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many people wonder why wind chimes are so common in feng shui. Wind chimes are applied for a variety of purposes, including creating sound energy waves and incorporating the metallic element.

The following buyers guide and comparison chart may be helpful to users looking for reliable and beautifully designed wind chimes for feng shui.

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wind chimes ylyycc copper bell decoration – the best for design!

The opening notes of Amazing Grace, one of America’s most beloved and well-known hymns, are tuned to the sound of this wind chime. when the wind blows, this chime sounds very light and musical.

the platform is made of a nice bronze which is nice and heavy and not at all brittle. the many bells are beautiful and have a soothing tone. the tone of this doorbell is delicate and soft.

medium outdoor wind chime – best for soothing sounds!

upblend outdoor wind chime is normal size, not too big and not too thin. The chime measures 28 inches from the hook to the bottom of the windcatcher, and the aluminum tubes range in size from 8 to 11 inches. There is also a 38-inch version of this wind chime.

The doorbell is suspended from the ceiling with a heavy-duty suspension rope and a strong s-hook at the end. the tubes are held in position by the hanger, and the entire bell is supported by the s-hook.

The timbre of this doorbell can be changed to create various sounds. With the guidance of this striker, you’ll quickly find the sound that’s right for you.

upblend outdoor manufactures high-quality handmade wind chimes that emit soft, vibrant sounds that can be appreciated by citizens of all ages. the doorbell has a conventional sound. the mix of hand-fitted aluminum tubes and smooth rounded curves of wood gives this item an elegant look.

fengshuisale indoor and outdoor metal tube wind chime – best for craft decoration!

Since the sound is high-pitched, it’s appropriate for those who have difficulty hearing or can’t stand soft music.

If you’re looking for a birthday, housewarming, baby shower gift, consider this wind chime as it can be used both indoors and outdoors to build up positive energy.

banfeng 3-bell lucky wind chime – best for portability!

According to the notes on its pentatonic scale, this wind chime is melodic. This adorable wind chime acts as both a pet and a sign of good luck.

It’s easy to install with an included s-hook.

can be used as a wind chime to drive away evil spirits and negative energies within your home. the chime sound is soft and relaxing. there is also a lucky coin at the bottom for good fortune for the house and its occupants.

all-metal feng shui brass wind chime – best for indoor use!

some people will have a minor problem with it, as some parts (for example, the wind catcher) are made of wood and may conflict with the metal part. the wooden pieces, on the other hand, seem to be squared, which is a shape associated with the metallic element.

This is a great feng shui wind chime if you need to add metallic elements to your home space.

buyer’s guide

main elements of feng shui wind chimes:

The most auspicious wind chime is one with five cylinders, reflecting 5 elements of metal, fire, earth, metal, water and wood. The universe around us is made up of these five elements, and one of the goals of feng shui is to keep these five elements in balance:

1) metal

If you choose to call on metal energy characteristics such as precision, coordination, or organization, you can use metal wind chimes. Wind chimes with hollow tubes are also worth looking for. white or metallic colors usually correspond to metallic components. use the metallic look to add playfulness, precision, and elegance to your home.

2) earth

The color brown or yellow denotes the earth element in feng shui philosophy. To introduce self-care, grounding, and harmony into your existence, use the earth aspect.


3) water

The corresponding color of the water element is black. Make use of the water factor to acquire knowledge and advance your career.

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4) wood

the color of the wooden part is blue or green. brings the aspect of wood to promote growth, compassion and versatility.

5) fire

The color red represents the fire aspect, which encompasses passion, motivation and visibility.

When you come across a wind chime made of a certain substance, such as stones, seashells, or glass, trust your instincts. Go for it if you are attracted to it. you can also choose a color that refers to one of the 5 main elements that you would like to draw attention to.


  • metal (bronze, aluminum, steel). The most popular wind chimes are metal and can be hung in a north, west, or northwest direction. in the life of girls, they serve as a good luck charm. These chimes often help bring good fortune to the home or workplace. they prevent bad energy from flowing into these places. they even have a really fun and vibrant tone;
  • wood (bamboo). The best directions for placing wooden wind chimes are south, east, and southeast. It is commonly believed that although they are located in the east, they help bring money into the house. when placed in the south, they attract attention. when the rods collide, they make a nice, clutter-free echo. these chimes can also be placed on the front door of the house to enhance the flow of positive chi;
  • ceramic (clay, pottery). wind chimes of this type are best seen in the northeast and southwest. Clay feng shui wind chimes can be used as an antique item to help bring passion, romance, fitness, and knowledge luck into the home. Ceramic bells are cost-effective and environmentally friendly, and come in a variety of designs.

sounds and notes

Glass, copper pipes, fired clay, capiz shells and bamboo poles all produce distinctive sounds that are both satisfying and energizing. the easiest approach to using the correct sound is to use intuition and common sense.

In a large yard, a deep metal echo can draw the attention of security, but on an apartment building balcony, it can drive the neighbors crazy.

The soft tinkling of capiz shells beyond the French doors stirs the inner room and delays a surge of energy, allowing it to come together in a trickle rather than a stream.

In a child’s home, the muffled sound of bamboo is mildly defensive.

number of tubes/tubes/rods

Odd numbers of bell tubes represent yang (male energy), while even numbers represent yin (female energy). choose the number of bell rods according to your wishes:

  • the energies of prosperity, achievement and achievement are contained in the numbers three and multiples of three (six, nine);
  • four is a solid and secure foundation;
  • five represents the five elements and reflects a dynamic transformation (in a positive way);
  • seven broadens and deepens self-knowledge ;
  • eight is prosperous development, performance and continued abundance;

colors and styles

Where you hang the bells is more important than the colors of the rods, tops, clappers, sails/receivers, and binding cords. but you can also consider these little details when making or buying a wind chime:

  • choose red thread for a soft burst of fire energy or turquoise sea glass pendants to tinkle calm;
  • a mystical knot at the tip of the chime, just below the joint ring from which it is suspended, you are lucky;
  • an amethyst strip such as the windcatcher or candle brings a lighter and more relaxing note of energy to the movement of the bells;

where to place a wind chime for better feng shui?

Ideally, chimes are wind activated, so they should be placed outside where it’s easier to catch the breeze. a few different directions and zones can “activate” various beneficial factors if you use feng shui chimes for this purpose:

  • entrance. the chime near the entrance will alert guests (or intruders) to your presence, allowing more energy to flow into this vital “mouth of chi”. the result of this beneficial energy interruption is similar to that of a small water feature, such as a waterfall;
  • staircase. to prevent good energies from running up the stairs and out by the door, hang a metal wind chime on the base of a staircase leading to the front door;
  • entrance. a wind chime in the hallway or corridor between the kitchen and the bathroom, or a front door connected to the back door, prevents good luck from running or flowing backwards;
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In a function room, dining room table, living room, or bed, never place a wind chime directly above your head. this extra energy is harmful and can contribute to emotional distress, illness, or migraines.

It is not recommended to hang or use multiple wind chimes in the same place. according to feng shui, it is believed to absorb harmful (ghost) energy.

how to place a wind chime for feng shui?

Be careful when hanging bells, regardless of the design of the lid and candle or the color of the rods and strings. often use the attached or sealed O-ring or hook to hang them. if you attach a chain or rope to the o-ring to hang the chimes lower, you lose balance. the doorbell wobbles and jingles as a result of this destabilization.

Motion and sound must often come from the clapper striking the rods, which is activated by the action of the sail or windcatcher. it’s not the best wind chime for that location if the chime doesn’t “match” where you choose to hang it.

video tutorial: feng shui and wind chimes

frequently asked questions

where do you hang a wind chime for good luck?

Wind chimes can be hung anywhere in the house, but some areas are better than others. the material wind chime is made to influence the best placement for it.

Usually the ideal place to hang a good luck wind chime is in the middle of the house. in this way, bad energy can be balanced from all directions.

If you have a bagua map, you can also hang your wind chime in the corresponding area to gain more fortune in a desired aspect of your life. hang it in the career area if you’re looking for a job, in the relationship area if you’re looking for love, and so on. [1], [2], [3]

are wind chimes good for feng shui?

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Yes, wind chimes are one of the most widely used feng shui objects. They can be used to attract good luck and positive energy, as well as repel bad luck and negative energy. negative. page>

When choosing wind chimes, the material they are made of plays an important role. Metal wind chimes are supposed to be the most effective at deflecting bad energy, while wooden wind chimes promote goodness, growth, and vitality.

the size of the ringer influences its effectiveness; larger doorbells are believed to have more impact than smaller ones.

Also, some people believe that certain sounds may be more beneficial than others. for example, metal wind chimes are said to bring good luck and clarity with their jingles, while bamboo wind chimes with a deep resonance are believed to promote positive vibes and peace. although the exact benefit will depend on the location of the wind chime in your home. [2], [3], [4], [5]

Are wind chimes bad?

Wind chimes aren’t bad. In fact, they can be very beneficial when used correctly. Wind chimes can help redirect and distribute good energy in your home or workplace. they can also help remove negative energy from the environment around you.

Wind chimes can be used to bring good luck and positive energy into your home, or to ward off negative energy. They are often used in gardens and outdoor spaces to create a sense of serenity and calm.

When choosing a wind chime for your home, it is important to consider the type of metal they are made from. some materials are known to be better at deflecting negative energy than others. [5], [6]

what is the wealth corner of the house?

This is a question many people have when it comes to feng shui. The answer, however, is not always so simple. it depends on your home and your individual design. but according to the bagua map, the wealth corner is located in the southeast area of ​​your home. this is where you want to put your best feng shui wind chimes if you are looking to increase your wealth and abundance.

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When it comes to single room design, the back left corner is the one that facilitates prosperity. [7], [8], [9]

is it good to have wind chimes at home?

Of course! Wind chimes, also called “magic bells,” are a great way to add some decor and personality to your home, and they’re also great for feng shui. Wind chimes allow the energy in your home to flow freely and can help attract good luck and positive chi energy to your space.

If you’re looking for a specific feng shui wind chime, there are a few things to consider. The most important aspect is to choose wind chimes that appeal to you and represent the values ​​you want to promote. If you like the sound of wind chimes, they are likely to have a beneficial impact on the feng shui of your home. [1], [2], [3]

Is the wind chime a good gift?

The wind chime can be a great gift for many reasons. one, it is usually a very affordable gift. two, it is something the recipient can use and enjoy for years to come. and three, wind chimes create beautiful music that can add peace and serenity to any space.

Wind chimes are always a great option if you’re looking for a unique gift. just be careful to get the right type of wind chime based on the recipient’s interests and decorating style. [11]

where do you hang a 5-rod wind chime?

The main purpose of a five-rod wind chime is to suppress bad luck and represents positive dynamic change. It can be hung almost anywhere in your home, yard, or garden, depending on your goals. however, it is normally recommended that you hang the wind chime as close to the entrance of your home as possible. this will help with energy circulation to ensure that the positive energy from the doorbell enters your home and help improve your feng shui.

If you can’t hang the wind chime near your front door, try hanging it in an area where you spend a lot of time relaxing or enjoying nature, but not directly above your bed. the sound of wind chimes is said to be especially beneficial in these areas. [4], [10]

what does the sound of the chimes mean?

Chimes have been used for centuries to produce sound for a variety of reasons. the most common reason is to create a pleasant sound, but chimes can also be used as a warning or signal. Chimes are often hung on doors or near building entrances to welcome people and ward off bad energies.

The sound of bells has been found to be calming and relaxing, which is why they are often used in meditation and yoga practices. the sound of chimes can also help focus the mind and eliminate distractions. In addition, the sound of the chimes can help increase spiritual awareness and connect with the divine.

Each timbre type produces a different tone that can be interpreted in many ways. Some people believe that the sound of bells can be used to draw positive energy and vibes into a space, while others believe that bells can be used to dispel negative energy. [1], [2], [3], [4]

can you hang wind chimes inside?

You can hang wind chimes indoors, but they should be hung in an area that isn’t too close to the ceiling. the ideal place to hang them is near a window where they can catch the breeze and sound natural.

Another important consideration is size. Make sure the wind chimes you choose are not too big or too small. they must be proportional to the space in which they will be hung. [2], [5], [12]

final thoughts

Wind chimes are one of the most relaxing feng shui items. We hope that this guide will help you choose the best decorations and/or spiritual elements for your home/business/office.


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