Everything you need to know about your Feng Shui Three Legged Toad God

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by michael hanna

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Essential tips and advice on using a three-legged toad god to enhance wealth and luck

Cai Shen Ma (Wealth Toad God) Wealth enhancer and cure

If you were to research the three-legged toad, also known as chan chu (wealth-calling toad), you would discover that it goes by many different names. Also, maybe you find yourself a bit confused as you sift through the vast amount of information.

Two questions I am regularly asked are where to place the toad, whether in the home or business, and whether the Chinese i-ching should always remain in its mouth.

then, I’m going to demystify the legend of the three-legged toad once and for all.

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First, let’s first look at some of the names you might find in your search:

  • jin chan – golden toad
  • money toad
  • wealth toad
  • toad god
  • toad god three-legged
  • money frog

the three-legged toad, water and gold coins

Said to appear during the full moon, this legendary, celestial, mythical creature will shine down on any home or business that is about to receive good news. this news could be about wealth, but also good news in general.

You’ll find the three-legged toad sitting proudly in many homes and businesses in Southeast Asia. one would rest near the front entrance and another would sit proudly at a desk in the office.

The legend features a rich toad called chan chu and, like many figures in Chinese folklore, the toad comes from a myth. the story goes like this:

The wife of one of the eight immortals stole the elixir of mortality from hsi wang mu, the goddess of the west. she then ran away on a full moon and drank the elixir that turned her into a toad. the compassionate gods allowed him to keep the tail of a tadpole instead of the two legs of a fully grown toad.

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Three legged Toad God sitting on Wealth IngotsAttracted to a well with gold coins, money loving Chan Chu couldn’t resist diving in, creating the connection between toad, water, and money. Plus, you’ll always find a toad near water strengthening the belief that toad and water equal wealth. Further enhancing the association between toads and good fortune is the toad’s resemblance to a fat, coin purse.

create and protect wealth with the three-legged toad

A three-legged toad god helps to attract and protect wealth and protects against bad luck. Symbolizing the flow of money, feng shui tradition insists that a three-legged toad god statue should not be placed facing the front door (facing out). never placing the toad in a bathroom, toilet, bedroom, or kitchen is another tradition.

In fact, to encourage new wealth and protect existing wealth, it’s perfectly fine to place one three-legged toad facing the front entrance and the second toad next to it with its back facing the door. if you came to my house, you would see that we put our toads in this configuration.

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The three-legged toad is one of the essential feng shui icons of prosperity, including gaining and protecting your wealth. no home or business should be without one. in my own house, we have four and two in each office.

rules for placing a three-legged toad

  1. Place the toad near the main entrance.
  2. Place near a cash register or safe
  3. Place lottery tickets under a three-legged toad
  4. the money toad should usually face a house or business or you can use two, one facing in and one facing out.
  5. place a toad near where you keep investment papers , stocks, stocks, pensions, or anything to do with your finances.
  6. activate wealth by placing the toad in the se (wealth area) of an important room such as an office, living room, etc.
  7. if you know your xuan kong flying star birth chart place a toad where you have the numbers 1-8 and 9 in front of the beginnings and face the toad in the direction of your sheng chi.
  8. if you want to improve your career, place it in the north of an important room such as an office, living room, etc.
  9. place it on a table, cabinet or desk at height of l to hip.
  10. it is good to place it on a desk, right side of the desk for a man and left side for a woman (left or right side as you sit at the desk)
  11. keep absolutely clean; I clean mine every 3-4 months and leave it in the sun or full moon after cleaning.
  12. if you know your gua trigram, you look at the toad in your sheng chi direction, as an example if you are a male born in 1958 would face west.
  13. Place the yang side of the Chinese i-chin coin facing up, so you see four Chinese characters facing up. the coin should always be kept in its mouth.
  14. you should tie a piece of red ribbon around the toad or sit the toad on a piece of red paper.
  15. attract wealth and luck and display the three-legged toad in your corner sheng chi (trigram feng shui gua).
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why nine three-legged toads?

You will find many feng shui websites that say you must have nine three-legged toads in the same area. According to this belief, you are told to place the toads in your living room, office, or study. also, in your front yard with everyone pointing in the same direction.

Personally, I have never used nine in one place, and in my extensive studies and research, I have never found a reason to validate this belief. perhaps it was to sell more toads; I’ll let you decide.

where to avoid placing your three-legged toad

  1. avoid placing a wealth toad in a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or toilet
  2. never place a wealth toad on the floor or ground.
  3. must not If there are any chips or deep scratches on a toad
  4. keep the area around the toad completely clear at all times.
  5. keep the toad and the area around it spotlessly clean
  6. never take the coin out of your mouth.

At the feng shui shop, we are very particular about the toads we sell. therefore, we had ours custom designed for a specific size, posture, color, quality, and weight. toads are really quite spectacular and perfect for any home or office.

Take a look below to see the different three-legged toads we have to offer

Three legged Toad God sitting on Wealth IngotsThree legged Toad GodWealth Toads of DualityGold Toad wealth guardianCai Shen Ma (Wealth Toad God) Wealth enhancer and cure

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