Feng Shui Colors [GUIDE] – For 8 Directions & 5 Elements

Colors are, without a doubt, a very essential part of everyone’s life. colors are everywhere; Directly from the most picturesque places in the world to the screen in front of you. but there is something more about colors than just shades or tones; the colors represent the five basic elements that make up the entire world, namely fire, earth, metal, water and wood. This ability of colors to represent the five basic elements needs special mention and attention and that is why reading this article on feng shui colors is very important.

I’m pretty sure you’re aware of the fact that there are eight directions in all, viz. north, south, east, west, northeast, northwest, southeast, and southwest. furthermore, in feng shui, each direction is represented – or governed – by one of the five elements;

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then, the equation looks like this:

colors represent elements and elements govern or dominate directions.

What this indirectly means is that colors can be used, or managed, to modify the effects of an element in a particular direction and that’s what feng shui colors are all about.

Understanding feng shui colors is now a two-step process.

The first step is to know which element represents which direction and which colors represent which element.

The second and final step is to understand the favorable and unfavorable feng shui colors for a particular direction; Since there are eight directions, I have divided the second step into eight small sections, one for each direction.

So, without delay, let’s dive deeper into learning feng shui colors.

Feng Shui Colors

feng shui colors – step #1 – relationship between elements, directions & colors

To make it easier for you to understand the relationship between elements, directions and colors, I have created two images. look at them very well; this will make it easier for you to understand, and even memorize, the relationship between directions, elements and colors.

the first image details the link between directions, elements and colors; the second image shows the relationship between the elements themselves.


Image#1 – Relation Between Colors, Directions & Elements in Feng Shui
Relationship Amongst Elements in Feng Shui
Image#2 – Relationship Amongst Elements in Feng Shui

Ok, so I believe that you’ve had a real good look at the images above; it’s now time to understand what each of the above images mean. Don’t worry; it’s easy; all you need to do is to read the next section of this article.

feng shui colors step #2: which color for which direction and why?

To understand feng shui colors, we will now understand the meaning of the images you saw in the previous step.

Let’s start with the second image.

In the second image, there are three types of arrows, green, red, and blue.

green arrows represent creative cycle; this means that “fire” creates “earth”, “earth” creates “metal”, “metal” creates “water”, “water” creates “wood”, and “wood” creates “fire”.

red arrows show exhaustive or weakening cycle i.e. “fire” weakens “wood”, “wood” weakens “water”, “water” weakens “metal”, “metal” weakens “earth” and “earth” weakens “fire”.

blue arrows show destructive cycle, i.e. “water” destroys “fire”, “fire” destroys “metal”, “metal” destroys “wood”, “wood” destroys “earth” ” and “earth” destroys “water”.

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now, let’s understand what the first image means (this is where the article is divided into eight sections based on eight directions)

feng shui colors – direction #1 – north

From the first image, it is clear that the north direction is the area of ​​water element and governs luck in the race; So if you’re looking for “that well-deserved promotion” or a highly successful career, the north direction of your home must be really strong. therefore, the north, indirectly, also becomes a strong financial zone.

the north of the breast is the water zone and the water element is represented by the colors blue and black, so the favorable colors for this side are blue and black.

again, in the second image, you can see that the “water” weakens with the “wood”; therefore, you must make sure that you have no wood colors such as shadows or shades of green in this part.

however, if you have a bathroom or kitchen in the north, you need to get rid of the bad water energy on this side. that’s the time you can use wood colors (since wood weakens water). Simultaneously, use metallic colors (since metal enhances the water) like white, silver or gold to enhance the good energy of the water in this part.

now, if there is a bedroom in the north, then just don’t paint the bedroom blue or black; That’s because a bedroom is meant to bring you comfort and romantic pleasure; the colors blue and black are too “cool” to make you feel like having sex.

also painting a northern bedroom blue or black will make you feel so calm that you won’t feel the need to go to work and become lethargic. you can use some colors of the fire element, such as light red or pink tones, in this way “that fire” within you, towards romance and work, will remain intact.

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if there is a living room in the north, you can use the color blue or black, but be sure to not overdo it, as too much blue or black can, and in many cases has, cause depression, tiredness, and lethargy.

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note: never, under any circumstances, paint the ceiling of any room blue or black. you need to be careful about how much blue or black color you are using; in fact, see that only 1/9 of your home is blue or black.

feng shui colors – direction #2 – south

the south is the zone of fire and governs the name and fame aspect of your life. so if you’re into something that needs a lot of people to know about you, like a TV or media personality, a political figure, etc., then a strong south side will be of great benefit to you.

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any toilet or kitchen on the south side drains good fire energy and creates bad fire energy; this can lead to defamation of social reputation, almost no social circle, loneliness and much more to mention.

as a remedy, you can paint the south side with earth or skin tone colors (“earth” weakens “fire”, from image #2). blue or black colors (of the water element) can also be used, but that is too strong a remedy to apply, as it can completely eliminate fire.

also to enhance the good part of the fire on the south side, you can use wood colors such as shades of green (wood enhances the fire).

now, if there is a living room in the south, make sure you don’t paint the entire living room red, as that will cause the energy of the fire to double; too much fire energy can lead to temper problems, heated arguments, anger, impatience, etc. you can use soft red tones here and there in a southern living room.

again, make sure only 1/9 of your home is red. never paint the whole house red.

feng shui colors – direction #3 – east

This is the direction of the wood element and governs the family and health side of your life. this means that the east side of a house governs the medical condition of your health and the mental condition of your mind. so all those who believe in “health is wealth” (which almost everyone is) make sure the east side of your home is strong.

again, a bathroom or kitchen in the east means that there is a considerable amount of bad wood energy and this can really make you suffer, not only medically, but also mentally. As a remedy you can use the color of the fire element (since fire weakens wood) such as shades of red, orange, etc. metallic colors can also be used, but that remedy would be too strong. also, you can use green color on this side.

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if there is a living room in the east, you can use the color green. a good suggestion is to have a mix of green tones in the room, this way you can receive the calming effect of all the shades of green. You can also use watercolors like shades of blue or black here (since water creates wood).

feng shui colors – direction #4 – the southeast

The southeast direction is also governed by the wood element and governs the wealth aspect of your life. therefore, if you wish to amass vast amounts of wealth and fortune, then strengthen the southeast of your home.

if you have bathrooms or kitchen in the southeast, you can apply all the remedies mentioned in direction #3.

also, for living room in the southeast, see direction #3.

feng shui colors – direction #5 – west

The western part is governed by the metal element and governs the creativity and luck of the children (children or descendants). so if you are an artist (or similar profession) or want to become a parent, west is what you need to get stronger.

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if there is a bathroom or kitchen in the west, then you should get rid of the bad metal energy by using blue or black colors (water weakens the metal). In addition, to enhance the good energy of the metal, you can use earth colors such as brown, yellow or pink tones.

for a western living room, you can use a mix of metallic colors such as gray, white, silver, gold, etc. just make sure you don’t use too much gray as it’s very dull and has a bit of a lifeless feel attached to it. you can definitely add colorful paintings, wallpapers, cushion covers, etc. they’ll really look good.

You can also use earth colors for the walls.

feng shui colors – direction #6 – northwest

metal also rules the northwest; and the Northwest rules the travel and helpful people in your life. So if you’re the one who wants to travel the world for business or pleasure, pay special attention to the northwestern part of your home. Plus, you’ll get tons and tons of helpful people in your life if the Northwest is strong.

for bathrooms, kitchen and living room in the northwest, read address #5.

feng shui colors – direction #7 – northeast

The northeast part is governed by the earth element and brings luck in education. It improvises clarity of thoughts and helps to make better decisions. In short, this part is of the utmost importance for students and even for businessmen.

a kitchen bath in the northeast drains all the good energy from the earth and enhances the bad. that seriously affects your education and decision-making ability. as a remedy, use metallic colors such as white, gold or silver. wood colors would also work but that remedy will be too strong.

if there is a living room in the northeast, use earth colors like shades of brown, yellow, pink or nude. a good idea is to use more yellow as it is more cheerful and full of joy; it is bright, sunny and very warm. In addition, the color yellow brings hope, optimism and also improves concentration!

feng shui colors – direction #8 – the southwest

The southwest direction is also ruled by the earth element and governs romantic luck and sexual pleasures in your life. so if you’re looking for “the perfect match,” be sure to keep the southwest of your home strong.

for bathroom, kitchen or living room in the Southwest, see address #7.

With this, we come to the end of this article. I know it was a bit long, but that’s the way it has to be with all the explanations and other useful stuff.

i sincerely hope you found this article helpful; I hope you now understand the feng shui colors, their meaning and how to apply them.

If you liked the above information on feng shui colors, please share it with everyone you know.

thank you

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