi Energy, Jade by Woodstock Chimes

beautifully designed with genuine stone accents, our jade chi energy doorbell will enhance any setting and blend in with the positive aesthetic you’re looking for.

In feng shui, the ancient Chinese practice of using layout to achieve harmony with the environment, wind chimes are believed to have the power to redirect energy in a space. In addition, by surrounding ourselves with beauty, music, and various expressions of the sweetness of life, we benefit ourselves and those around us.

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many people believe that wind chimes can bring good fortune, health and prosperity to the owner through the practice of feng shui. Chimes are also believed to help break down bad energy in the home. The hollow tubes are said to help good chi energy circulate, and the use of three tubes helps promote good luck for young people. Whether you support these philosophical statements or not, you’ll find our chi energy chimes to enhance any setting and match the positive aesthetic you’re looking for.

This chime has a lifetime tuning guarantee.

This product is designed to be hung from a loop of rope, rather than an O-ring.

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This product has long cords that can become tangled in high winds. it may be preferable to hang it in a protected place or indoors.

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see our product care guide here.

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