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image of a blue Feng Shui wealth vaseFeng Shui is commonly used to create Wealth, Prosperity, and attract Abundance by placing particular objects in a specific area within a Home or Business. For example, the Feng Shui Bagua or energy map has an area dedicated to Wealth and Prosperity in the Southeast section. Purple or Red elements in a home can also attract Wealth, as can certain plants (the Feng Shui Money Plant is a popular choice). Depending on the location of your front door, even its colour can help attract Wealth.

In this blog, we will look in particular at the feng shui wealth vase and the role it plays in manifesting wealth and prosperity and how you can make one for your own home or business.

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what is a feng shui wealth vase?

An ancient feng shui secret used by Chinese royalty and the wealthy, a feng shui wealth vase draws the energy of wealth, prosperity and abundance into life, business and family. the vase contains tremendous chi energy that is infused into the vase through various additional ingredients and symbols. These symbols can include traditional representations of wealth (money), seals of wealth and ease (round, clear glass balls), and items that represent wealth (seeds that symbolize the prosperity of having enough to eat). The “ping” sound the vase makes means “peace,” reflecting the feng shui belief that vases capture and store auspicious and beneficial energy.

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Vases of Wealth are often gifted to temples and passed down from one generation to the next. The vase can be found in the footprints of the Buddha, making it a highly revered feng shui item.

wealth feng shui vase rules

there are specific rules regarding the use of vases of wealth:

  • Rule #1: Vases should be stored respectfully in the southeast section of the home, office, or living room.
  • Rule #2: Choose vases that They are wide at the bottom and narrow at the top. a classic gingerbread jar is often the preferred choice.
  • rule #3: select a vase that looks beautiful to you.
  • rule #4: vases should be porcelain, glass or earthenware.
  • Rule #5: Vases should only be filled 3/4 full (leaving room for bounty to grow) and sealed with a tight-fitting lid.

preparing your feng shui wealth vase

Before you put anything in your vase, you need to clean it. this is how it’s done:

  1. place the incense holder on a table.
  2. light a sandalwood incense cone or stick and place it in the incense holder.
  3. turn the vase upside down down and hold the opening over the incense.
  4. fill the vase with the smoke from the incense to remove any stagnant chi energy.
  5. once you feel the energy has been cleared, place the vase upright and leave it on the table. you can let the incense continue to burn or turn it off.
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Ingredients to Place In Your Vase

When filling your vase, the following ingredients are suggested:

  • semi-precious or precious stones
  • three Chinese coins tied with a red ribbon signifying wealth magnified ten times
  • a small smiling Buddha or Tibetan god of wealth
  • small round glass balls to indicate a calm and unobstructed life
  • five types of seeds or grains in plastic bags
  • images of rich people you admire (magazine photos are fine)
  • gold ingots or bars. fake gold items are fine, but real gold is incredibly beneficial.
  • a tiny globe to represent money from around the world, placed in the envelope with the money from different countries.
  • your wish. what is your wish? one yeit? a lucrative career? include a picture of your heart’s dearest desire.

assemble your feng shui wealth vase

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When adding ingredients to your vase, you must do so with deliberate intent and respect for each item you add to the vase.

  1. Begin by holding the neck of the vase in your hands, focusing your energy inside the vase.
  2. Then, meditate on your intentions for creating your vase and imagine filling the vase with your desires. , hopes, wishes, plans, and goals.
  3. Once you feel like you’ve added your energy to the vase, you can start filling it.

sealing your vase

Once you’ve filled your vase, cover it with a colorful cloth that represents the five elements in color. finally, tie the fabric around the top of your vase to seal it.

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Each year on the anniversary of your vase’s creation, you can add one or two pieces of gold, coins and paper money to symbolize the addition to your wealth. be sure to reattach the fabric, retie the ribbon, and return the vase to its storage or display location.

For guidance and more information on how to create and place your vase for your home, business, and real estate based on your custom address, book your 20-minute discovery call with meena here.

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