Feng Shui: 15 Reasons to Focus on Money Plant

When it comes to your home, you should do everything that makes it beautiful and revives the positive energy within your space. If you love nature, you should try to furnish the open spaces within your home with fresh plants. A money plant is one of those plants that is suitable for being kept indoors. There are several benefits of money plants according to feng shui. here are the 15 reasons to focus on money plants in feng shui.

purifies indoor air

Money plants offer the best benefit of purifying the indoor air and very effectively removing the airborne pollutants from the indoor air like Formaldehyde, Benzene, Xylene and Carbon Monoxide. This is a fabulous natural purifier of air and helps considerably in improving the health of you and your family members. This can bring in a breath of fresh air to your home and retain your good health. Thus, money plants are given immense importance in Feng Shui. purifies-indoor-airMoney plants purify indoor air

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Money plant is found to be succulent and hence act as an effective anti-radiator inside your home and office. It takes in all the harmful rays emitted by laptops, computers and mobile phones. This also helps in protecting your eyes considerably and therefore, tends to be a significant aspect in Feng shui. anti-radiatorMoney plant as anti-radiator

drive away marital problems

As per Feng shui, money plants should indeed be placed indoors in the South-Eastern direction of your living room. Lord Ganesha owns the Southeastern direction and the planet Venus rules this direction. So, placing a plant in this direction helps considerably to maintain a healthy environment in your house and maintain peace. Overall, it helps in maintaining a positive environment in your house. keeps-way-marital-problemsMoney plants strengthen marital bond

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medicinal benefits of the money plant

There are several types of money plants available that have got immense medicinal benefits. As per money plant Feng shui, if a money plant is kept near the WiFi router in your home, it would prevent your kids from falling sick and also protect the elderly from getting heartaches. This plant also helps in calming your mind and releasing your stress of day to day life. It also heals sleeping disorders and anxiety to a great extent. So, this plays an important role in helping you in leading a healthy lifestyle. mending-strained-relationships-in-the-familyMoney plant promotes peace

brings wealth and prosperity

Money plants are renowned for bringing abundance into your life and multiplying your wealth manifold. This plant is considered the epitome of abundance and good luck. It is said to help you in attaining great heights both in the professional and personal spheres of life. brings-in-wealth-and-prosperityMoney plant brings prosperity

reduces anxiety and stress

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Money plants are believed to bring in a lot of positivity in your home environment and makes your house atmosphere a rejuvenating one. Thus, it helps considerably in reducing your stress level and anxiety. lessens-anxiety-and-stressMoney plants lessens stress

offers numerous health benefits in a holistic way

A money plant is considered to have a great positive influence on your home or office environment. This protects your health from the harmful rays of the computer and Wi-Fi. it also reduces the level of allergens and pollutants in the surrounding air. therefore, it helps to improve your health in a comprehensive way.

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offers-numerous-health-benefits-holisticallyMoney plant offers holistic healing

repair strained relationships in the family

As per Feng shui, money plants bring in a lot of positivity in the home environment. This positivity influences the people living in the house. These indoor plants facilitate in creating an atmosphere of comfort, peace and understanding. They help in reducing fights and quarrels amongst the family members and promotes peace in the house.mending-strained-relationships-in-the-familyMoney plant promotes peace

spread lots of positive vibes

A money plant is believed to bring a lot of calmness and peace in your home. This is what makes this a magical indoor plant with the power of resolving each and every issue inside your house. Thus, as per money plant Feng shui, this plant is believed to spread a lot of goodness and positivity. spreads-a-lot-of-positive-vibesMoney plants promotes positive vibes

makes it easier to keep the water in an aquarium clean

You can place the money plant on top of the aquarium and allow it to grow roots into the water. This proves to be very beneficial for aquatic lives. The plant makes the aquarium water free from nitrates, thus maintaining the quality of water in an aquarium. These particular money plants effectively clear the nitrates from the water which are terribly harmful to the fishes as well as the other aquatic animals. facilitates-in-keeping-the-water-in-an-aquarium-cleanMoney plant in aquarium

sick building neutralizing syndrome

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A money plant is very much admirable in neutralizing the syndromes of sick buildings. This plant absorbs the negative energy considerably and in turn, enhances the positivity in the home environment. neutralizing-syndrome-of-sick-buildingMoney plants in a home

a great plant to enhance the interior decoration of a house

The money plants look very aesthetic and thus is a great component of home décor. It brings in freshness in your home’s interiors and makes you feel close to nature even when you are inside your home. a-great-plant-to-boost-the-interior-décor-of-a-houseMoney plants for home décor

helps improve self-confidence

When you keep a money plant in your house or office, it would enhance your self-confidence and mental clarity to a great extent. This would, in turn, help you in overcoming various obstacles in life with greater resistance. helps-in-enhancing-self-confidenceKeeping money plant in home boosts self-confidence

provides a calming effect to your mind

When you keep a money plant in your home, it offers a calming effect to your mind. This would help you in improving your level of motivation and memory. provides-a-calming-effect-to-your-mindMoney plant creates a calming effect

bring lucky charms

Several plants like Lucky Bamboo are known as money plants as they bring in a lucky charm to you and your family members. These are usually kept at home by decorating with red satin ribbons and other accessories. brings-in-lucky-charmsLucky Bamboo decorated with red ribbon

The various benefits of money plants make it obvious why you should have one in your home. this plant would improve your lifestyle to a great extent and help you achieve the best in life.

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