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There has been a longstanding debate about which is more effective, vastu or feng shui. While it is challenging to determine which is better, a clear understanding of the principles of both sciences can help you choose one that aligns with your ideologies.

vastu vs Fengshui

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similarities between vastu and feng shui

  • the goal is to find harmony between the cosmos, the environment and nature.
  • both derive ideas from metaphysics for home interiors that combine material objects with intangible elements that only you can feel but not see .
  • space is organized based on the flow of energy. feng shui labels this energy “qi” or “chi,” while vastu calls it “prana.”
  • both practices offer solutions to any apparent problems in space layout.
  • both have interdisciplinary derivatives.

vastu and fengshui

application of vastu and fengshui

differences between vastu and feng shui

application of vastu and feng shui

  • the master bedroom should be placed in the southwestern part of the house.
  • the bed should not face directly into the entrance.
  • the bed should be in the south . or eastbound.
  • avoid electronic devices.
  • choose colors like gray, light pink, green, and blue.
  • choose a king-size bed.
  • the bed should be placed in the center.
  • avoid placing the bed facing the door.
  • improve airflow with adjustable shades.
  • avoid mirrors in the line of sight of the bed.
  • minimize electronics in the room.
  • avoid bookshelves in the bedroom.
  • choose muted, calming colors.
  • kitchen should face southeast.
  • stove should face southeast.
  • sinks and faucets should face northeast.
  • have some windows.
  • best colors are red, orange and green.
  • the kitchen should not be placed in the center of the house.
  • the kitchen should not face the bedroom, the front door or a bathroom.
  • shape round stoves should be avoided.
  • choose colors like brown, green, and red.
  • stoves and ovens should face south, southwest, or northeast.
  • the oven or the stove should never be placed in the northwest part.
  • the living room should be placed in the east or northeast.
  • the television should be placed in the southeastern part.
  • heavy furniture and interiors of the house should be placed on the west or south side.
  • the front door should not face south.
  • sofa should be placed against a wall that is solid but not touching the wall.
  • entrance should be visible from the main sofa.
  • symbols of wealth such as coins and crystals should be placed on the coffee table.
  • cover the TV screen when not in use.
  • foo dogs should be placed on both sides of the entrance to protect your home.
  • Use colors as follows:
  • blue and black: north
  • red, orange, pink and green: south
  • brown and green: east and southeast
  • bronze, tan, gold, and gray: west and northwest
  • mustard, brown, tan, and clay tones: northeast and southwest.
  • bathroom should be placed on the northwest side.
  • shower areas should be on the north, east, or northeast side.
  • the door should not be too decorative.
  • the bathroom door should always be closed.
  • the bathroom door should always be closed, especially if it faces the front door.
  • the toilet should always be closed.
  • a mirror should be placed in the bathroom wall.
  • the bathroom should have enough fresh air and sunlight.
  • should be placed in the northeast.
  • should face east or north when praying.
  • should not share a wall with a bathroom.
  • should not be under a ladder.
  • Use a door with two shutters.
  • There should be no windows or ventilation in the door.
  • The room should be painted in calm colors, preferably white.
  • a pooja room should be placed in a north or east direction.
  • the room should face west.
  • a mirror should not be placed in front of the bed.
  • choose wooden furniture.
  • door should face east.
  • damaged and creaking furniture should be avoided.
  • the door should be visible from the bed.
  • the best place to place the bed is diagonally from the doorway.
  • choose wooden furniture.
  • avoid bright colors and busy wallpapers.
  • blues, pinks and greens are the best colours.
  • entrance should face north, east, or northeast.
  • shoe racks outside main entrance should be avoided.
  • main entrance should never look south .
  • Sharp objects should not face the door.
  • Use bright lights at the entrance.
  • Path to the front door should be clear.
  • avoid a wall or stairway directly in front of the door.
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Vastu Vs Feng Shui: What are the difference? - HomeLane Blog

Whether you choose vastu or feng shui, homelane offers interior design options that are perfectly compatible. our goal is to make every home or office a place where you can feel energized, vibrant and positive. we bring you years of experience and a team of experts to make all your home interior dreams come true.

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