21 Unique Feng Shui Gift Ideas For Christmas New Year

Are you all excited for Christmas and the New Year? your answer will surely be yes. the year is going to end and so there will be a blast this year. Christmas is the occasion in which we exchange gifts for our loved ones. we exchange our opinions and share our feelings.

Unique Feng Shui gifts

Unique Feng Shui 2021-gifts

If you believe in Feng Shui then this article will surely be your idea generator for Feng Shui-inspired gifting ideas for Christmas.

Reading: Unique feng shui gifts

feng shui suggests not cluttering your room or home with too many decorations. We will discuss some unique feng shui gift ideas for Christmas and New Year. let’s take a look one by one to see the gift options.

unique feng shui ideas for christmas gifts

You have probably given a gift to your loved ones or loved ones during Christmas, New Year’s Eve and many different occasions. this time give your soul mate or friends some unique gifts. we have listed some of the most fascinating feng shui element ideas below.

wind chimes #1

wind chimes are a special feng shui gift. it is said to inspire joy and call benefactors. Furthermore, wind chimes have been found to cure heart problems.

  • If you have heart problems or your family does, then listen to the sweet music of wind chimes. will cure your heart disease.
  • When gifting, you should keep in mind that you should always choose high quality metal wind chimes, it will give you a better sound quality.
  • according to the tradition of feng shui, we can say that wind chimes improve the relationship. be careful to place the wind chimes in the north direction of the balcony.
  • is considered auspicious. the wind from the balcony will come and help the chimes to produce the sound.

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mirrors #2

Well, the mirror is one of the promising gifts that one can give to their loved ones.

  • According to feng shui, mirrors are said to bring a lucky destiny into your home. they are bright and do not have sharp horizons.
  • Researchers looked into the matter and said they generate optimistic energy for your home.
  • so, this Christmas, give a round mirror to your loved ones. care must be taken to provide a high quality mirror that does not darken.

#3 feng shui books

  • For those who love to read books or believe in feng shui, feng shui books are the ideal gift for them.
  • then, give books and surprise your loved ones. We all know that feng shui books contain all the valuable information about positive and negative energy.
  • You have celebrated Christmas with a different style, so this Christmas, celebrate it in a unique way.
  • reading the books will also help you gain knowledge. is a wonderful Christmas blessing for book lovers.

#4 indoor plants

  • According to feng shui, if you give someone indoor plants, then your relationship with that person is strengthened.
  • Also, indoor plants are the best to have in your home, as they are better at bringing shade and fresh air. apart from that, they also bring favorable energy.
  • Who doesn’t like to have a unique gift? Do we sometimes think that what others will think if you give an indoor plant?
  • well, let me tell you to try something new; instead of giving the same things over and over again. we’re pretty sure the person you’re giving it to will like it.
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#5 tibetan bowl

  • if you are planning to give something unique, then Tibetan bowl will be the best option.
  • according to feng shui, the sound vibration of the bowl is excellent for bringing happiness into the home.
  • plus, it’s good for a heart patient. the doctor also said that the sound acts as a medicine.
  • vibration sound cures chest pain. The Tibetan bowl will also look elegant in the display case.

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#6 crystal balls

  • A feng shui crystal ball is the perfect option to give to the closest and dearest person.
  • The best size for the crystal ball should be 40mm or slightly larger. simply pack the crystal ball in a gift wrap and give it to your loved ones.
  • feng shui states that a crystal ball expands positive energy and helps eliminate negative energy from the house.
  • so give a new Christmas gift to that special person and also help them spread positive energy in your home.

#7 buddha statue

  • we know that god is one. So, on the occasion of the birthday of Lord Jesus , he gives away a statue of Buddha or any deity you like.
  • the laughing buddha idol inspires you to do something in your life. according to feng shui, if you keep the buddha statue facing north or northeast.
  • then no one will keep your positivity. so what makes you think? Order a buddha statue and help spread positivity. religious people will love it too.

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#8 crystals

  • We have already talked about crystal balls, now it’s time to talk about crystals. crystals are said to invite energy into your home.
  • when gifting crystals for the first time, then it is recommended to choose crystals with softer energy, such as rose quartz.
  • Crystals come in many types, so different crystals are said to have different effects. therefore, it is better to opt for a lighter power. you can also choose bagua crystal.

#9 feng shui consultation

  • Many people today lead hectic lives. so with the help of feng shui you can help your partner.
  • can consult and get some positivity in your life. So don’t you think that the feng shui consultation will be the perfect gift on the auspicious occasion of Christmas?
  • make your partner feel special at Christmas. In addition, by consulting you can increase your knowledge. later, you can help others with your vast knowledge.

#10 Chinese zodiac animals

We are all familiar with the animals of the Chinese zodiac. There are almost 12 animal zodiac signs and it is said that they decide our destiny.

bring peace and harmony to your home. So, on the auspicious occasion of Christmas, give the feng shui zodiac animal to your person and make the occasion special.

#11 dragon

dragonis a unique animal and no one knows of its real existence. according to feng shui, the dragon is expected to bring good fortune and happiness.

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helps alleviate all the negativity in your life. now, it is totally impossible to give a dragon as a gift.

you can give a picture of the dragon or a statue of the dragon. tell them to place it on the north face.

#12 lucky cats

many of us have a cat as a pet. many of us don’t even like cats. According to Chinese tradition, lucky cats are called maneki neko.

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People believe that cats bring success and wealth into your life. So, give a cat statue with one paw in the air to your friends or colleagues as a Christmas gift.

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I am sure you will admire it when you have good luck in your life.

#13 frog

According to feng shui, frogs are considered the creature that brings luck to you and your family. it also brings wealth.

try giving a three-legged frog statue to that special someone. It is considered that for those who are waiting a long time to get a promotion or a job, the three-legged frog statue will help them get there.

so, without giving it much thought, give something unique for the Christmas occasion. There are several types of frog postures, but the one that brings luck is the three-legged frog.

chain #14 with the locket

Any woman will be happy if she receives a chain with the locket. It is certainly one of the most promising gifts, especially for Christmas.

try to give a crystal chain with the locket. Chinese tradition says that the crystal chain with a locket is powerful to remove all negativity from your life. Make this Christmas special by giving crystal jewelry.

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#15 monkey statue

the monkey is the most creative and intelligent animal. It would be of great help to you if you always kept a statue or image of a monkey jogging other influential animal like elephant, dog, etc.

It is certainly one of the deadly combinations, which exemplifies that two influential and optimistic energies are mixing in your life.

you will get achievements, prosperity, satisfaction and attention. so it is one of the unique and special gifts you can have.

#16 glass clock

Perhaps it has occurred to you that the crystal is one of the special gifts of feng shui. It not only brings positivity to your life, but also brings a fresh and elegant look to your house.

Chinese tradition believes that the clock helps give the perfect time in your life. Many people usually go through a bad stage in their life.

so if they keep a crystal clock, they could ease the bad times. So if you know someone is facing a problem in her life, give her a crystal watch for Christmas. who knows, your destiny may turn 180°?

#17 buddha pendant


Buddha statue is known to bring good luck. brings positive energy. But people wandering here and there can’t always get in touch with the buddha statue.

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so, for them, the buddha pendant will be a unique gift. Everyone wants to decorate themselves for Christmas.

so if your special someone receives the gift of a buddha pendant, we’re pretty sure they’ll wear it in front of you. it will give you a unique and fresh look.

#18 feng shui paintings

If your special someone has an interest in paintings, then what else would be perfect to give them a painting.

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There are many feng shui paintings, which will help spread positivity. the best feng shui paintings are animals.

  • according to feng shui, the monkey, pigs or frogs are auspicious animals.
  • bring you more wealth. So, make your special someone feel special at Christmas.
  • your partner will go to remember the special gift. well, some directions are also considered auspicious.
  • keep animal paintings facing north or northeast. If you are confused, you can consult any feng shui consultant.
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#19 vase

a vase is a beautiful gift. It can be given at any time and on any occasion. If you want to follow the Chinese tradition, then a glass vase is the best and perfect gift choice.

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We have already said that crystals are the best gift items. In addition, a glass vase with artificial flowers is the best to give it positivity. We often face a bad phase of our life.

then seize the opportunity and, on the right occasion, give the gift of a unique flower vase. it will look good in the shop window, and at the same time, you can also get positive energy. Therefore, seize the occasion of Christmas. celebrate it differently.

#20 dragon turtle

We’re not quite sure if the animal called dragon turtle exists or not. according to feng shui animals, the combination of the two animals; the dragon and the turtle bring good luck and wealth.

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  • The strange creature has the skull of a dragon and the body of a turtle. people believe that both turtles and dragons help bring wealth and prosperity.
  • for the variety of these two lucky animals to bestow more blessings and prosperity. Isn’t that a good gift for Christmas too?
  • then bring a dragon turtle statue or if you don’t get the statue you can also give a painting. It will be one of the extraordinary gifts that one can have at Christmas.

#21 rabbit

According to the Chinese tradition of feng shui, the rabbit or hare animal means a symbol of fertility.

Those couples who are going through the problem of infertility can keep a statue of a rabbit in their home. Apart from that, you must have the opportunity to increase your wealth.

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then keep the rabbit for money and keep it west if you want to have a child.

so, if you know that one of your loved ones is facing infertility problems, don’t hesitate and give them a statue or painting of a rabbit.

If they give you good news, then you will receive blessings from them.

plus, find other unique and inspiring feng shui gift ideas.

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Christmas comes once a year. the whole town celebrates by eating, dancing and wandering around.

Along with this, exchanging unique feng shui gift ideas is one of the important things.

Then, give feng shui gifts to your loved ones and help spread positivity.

so celebrate Christmas with all the positivity. May this Christmas bring happiness. merry christmas in advance and happy new year!

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