O.P.I. Suzi Says Feng Shui – review and nail art ideas –

O.P.I. Suzi Says Feng Shui nail polish, Hong Kong collection 2010

‘Ni hao!’ – I say – but ‘Suzi Says Feng Shui‘! I’m not having an awkward time talking with ‘a Suzi’ but an O.P.I. nail polish and its famous love for puns as funny names for all of its products…

o.p.i. suzi says feng shui: the product

Reading: Suzi says feng shui opi

Inspired by magical Southeast Asia, where modern cities with neon lights merge with an ancient culture. this limited collection saw pastel cream lacquers and precious metals.

Finish & Colour O.P.I. Suzi Says Feng Shui is an intense shade of blue with a crème and mildly glossy finish. It would seem so easy to describe but it’s not. So I made use of my Zanichelli colour atlas to find a fitting description for the peace of all. The O.P.I. Italian website labels this nail polish as a pastel turquoise, some bloggers depict it as a cobalt blue. In my humble opinion, O.P.I. Suzi Says Feng Shui is a very dark nuance of cobalt, which turns peacock blue at the sunlight. No matter how you see it, Suzi Says Feng Shui is a very peculiar and rich shade of medium-to-dark blue.

Texture This O.P.I. nail polish is relatively recent and features a renew formula and a new brush applicator. If compared with O.P.I. Marquis d’Mauve and older pieces, its texture looks denser, and its ‘pro wide brush’ makes for a great application resulting in a very smooth finish. The best quality found in Suzi Says Feng Shui is its fast drying time, around 2 to 3 minutes. Its pigmentation is intese, with an optimal coverage achievable with two thin coats. Without top coat and base coat, this nail polish can last up to 4 days, but a protective base is needed, due to the infamous tendency of any blue nail polish to stain your natural nails.

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this review wants to be quite different with a lot of imagination… an unusual nail polish like o.p.i. Suzy says feng shui can be personalized, if you get bored, with everyday things like pencils and ribbons! two nail polishes are enough to create a nice variety of manicures. I recommend choosing two contrasting but balanced nail polishes (see my color guide here), even two shades of the same spectrum can work well. if it’s blue, for example, your choices should have a different finish. Here, I combined a cream nail polish (o.p.i. suzy says feng shui) with a metallic one (o.p.i. teal cows are coming home), and used masking tape and toothpicks. the first manicure is basic: i applied a coat of o.p.i. suzy says feng shui and overlays it with one of o.p.i. bluish green the cows come home for a three-dimensional intensity. this trick works well with clear and glitter nail polishes as decorations.

Nail art ideas with OPI by Valentina Chirico

from left to right, and with suzi says feng shui as my base color: diagonal stripes – inspired by candy canes and barber shop signs – a french manicure, a gradient nail and a french chevron.

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Chevron French manicure, nail art idea with OPI by Valentina Chirico If stripes are not for you, yet a Frech manicure is too classic, opt for a reverse French like the ‘moon nails’. Gradient nails need an ordinary latex sponge, while chevrons and stripes require toenails French manicure guides or – as cheap alternatives – some other kind of straight tapes like masking or washi tape. Once you’re happy with the stripes placement and applied your topper, remove the stickers and allow to dry before sealing everything with a glossy top coat.

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Pois are easy too and without dotting tools; in theory, everything with a rounded end can be employed as a pro tool: a pencil, a toothpick, even a bobby pin. To get dots on point, stay comfy and steady with your elbow on your desk and avoid pressing your DIY dotting tool. Where and how many pois are up to you… Clearly, I had time to waste and too many mental energy to use, so I snapped some extra pictures… Peekaboo…

The Spring 2010 Hong Kong collection was in stores with a lovely displayed shaped like a traditional boat. I recreate it by modified the origami for the Chinese boat

O.P.I. quality: Before & After, and consideration

O.P.I. Suzi Says Feng Shui - review and nail art ideas -

o.p.i. has developed its products and is paying more attention to its formulations and brushes: from ‘marquis d’mauve’ – through ‘teal the cows come home’ – to finally ‘suzi say feng shu’, I can see an evolution and some kind of As nail polishes get better, the newer they are, the faster they dry and the easier they are to apply. today, the smell is less strong and the brushes, now shorter and slightly larger, allow for better control and application. but there’s something to pay for the endless variety of colors, good quality and wacky names of your o.p.i. nail polish: the price, of course!

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