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There is a lot of information on how to improve your feng shui money luck, but little on how to actually manage it. One of the biggest areas of unhappiness and frustration in our lives is often our relationship with money: how we spend, save, invest, accumulate and earn money. Sure, we can add Chinese coins and three-legged toads all over the house, but if we don’t manage our money well, it won’t matter. however, the way you handle your money is a big part of your money feng shui, and it has a powerful effect on your ability to attract and grow your money.

respect all money

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There are a variety of types of money. there is some money spent on bills, money saved, money invested, and money spent on fun. respect your bills and payments as much or more as your investments.

Much like seeing feng shui annual afflictions, managing your money by keeping bills low and paying them on time is a top priority in money feng shui. Setting up a system to manage your bills is especially helpful. staying organized with money keeps your focus on the money and your focus on you (read: having more).

Use one feng shui color system for all your beads.

invoices: put them in blue folders to keep them small and not activated.

Income: Put salary and pay stubs in a yellow folder to keep it stable and grounded.

savings account statements: Place your savings account statements in a green or brown folder. stick a Chinese three-tie coin on the folder to activate it and help your savings grow.

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investments: Put these statements in a red folder to activate them and keep them solid. add a Chinese three tie coin to promote growth.

contain your bills and expenses

One of the ways we manage the money that goes out the door is by managing the bills that come in. If you have paper bills that come in the mail, always take them out of all the mail and put them in a small basket. a small basket helps contain bills and keep them small. once they are paid, file your paid invoices in a blue folder.

prefer to handle everything electronically?

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That’s one way to manage paper, but there’s magic in touching your money, whether it’s in the form of currency, a statement from your bank, or your investments.

The act of acknowledging receipt of your bills and handling them immediately ensures that you keep your focus and attention on them, and that’s good feng shui.

It’s also a good idea to select a date to pay your bills.

One way to fall behind on payments is to have variable due dates. If you need to pay at different times of the month because of how you get paid, set up your bills so you know that the 1st and 15th are your bill pay days, for example.

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If you can, reduce your days to one day a month. I always choose the 15th and have the invoices I receive set to pay on that day. this way I never miss a payment date.

Watching Money Grow: Spending vs. Investing

Once you have your eye on your bills and accounts and they’re organized in color-coded folders, it’s vital that you watch your money grow.

To make money grow, you have to put it into something, like a seed you plant in the ground. look for investments that take out a small amount per month (seed) and that goes to an account (land) that grows.

Keep one thing clear when it comes to growing your money: The money you put into an investment account isn’t money to buy stocks or bonds, it’s an investment in you.

I think of financial growth as self-growth.

we spend money on manicures or vacations or a car and we usually have no problem spending on ourselves but often we don’t think about investing in ourselves but investments are something that validates you financially because the money you put into You are paying for a savings or investment.

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If you pay your bills, why don’t you pay yourself?

By making even a small monthly investment, you are investing money in your own financial growth and that helps you earn more, attract more and have more.

water attracts water

just like adding a little water to a dry pump will draw water out of the ground, once you see yourself not just as a bill payer, but as an investor and see your money grow, you will accumulate and grow more money . he can say he can’t afford it, and I say he can’t afford not to if he wants more money in his life.

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Fun money

Have your finances taken all the joy out of money? Too often we don’t think about having fun with our money. it is often a source of aggravation and that takes the joy out of having it. When money is just an obligation (paying this or that bill), it’s hard to enjoy and, more importantly, hard to watch it add up.

Do you remember when you were a child and you took money out of a piggy bank to go buy something and how much fun it was? then recreate that feeling with a fun account.

I have a bank account that is just for fun and every month I deposit a small amount of money that I spend on what I choose and I am happy about it.

This account is pure monetary fun. I never feel guilty about what I spend from this account because it is there completely and purely for my pleasure. consider setting up an account like this so you can associate having money just for your enjoyment.

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