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feng shui has many mirrors. and by mirrors, that means a repetition of ideas and thoughts. for example, the number three is a representation of the direction of east, and east is represented by wood. there are many mirrors like these regarding other feng shui elements.

Let’s take the yin and yang symbol as an example. another name for it is the “tai chi” sign.

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Regardless of what you call it, the symbol represents the ultimate masculine and feminine energies. this is also represented by addresses. the last female direction is southwest and the last male direction is northwest. this has also been represented by the tiger and the dragon, the dragon and the phoenix, and the directions north and south.

In the home, however, the southwest and northwest directions are of vital importance. There is another direction that is also vital. this is the center.

These three corners form the 3 critical directions in feng shui, or the trinity of the 3 sacred palaces.

Southwest and Northwest represent the man and woman in a home, as well as the yin and yang energies in each house, and when they are afflicted, the family is in trouble in some way. the center sector encompasses the trinity of health, wealth, and relationship happiness.

central palace

Also called the palace of the heart, the central palace reflects the health and well-being of all the residents of the house. everything that happens in the center of the home influences the entire home. whether it’s a staircase, a kitchen, or a bathroom, those influences will prevail.

It is best when the center is used as a living room or dining room so that the energy of health, wealth and happiness from home is most concentrated here. that’s because this is the sector where family luck is more intense and represents the heart.

Keep pictures of your family here and try to make sure you have family and heart-centered activities to promote greater family harmony and happiness, as well as good health. when you do, your family will be happy together.

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adding bright lights in this area and keeping them on will help you and your family stay healthy, your income stable and your life full of happiness. if your bathroom is here, be sure to add a plant in the bathroom or decorate with metals and metallic colors, such as white and gray, to help offset the drainage effect in the center of the land.

the southwestern palace

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This corner represents the yin or feminine energies of home, and those energies are represented in a variety of ways. this can include relationships in the home, romance between married couples and couples, maternal and nurturing energy, opportunities for the woman in the home, and also family luck.

It also represents the woman of the house, if there is a woman.

Another representation of the energy of the Southwest is the energy of marriage. When the Southwest has a kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or garage, the energy of the marriage is not always stable. the woman is turned off and less able to affect change and growth in her life.

If the home occupant is single, it can create limited prospects for marriage or difficulty attracting a partner or maintaining a relationship.

If the homeowner is a man, it can hurt your chances of attracting a suitable mate. it can also affect how women get along at home, as it can create friction between mothers and daughters and mothers and wives.

the lack of a southwest corner can affect the happiness of the whole family and can mean that romantic love is lacking, that the woman of the house leaves frequently and, if there is a family, that the caring and loving maternal instincts of the mother is missing.

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Enhancing the southwest corner of the house with a lamp with a red shade is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to help solve almost all problems with the southwest corner. the southwest is a corner of earth, so enhancing it with the fire element of a lamp will help liven up this corner.

Be sure to activate the southwest corner of the living room and bedroom if the corner is missing or affected by a bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, or garage. it is especially important if this is a missing corner. and if southwest is missing, be sure to hang a mirror where this sector would be to symbolically recreate the missing corner.

activating the southwest corner ensures that the woman of the house is happy and satisfied, and that makes everyone in the house happy.

northwest palace

the northwest palace is the sector of the last yang. that means that this energy represents the masculine energy of the home, and if there is a man in the house, it represents him.

This part of the home represents the ability to produce wealth and income through the efforts and advancement of the breadwinner.


The energies of the Northwest Palace can also represent opportunity, help from others helping you in your life, and the ability to move forward in your life. if there is no man in the home, this corner represents the masculine energies of the home.

if this corner is missing, it may mean that the man, if any, has left home frequently or is an uninvolved husband or father.

If there is no man in the home, it may mean there is a problem attracting a man and may affect a woman’s marriage prospects. For a single man, it may mean that the home will not attract a woman because there is an imbalance of energies.

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For the entire house, a solid northwest corner is essential.

One of the main concerns of the Northwest is the element of fire. When there is a fire in the form of a fireplace, kitchen or stove, this can cause a sudden loss for man, such as loss of a job or loss of wealth through bankruptcy. it can also lead to the sudden loss of a man, through divorce, or worse, through death from injury, accident, or disease.

There are few hard and fast rules in feng shui, but it is essential not to have open flames in the northwest corner.

Homes that have a stove or fireplace in the northwest corner may find the man of the house having a hard time moving forward, so it’s especially important to activate the northwest corner of the living room and bedroom.

because this is a sector is a sector of great metal, the element that conducts energy, is powered by the earth. We all know the saying that behind every great man there is a strong woman. it is the woman’s earth energy that allows the metal energy to be both productive and conductive. adding earth elements to the northwest corner is one of the most effective ways to enhance the northwestern metal energy and promote the yang energies of the home.


The trinity of the 3 sacred palaces is something that all owners should observe and strive to reinforce.

When looking to buy a new home, make sure the northwest, southwest, and center are in good shape, and if the other corners have issues, at least the man and woman of the house will be anchored and represented in the corners. home energies.

See if your 3 holy palaces are in good shape and if not, fixing them is easy and can make a big difference in your life!

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