7 BIGGEST Feng Shui Bedroom Mistakes & How to Fix them Instantly – Unique Feng Shui™

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7 Big Feng Shui Mistakes in the Bedroom& how to fix them

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7 BIGGEST Feng Shui Bedroom Mistakes & How to Fix them Instantly - Unique Feng Shui™

Creating a harmonious space is extremely important in the bedroom. it is the place where you rest, relax and rejuvenate your spirit every night, so it should be a positive place with healing and restorative chi. We’ve compiled a list of the biggest feng shui mistakes people make in their bedroom and how to easily fix them!

1: have an excessive amount of technology

The bedroom is definitely not the place for a big-screen TV, video game console, or other tech gadgets, as these items will cause trouble sleeping. they will also deplete the sensual energy in the room, lowering the loving energy between you and your partner. keep the bedroom free of screens to increase positive vibes.

While every room should be completely tech-free, it’s understandable if you can’t help it. If you can’t seem to find a way to turn off the television or any other device, you can always place a bowl of tourmaline stones next to it to absorb electromagnetic rays and still help you sleep better. get tourmeline cures for harmful electromagnetic waves.

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2— the multipurpose room

your bedroom is the place where you sleep, spend the night and spend quality romantic moments with your partner, let’s keep it up. It should also not be the place where you work, exercise or do other activities that detract from the peaceful energy of the room. never make your bedroom or any small part of your bedroom a home office or exercise studio as these things will bring in a different kind of energy that will take away from sleep and romance. these are a big no-no, especially that treadmill you’ve been hiding under your bed for some time now, the exercise equipment belongs elsewhere. get rid of anything that doesn’t belong in a bedroom and look for feng shui improvements. more common problems and cures here.

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7 BIGGEST Feng Shui Bedroom Mistakes & How to Fix them Instantly - Unique Feng Shui™

3: clutter and more clutter

Having a room full of clutter is the surest way to generate manic energy that will make it hard to sleep. just imagine waking up to a mess, the rest of the day is guaranteed to be just that, hectic. They say that a bedroom is a reflection of the mind, so if it’s messy, what can we expect? these things will only remind you of the stressors you face in your daily life and will not bring you peace for a restful sleep. Make sure your room is neat, clean, and tidy at all times to invite calm, positive chi. To optimize this, use invigorating scents and hang faceted glass balls in the windows to improve the entry of light energy.

7 BIGGEST Feng Shui Bedroom Mistakes & How to Fix them Instantly - Unique Feng Shui™

4— boring & meaningless colors

When choosing bedroom colors, think about the overall energy of the entire bedroom. so while you might think that fiery colors painted on every wall would welcome romantic energy, it can definitely be too much. instead, choose soothing colors for the walls and furniture, and add tan accents to boost romance. also be sure to select wall and furniture colors that speak to you and your personality. you are looking for your bedroom to feel like an extension of yourself. if there’s a color you constantly gravitate toward, even if it’s bright and strong, go for it. just make sure your partner isn’t put off by your color choices so you can both lounge in the room. feng shui symbols can also give the bedroom that special accent of red and pink, as well as great significance in attracting romance in the bedroom. get them here.

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5— dead plants

There is nothing worse than dead and rotting plants, anywhere. It not only has a negative impact on the air quality in the room, but it is also a reminder of death and the opposite of nurturing, bringing bad energy into the space. the best solution is to bring easy-care plants like bamboo that require almost zero attention. Furthermore, bamboo is a symbol of growth that welcomes rejuvenating energy.

7 BIGGEST Feng Shui Bedroom Mistakes & How to Fix them Instantly - Unique Feng Shui™

6: a room for one person

If you want balance in your love life, you must bring balance to your bedroom. make sure there are two of everything in your bedroom, from nightstands to pillows to toothbrush holders. The more the room is balanced and set up for two people, the more you will feel welcomed into a romantic energy that will ensure you both feel sensually connected to one another. getting a pair of mandarin ducks is also a powerful addition.

7: memories under the bed

Many people like to keep old photos, keepsakes and other mementos from their past lives in the bedroom. While it may seem romantic, it can actually hurt your current relationships. having those old memories so close can make you subconsciously hold on to the past, especially when it comes to bad feelings and emotions. Store those items somewhere else, preferably outside the house, so they don’t affect you on a daily basis. if you’re in a relationship, it’s best to keep it strong, right? make it last by also placing this beautiful peony tree here.

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Hoping your bedroom will be bursting with energy after these upgrades, make it happen!

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