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The Chinese Wealth Boat is one of the most popular feng shui symbols and is commonly found in the homes, businesses, and workplaces of wealthy and successful people in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia.

Many people believed that the Chinese wealth boat can help boost the owner’s wealth, fortune and career success, as well as protect the business from bad luck and competitors.

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They come in several different models and are made from different materials, and the Chinese Wealth Boat can also be combined with other feng shui cures such as the Red Envelope, Chinese Lucky Coins, Gold Bullion and more.


Here, we will discuss everything you need to know about Chinese wealth boats from their origin, meaning, and how to use them as a feng shui cure.

origin and meaning of the Chinese wealth boat

In Chinese culture (and many other cultures as well), a sailboat is a symbol of abundance, especially in Chinese culture with the belief that the winds and waters are the bearers of wealth and luck. therefore, the Chinese ship of wealth in feng shui has a similar meaning: it represents the energy of wealth and abundance sailing in your life.

In fact, there are many people who use more than one Chinese wealth vessel to create multiple streams of income.

The Chinese wealth ship is possibly the most well-known feng shui symbol in Chinese culture, probably second only to the dragon. In ancient China, ships were the main means of transportation for treasure and gold. This is why ships are taken as a popular symbol of wealth and abundance.

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In the 18th and 19th centuries, there were many Chinese ships returning to China after successful efforts, laden with gold, jewelry, and treasure. As a feng shui cure or enhancer, the Chinese Wealth Boat is believed to bring wealth, luck, and long-term prosperity.

Wealth ship decorations are often loaded with gold coins and/or gold bars, as well as other symbols of wealth such as jewelry, precious stones, etc. how sails, water and wind also have their meanings, as well as orientation (more on this later)

Check out some “wealth ship” designs (opens in a new tab).

chinese wealth boat feng shui location

When placing the Chinese wealth boat as a feng shui cure, we must consider not only the location but also the orientation.

Placement is very important for a Chinese wealth ship in order to reap its benefits both as a wealth amulet as well as protection. in fact, if you can’t find the ideal location for the boat for one reason or another, we recommend not placing it.

Incorrect placement and/or orientation of the Chinese Wealth Ship can not only negate its positive benefits, but can also lead to unintended effects.

These are some important principles for finding the right location for your Chinese wealth vessel:

  • The most ideal location for the Chinese wealth boat is the feng shui (财)) wealth location in your home and business:
  • when looking into a room from the door facing inwards, the main location of the wealth is the corner of the room that is placed diagonally in front of the door (if the door is located in the center, then it can be both corners)
  • for your living room, this corner should be a right-angled wall with no doors or windows. or else it is not a suitable location
  • in cases where the primary wealth area is not a suitable location, check the secondary wealth location (次财), which is the opposite corner of the main wealth location
  • you can place wealth ships in both corners if both are suitable locations
  • another good location is the sheng chi sector of the house. you need to calculate your feng shui kua number to find the direction of your sheng chi.
  • the ship should be aimed to sail towards the house instead of facing the front door of your house, this is very important To symbolize that the ship would bring wealth into the house instead of driving it away
  • you can place a Chinese wealth ship on your desk following the above principles. this placement will symbolize an unhindered career journey.
  • make sure the area where you place the wealth ship is properly lit and spacious enough. this symbolizes a bright future full of opportunities.
  • if you are a retail business, displaying a wealth boat in your store/business can help you attract more customers.
  • do not put the boat of wealth in the kitchen and bathroom, as it could attract bad luck
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buying your boat from Chinese wealth

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When choosing between different ship models to use as a feng shui wealth ship, keep in mind that it should be designed as a Chinese commercial cargo ship rather than warships (which are also quite common). therefore, it should not have guns or cannons.

You can choose a metal and wood bodied wealth ship, but if your ba zi has metal as its wealth element, you should consider getting a metal ship. You can choose any model you want and any size, but keep in mind that the bigger the ship, the more space in your house you’ll need to place it, and the more wealth items you’ll need to fill it.

Here are some elements of wealth to consider:

  • gold bars
  • chinese lucky coins/feng shui
  • real gold
  • precious stones (preferably jade but also other stones such as onyx, sapphire, etc.)
  • jewelry
  • red envelopes full of money
  • real money

for larger boats, you can also fit larger wealth decorations like vases, gemstone globes, religious statues (buddha statue, pagodas), etc.

Some feng shui wealth boats are already made with merchants and sailors on them, but if not, you can buy these statues. however, you need to make sure that at least one statue is there as the captain of the ship. you can choose feng shui gods of wealth statues as the captain of the ship. (related reading: guan gong the chinese god of war and wealth)

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It is recommended to prevent the ship from becoming stagnant, and you should add more wealth items regularly to symbolize the continued growth of your luck. keep in the habit of adding a coin or gem each month.

Check out some “wealth ship” designs (opens in a new tab).

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