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A house is not a home until it is full of memories and things that matter to us. Whether it’s memories of past trips, décor we love, or photos of the places and people we care about most, we want to display them in places where they can be seen. But many people wonder if it’s okay to hang things like family photos in the living room. we have researched this question to find the best answer.

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Of course, it’s okay to hang family photos in the living room! The living room is actually one of the most popular areas in the house to hang family photos. If you love your family and want to show them off, hanging family photos in the living room is a great way to make sure you and others see them.

Some people have a hard time finding the best and most creative way to display their family photos. In this article, we’ll explore the best ways to display family photos, as well as details on how to hang them. read on for more information.

Interior of a modern living room with luxurious styled couches and a huge window, Can You Hang Family Photos In The Living Room?

how to display family photos

The following are our suggestions on how to display family photos in a way that will stand out but still look consistent with the rest of your artwork and décor. We’ll provide details on how to make the photos work with each other and with your existing furniture so you can proudly display your family photos for all to see.

gallery wall

Illustration of different colored sizes on a white background

A gallery wall is a collage of photos and artwork that often becomes the focal point of the room. If you like looking at photos of your family, why not make them the center of attention in your living room? The thing about gallery walls is that you can display photos and artwork in a variety of designs.

A common theme for gallery walls is for all images to be styled the same. consider printing your family photos in black and white or displaying color photos in matching frames. You can mix and match photo sizes and frames to create a unique gallery wall to suit your own individual style. With gallery walls, the possibilities are endless.

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If you’re not sure how to create a gallery wall, watch the following video:


printing images on canvas is a popular design trend. As well as looking great, canvas prints are extremely durable and you don’t have to worry about them breaking if they fall off the wall. that means no broken frames or glass to sweep up. Photos are printed on canvas in a multitude of sizes, so you can hang one large, several small ones, or a combination of small and large.

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Thanks to new technology, it’s easy to print photos on canvas. you can upload them to photo printing websites directly from a smartphone, select your canvas option and size, and have the finished product delivered directly to your home. If you have an older photo that isn’t on your phone or computer, photo centers located in retail stores can scan the photos and print them on canvas for you.


Illustration of different sizes of picture frames

If you have smaller framed family photos, consider displaying them on shelves with other photos or decor. For example, if you have a favorite family photo from a beach vacation, put it on a shelf along with souvenirs from your trip. seashells, vases of sand, and other keepsakes look great alongside framed photos.

If you had a family photo shoot and have several favorites, consider framing them in matching or coordinating frames and display them on a shelf. displaying photos this way can look like a miniature gallery wall. It’s also a great option for those who have limited wall space but have multiple photos they want to display. simply hang the shelf at the same height you would hang a picture; more on this later.

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about furniture

If your living room furniture is against the wall, you can fill the wall space by hanging family photos on the furniture. but you should consider the size of the furniture when doing this and choose the correct size or number of images.

A couple of medium-sized framed photos would look great on a loveseat, but won’t fill the space on a large sofa. you may need three or four frames over a sofa. Or you could consider creating a gallery wall on the wall above the sofa by mixing small and large framed photos.

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No matter how you end up styling the photos, the important thing is that the photos look like they’re on top of the furniture instead of looking out of place. In the next section, we’ll discuss the best height for hanging pictures above furniture.

How high should I hang my paintings?

It may not seem that important, but the height at which you hang a picture does matter. hanging it too high could cause neck strain for those viewing the image. hanging it too low, especially above furniture, can make the painting look out of place.

You’ve probably heard the rule of hanging pictures at eye level. however, this rule can sometimes be misleading because everyone’s eye level is not the same. taller people may have a higher eye level than shorter people. So what is the best height to hang pictures?

on furniture

If you are going to hang a picture above a piece of furniture, such as a sofa or loveseat, it is best to place the bottom of the medium frames about 8 inches above the back of the piece of furniture. Regardless of the size of the frame, place the bottom of the frame at least 6 inches above the back of the furniture, but no more than 10 inches.

on the ground

Most picture hanging tools suggest placing the center of a picture between 57 and 63 inches from the ground. Since most standard ceilings are 9 feet high, this will place the center of the image a little more than halfway up the floor. Regardless of the size of the image you hang, using this measurement will ensure that your image appears centered and at the perfect height.

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Different illustrations of picture frames and different border sizes

This picture hanging kit makes it easy to hang your pictures. click here to see it on amazon.

How far apart should the paintings be hung?

If you are hanging multiple images in a specific way, such as in a straight line or on a gallery wall, you need to make sure the images are evenly spaced but not too close together. images that are too close together can appear cluttered and inconsistent. so how far apart should you hang the images?

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The best way to hang pictures together is to space them 3-6 inches apart. this measurement may vary depending on the size of the photos and the amount of space you have. For smaller spaces or images in different sized frames, 3 inches between images is a good amount of space.

Larger images may require more space between them. hanging them too close together can look bulky. If you have a large wall, hanging pictures 6 inches apart will help fill the space better.

should picture frames be combined in a room?

Can You Hang Family Photos In The Living Room? - Home Decor Bliss

You decide if you want your photo frames to match, but they don’t have to. As we mentioned earlier, matching frames can help create a cohesive gallery wall if the images are in different styles and colors, but mismatched frames can also look great.

For a more contemporary look, the frames don’t have to look exactly the same, but you can coordinate them so they’re all the same color or style. For a vintage look, mixing metal frames in different colors and styles also works great.

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where to place family photos in feng shui?

According to feng shui, place family photos in spaces where your family gathers. it is said that the place where your family gathers is the space where your family is happiest. Families usually gather in the living room, which further supports the idea of ​​hanging family photos there.

Hanging family photos in the living room is said to strengthen the bond between family members. feng shui also suggests that the kitchen and dining room are good places to hang family photos, as this is where families gather to prepare meals and eat. Hanging family photos in these rooms is said to bring continued well-being and abundance to families.

final thoughts

We hope this article has helped you discover the best ways to display family photos. your family makes you happy, so of course you want those photos to be shown. family photos are best hung in rooms where your family gathers and in rooms where they are seen frequently. thanks for reading!

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