7 Reasons Why Succulents Are Good For Home Feng Shui & Good Luck – Easy Succulent Care

Succulents, like all green plants, help to improve the atmosphere of the space; however, with this, they also help to bring a large dose of positive and vibrant healing energy into your home. Having houseplants helps provide you with not only a relaxing environment, but also helps you feel relaxed and focused.

Are succulents good for feng shui in the home? According to feng shui principles, growing succulents indoors helps balance negative energy with positive energy, as well as protective energy, which is also believed to bring better health and wealth. , and prosperity for the home.

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There are many varieties of succulents that have been grown indoors for thousands of years for their good luck charm and other beneficial properties.

Let’s quickly dive into 7 reasons why succulents are good for feng shui in the home and why you should start growing them indoors:

7. succulents pprovides a touch of soothing and calming elegance within the home

The great thing about succulents is that they are very beginner friendly and easy to care for. they have unique shapes, foliage, and colors not commonly found in any other plant variety. the adaptations they have obtained in the course of their evolution in drought-prone areas have resulted in these intriguing leaf and stem structures.

  • Having these green plants indoors on the table or in the corner of the room helps reduce stress, promotes better focus, and enhances a sense of calm.

This makes them suitable to be grown not only in domestic conditions but also in office spaces. so in addition to improving the aesthetics of the room, they can directly charge you with positivity (source).

6. the succulent helps remove toxins from the air and acts as a natural air purifier

Succulents have become quite popular in recent years due to this aspect of acting as an air purifier. they are one of the rare breeds of plants that can remove harmful toxins from the air and thus help freshen the air quality. toxins include formaldehyde, benzene, toluene,

  • particular types such as snake plants, dracaena fragrans or corn plant, aloe vera, etc. they do this job better than other variants.
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There are several studies showing that indoor air commonly contains countless of the most dangerous chemical and biological contaminants and we rarely take any precautions against them. this is alarming as another study showed that we typically spend 90% of our time indoors.

  • These components are considered volatile organic compounds that, although not visible to the naked eye, can cause minor skin and nasal irritation problems or, in some cases, can cause acute respiratory problems (source).

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These components cannot be completely eliminated by keeping just one or two succulents in the room; However, their presence, according to NASA studies, has shown that they help improve the air (source). this further promotes better health and enhances the positive energy within.

5. some succulents are believed to bring wealth and better fortune

The round leaves or coin-shaped foliage of succulent leaves are thought to welcome greater wealth into the home.

Which plant is good for the money? jade plants contain a variety called money plants which, as the name suggests, are believed to be one of the plants that bring money and good luck, making it one of the most popular succulents to use as gifts , especially among business owners.

jade plant also named as money plant is seen as good luck

These particular succulents are commonly found in homes along with offices and other business-oriented places including restaurants, cafes, shops (source).

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Not only does it look like a token of good luck, but its vibrant green color and modern look help instantly enhance the vibe of a place.

4. many succulents have antibacterial and healing properties

Most succulents in the aloe family have this amazing ability to bring a healing touch to basic wounds and scars. however, you should always check with your doctor before applying them directly to them.

  • Aloe has been used for skin, hair, and other beauty care practices for thousands of years. Its leaves contain a juicy gel that is rich in antibacterial components and aids in better nutrition.
  • However, direct ingestion of the gel can lead to serious health problems, so avoid doing so.

so these succulents are seen as a sign of good luck, they help promote better healing energy and also detoxify the air.

3. succulents have unique leaf structures that often help provide protective energy in the room

There are plenty of succulents that enhance the ambience of the room with their exotic foliage and striking long leaves. members of the dracaena variety are particularly known for this. The long, colorful leaves of succulents help not only provide protective energy, but also provide a soothing yet vibrant touch to the environment.

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hence these succulents are popularly grown in entryways or offices. Plus, snake plants are one of the best plants to start with, as they are extremely easy to care for and can handle low light conditions.

2. succulents represent balance and the power of adaptation

Succulents are very adaptable and tolerant by nature. They can quickly adapt to low or high light conditions or to lack of water.

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Most succulents can be grown both indoors and outdoors. this serves as a crucial reminder to keep a balance in our lives and do our best to find ways to adapt to changes. it’s about being aware and keeping our inner energy in balance.

1. succulents provide a new dose of oxygen and help you breathe better

Succulents, like all green photosynthetic plants, provide us with fresh oxygen and this directly helps improve indoor air quality. Another best thing about succulents is that they are believed to produce oxygen even at night, unlike most other plant varieties. this makes them well suited as houseplants to improve indoor air quality and to promote positive energy indoors.

  • However, to get the proper and constant daily dose of fresh oxygen, it is suggested to grow 2-3 green plants per 100 square feet (source).

thus, by growing succulents, you can easily get rid of toxins from the air, enjoy better oxygen supply, promote abundance of positive energy, and improve interior appearance in a natural and cost-effective way.


Succulents are extremely easy to care for and are therefore considered one of the best plants to grow indoors. Aside from this, they are also one of the most prominent feng shui plants for wealth, health, and happiness. For people who believe in feng shui, growing live green succulents indoors helps balance negative energy with positive healing energy.

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What do you think about this matter? let me know what you think in the comments below…


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