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the benefits of feng shui gem trees and where to place them

Do you feel stuck in one or more areas of your life? If you think you could use some help with the wealth, health, romance, or work aspects of your life, a feng shui gem tree can help.

but what exactly is a gem tree in feng shui? how will it help?

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Here, discover the meaning behind feng shui gem trees. discover why you should have them in your home and where you should place them to maximize their benefits.

what is a feng shui gem tree?

A gem tree, also known as a crystal tree, is used as an enhancer in traditional feng shui. Like most feng shui cures, it helps create a harmonious flow of chi (life force energy) in homes or offices.

A harmonious flow of chi is important because it prevents good energy from becoming stagnant. When good chi flows freely in your space, you will feel a more nurturing energy that will help you succeed in various aspects of your life such as wealth, health, romance, career, family, creativity, wisdom, fame and spirituality.

what are the benefits of a feng shui tree?

A gem tree, when placed in your home or office, can inspire the following effects:

feng shui tree benefits

  • invite financial wealth
  • support family life
  • promote knowledge
  • develop fame
  • improve your health
  • advance your career
  • improve relationships
  • increase creativity
  • attract helpful people
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It is vital to know that the benefits of a gem tree depend on the type of crystal it is made from. This is because each crystal contains certain vibrations that attract different energies when placed in the home.

for example, a crystal tree made of jade is used to improve the health area of ​​any space. on the other hand, a citrine money tree helps attract the energy of wealth while rose quartz brings love and romance.

You can find a wide variety of crystal trees on the market today. if you want to enhance a particular area of ​​your life, find a specific crystal tree that aligns with your intention.

Where to place the feng shui crystal tree?

Placement of a feng shui crystal tree depends on the type of gemstone you have and your intention.

According to traditional feng shui, there are nine areas in the home. each area corresponds to a specific aspect of your life.

feng shui energy map

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Depending on your intention and the crystal tree you have, you should place your feng shui cure in one of these nine areas.

For example, you want to strengthen your marriage with your spouse. To do this, you need a feng shui enhancing gem tree for love, say, a rose quartz. then you should place it in the love and relationship area of ​​your home, which is in the southwest.

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Below is a quick guide on where you should place your feng shui tree and which crystal is best for your intention:

wealth & abundance

To attract wealth, place your gem tree in the southeast area of ​​your house or room.

best crystals: citrine, green jade and green aventurine

family & community

To strengthen your ties with your family, place your gem tree in the east of your house or room.

best crystals: clear quartz, amethyst, rose quartz and black tourmaline

knowledge & self-cultivation

To gain knowledge and self-cultivation, place your gem tree in the northeast area of ​​your house or room.

best crystals: clear quartz, amethyst and tiger’s eye

fame & reputation

To gain fame or improve your reputation, place your gem tree in the south area of ​​your house or room.

best crystals: tiger’s eye, tourmaline, hematite and citrine

health & wellness

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To promote good health, place your gem tree in the center of your home or room.

best crystals: jade, amethyst and a mixture of the stones of the seven chakras

race & path in life

To find success in your career, place your gem tree in the north area of ​​your house or room.

best crystals: citrine, hematite and green jade

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love & relationships

To attract love or strengthen romantic relationships, place your gem tree in the southwest area of ​​your home or room.

best crystals: rose quartz

creativity & children

To bring out your playful side and increase creativity, place your gem tree in the west of your house or room.

best crystals: carnelian and orange calcite

helpful people & travel

To attract more helpful people and travel safely, place your gem tree in the northwest area of ​​your house or room.

best crystals: rose quartz and sunstone to attract helpful people; moonstone, aquamarine or amethyst to travel safely


If you want to get the most out of your feng shui gem tree, you need to choose the crystal that aligns with your intention. then you need to place them in the right place to clear stagnant energies in your home or office.

When you do, you won’t feel stuck anymore. And you may be surprised to see the changes in the aspect of your life that you want to improve!

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