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feng shui suggests several figures that could fill a house with prosperity and positive energy. ‘laughing buddha’, which makes everyone full of energy and happiness, is one of the most popular among them.

This Buddhist monk who is distinguished by his paunch and backpack bears a strong resemblance to Kubera, the Hindu god of wealth. then, the Indians consider the laughing buddha as another deity of prosperity.

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families believe that the laughter of the buddha will remove all causes of pain and bring wealth. in offices and commercial establishments, the image is designed to protect against threats from competitors and reduce work pressure.

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according to another theory, the laughing buddha developed a belly after consuming all the negative energy of the house where it is kept.

Smiling Buddha is one of the most popular lucky charms and many people are curious how to keep the image at home. a crucial stipulation is that the laughing buddha has to face the front door. Placing the image on top of a one rupee coin is said to ensure financial stability.

In case the statue cannot be installed in front of the front door, it can be placed near the wall so that there is a clear view from the front door.

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care should be taken not to place the laughing buddha on top of electronic devices. it has to be kept at a considerable height from the floor which must be clean, ”she said.

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a laughing buddha in the bedroom, kitchen or dining room will do more harm than good.

keeping the image in the room facing east will strengthen the bond between family members. placed in a southeasterly direction, the laughing buddha is believed to increase good fortune.

in offices and commercial establishments, the laughing buddha has to face the person in question to make plans come true.

another belief is that wealth will accrue to the person who places the smiling buddha on the north side. the image should never be kept in the south.

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