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How does your bedroom feel? Good feng shui allows for energy flow, and nowhere is that more important than the bedroom. By utilizing some key feng shui bedroom rules, you too can turn your space into the restful, restorative place that you want it to be. Do you know the feng shui wall bedroom colors? Read on and discover more about what you can do to promote good feng shui in your bedroom!

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bedroom feng shui dos and don’ts

What Is Good Feng Shui For Bedroom?

How does your bedroom feel? good bedroom feng shui allows for the flow of energy. By using a few key feng shui principles, you, too, can turn the bedroom into the restful, restful place you want it to be. Read on and find out more about what you can do to promote good feng shui in your bedroom!

feng shui bedroom rules

  • what color is good for bedroom feng shui?

The bedroom is the place where you sleep and relax, so it makes sense to choose colors that relax and calm you. In general, the best feng shui colors for good feng shui are earth colors. these soothing colors can be the perfect way to promote rest and relaxation. most people have a preference. some like a light oatmeal color, while others feel a soft gray bedroom is more their style. A lighter blue or green can also be a good way to promote a calm setting, as long as it’s lighter and not too intense.

the best bedroom colors according to feng shui for directions and 5 elements

If you can’t seem to relax and sleep soundly in your own bedroom, then it might be time to consider rearranging your color scheme. Choosing the right feng shui color for the bedroom can help bring about the specific energy flow you’re looking for.

One of the essential factors in choosing the best feng shui colors is the basic principle of the five elements, which are fire, earth, water, metal and wood. the various combinations of the five elements with the eight directions can create an extremely productive cycle. however, if the colors are used without any knowledge of feng shui elements and directions, it can end up being a cycle of destruction.

Before designing your bedroom, use the following guide to ensure your bedroom color scheme brings good chi and enhanced sleep into your life.

  1. north. If your bedroom is located on the north side of your house, the feng shui element is water. the feng shui colors that express it are different shades of blue and black. The water element also rules luck in a career and finances. If it is work or lack of money that worries you during sleepless nights, by changing the colors of your bedroom walls, the energy of feng shui can help bring a promotion or new sources of finance into your life.
  2. northeast & southwest. the element that corresponds to these directions is earth. The best bedroom feng shui colors that you can choose for your bedroom are brown, yellow, and pink. the earth element is responsible for luck in romance and sexual pleasures.
  3. east & southeast. wood is the main element here, so go for green and dark brown colors to enhance your good chi. the wood element here rules the family and health side of your life. You can save yourself from headaches, stress and moodiness by choosing natural green and brown colors for your bedroom.
  4. south. if your bedroom is on the south side, the corresponding element is fire. it’s probably easy to guess that the color is red. You may think red is a very bright and eye-catching color for a bedroom, but there are several shades you can choose from, or simply add red accent pieces such as a red bed cover and red plaid. the element of fire can bring fame into your life, so if you are a blogger or media person, this may be an opportunity for you to change your life.
  5. west & northwest. bedroom feng shui colors are white, gold and silver due to the dominant metallic element in these areas. choose your bedroom wall colors and furniture materials, respectively, to bring creativity into your life. the metal element is also responsible for everything related to children and pregnancy. Check out 40 gray and white bedroom ideas.
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Use the feng shui color guide to enhance your life, your sleep, and the energy of your bedroom.

  • bed

Your bed also influences the overall feng shui of the room more than you think. there are different schools of thought on this. some say that the bed should always give you a good view of the door. others say you want to have your head and bed facing north. give it a try and see what you think.

  1. As for the header, this can be very important. it is better to avoid metal or wooden bars or spindles. instead, opt for a solid wood or upholstered headboard. it will keep a good resting energy with you instead of providing holes for it to slide in, promoting rest. the shape is fine, with square, rectangular, or curved shapes being best.
  2. It’s also a good idea to keep the space under the bed clear. Placing keepsakes or things under the bed that contain emotional energy could get in the way of a decent night’s rest. make sure it is completely empty under the bed so the energy (or qi) stays clean and flowing.
  3. A good mattress is always best. a high-quality mattress that promotes great sleep is ideal. Also be sure to purchase an appropriate size that suits you, whether you are single or in a relationship, for the best feng shui. foam is often a good choice, as it lacks metal coils that can conduct electromagnetism.
  4. for bedding, it’s a similar approach to choosing the room colour. But first, choose sheets that are organic and made from natural materials that your skin will love to lie on and that are free of toxins or negative reactions. earth tones can be very calming, something in neutral or beige is calming in nature. anything from cream to cocoa can provide a sense of grounding. natural light greens, blues and purples can also be inspired by nature and calming. Whether it’s a neutral pink or a light soft pink, the right sheet color for you can help you get a good night’s sleep.
  • symmetry
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having symmetry in the bedroom is good feng shui. promote symmetry by having nightstands that are identical and evenly spaced on both sides of the bed to improve chi relationship. add identical lamps for more symmetry. the more symmetrical the bedroom, the more balanced the energy will be and feel.

  • work of art

Artwork can be great in the bedroom, but make sure it’s in keeping with the themes of relaxation and calm. from color to theme, place art that puts you at ease or makes you feel satisfied. it can be abstract or any style you like. Keep in mind the feel you get from the artwork and select accordingly. also, place it in front of the bed, not behind it.

  • clean every day.

Keep that awesome energy moving in the bedroom by cleaning every day. removing objects from surfaces, dusting, sweeping or vacuuming the floor, picking things up from the bed or the floor. The more space and order you have in your room, the more relaxed and recharged you can feel while you’re there, rather than being distracted by too much clutter or items that belong somewhere other than where they are.

how do i do feng shui in my bedroom for love?

feng shui bedroom rules for love

  • first, no mirrors or technology in the room! If you already have love in your life, you can expand your bedroom to accommodate it. if you don’t, you can fix the bedroom so it’s open and ready for love. remove any items from the room that are from previous relationships or love affairs to have a fresh emotional feeling in the room.
  • Pairs of things, be they cushions or end tables, look symmetrical and evoke couples (and love). Dimming or adjusting the lights can also help set the mood (if not, candles can symbolize and help ignite that burning passion).
  • Adding a little pink, red or purple to the room can also promote a romantic feeling. An aromatherapy diffuser can also add to that romantic feeling while keeping a room fresh with wonderful scents.
  • Finally, make sure you feel comfortable and that you love the good feng shui you have in your room. Chances are if you like it and find your bedroom a welcoming and healing place to be, your partner will too.
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what is bad feng shui for the bedroom?

  • white bedroom with wall art gallery dried flowers and brown and brown decoration
  • pink and white bedroom with bed in front of window
  • Light Green and White Bedroom with wall art gallery with water scenes features
  • green bedroom with gold mirror
  • a mirror in front of your bed.

Mirrors pick up movements and amplify sounds and are also visually distracting. they also don’t add to that sanctuary feel you want for the bedroom and break the chi.

  • artificial plants and dried flowers.

The opposite of living energy, these not only collect dust but can also represent dull, stagnant energy. Since live plants have an “upward” energy that may conflict with the energy you want for your bedroom, save them for living rooms or other parts of your living space where they can be more appreciated.

  • ttoo much technology in the bedroom.

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Technology such as phones, tablets, televisions, and computers emit electromagnetic fields as well as disrupt sleep with blue light. For best results, keep your technology in a safe place, not next to your nightstand or across from your bed.

  • too many books.

some books are fine, but too many can feel heavy and even messy.

  • a chandelier over the bed or beams or heavy objects over the bed.

The bed should be positioned so that it is never under a beam, chandelier, fan, or any other heavy object hanging above the head. chi is affected and let’s face it, it’s hard to sleep well if you feel like you’re sleeping under objects that could fall and hurt you while you’re at your most vulnerable.

  • images of water in works of art.

Water is the opposite of fire. while it can be seen as calming, it could also work against natural feelings of passion.

  • sharp angles or corners.

if you have furniture that has sharp corners or angles, avoid pointing them at the bed as it disrupts chi.

  • Clutter disrupts feng shui and promotes discomfort.

bad feng shui includes a lot of clutter, so make sure everything has a designated spot instead of letting it accumulate in this room.

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There you have the feng shui bedroom rules! By putting these approaches into practice, you can revitalize your bedroom and make it look and feel so much better. use this information to help you create an atmosphere that is both calming and rejuvenating. you will notice and appreciate the difference!

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