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the southeast is well known as one of the default wealth locations in a home, as it is where the solar trigram resides.

but even when this is so, it is rarely one of the preferred directions of home seekers, as most people prefer to have homes that stretch along the vertical axis of the cardinal directions consisting of north and south.

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but a house facing north or south does not necessarily mean that they enjoy good feng shui. and the same can be said for properties facing southeast.

In feng shui, every seemingly bad house has its lucky areas, and every good house will have its fair share of unlucky areas.

Let’s take a closer look at a house facing southeast.

bagua map

One of the cardinal rules for applying feng shui to a house is to identify the orientation in terms of directions. this is so that one can determine where the specific trigrams are within the premises.

according to the bagua, there are 8 trigrams that take position in each of the 8 main directions identified by a magnetic compass.

For any household comprised of a married couple, two areas to pay special attention to are the Northwest and Southwest.

This is because the chien and kun trigrams are located in these two areas respectively.

the chien area governs the luck of the husband while the kun area dictates the luck of the wife.

If any of these areas are affected, such as when a toilet is located in the Southwest, it can be a catalyst for serious consequences. in this case, the general luck of the patriarch is going to go down the toilet. literally.

at least with bad luck, one can find ways to cure it and reverse it with feng shui.

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but if northwest is a missing corner of an apartment, for example, you’ll be out of luck working with the man of the house!

This is a big reason why missing corners can cause serious feng shui problems, and square houses are always recommended.

however, it should be noted that any adverse impact may be much less severe if a house that lacks the northwest is inhabited by a single woman. It won’t cause a big catastrophe for the owner, but it could negatively affect her chances of meeting eligible men.

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However, these problems can be solved with other feng shui concepts that attract romantic luck.

But for a single woman in a house that lacks the Southwest, it can be disastrously inauspicious.

Because the house faces southeast, which is supposed to be a wealthy area, should the front door be in the southeast sector of the house facing southeast?

let’s see your 8 mansion chart.

8 mansions

8 feng shui mansions is a way to generate an energy map of a house to determine the favorable and unfavorable sectors in the floor plan.

there are 8 different types of houses, each with its own energy map.

for a house facing southeast, it would be facing northwest. and therefore would have the following diagram as energy map.

From the illustration above, take note that the favorable sectors are SC, FW, TY and YN. The unfavorable sectors are 5G, 6K, HH and JM.

good sectors are suitable for living spaces such as the living room, dining room and bedrooms. bad sectors are appropriate for other spaces, such as missing sectors, bathrooms, and storage rooms.

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The kitchen has a unique feature that requires you to be in a bad sector.

As you can see, the front area of ​​the house that makes up the south, southeast, and east are all undesirable sections of the house.

This means that if the front door is located in any of these areas, it would only allow negative energy into the property instead of positive energy.

good or bad?

For a country house, the best entrance to the house might be on the southwest or northeast.

Because the sc and fw areas are toward the rear of the house, it follows that entering the house from the rear might be the preferred form of entry.

This implies that apartments may be more suitable for a southeast orientation compared to townhouses, as it is very common for apartments to have their front doors at the rear of the unit.

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It would be conducive for an apartment in this configuration to have the front door on the west or northwest.

But let’s check these findings against another widely practiced feng shui concept.

flying stars

Flying Star Feng Shui is one of the most dynamic feng shui schools of thought as it takes into account the dimension of time.

when we view a house through the lens of flying star feng shui, we can see if it matches the findings of 8 mansions.

For a house built during the 8 period and facing directly southeast, the following natal chart would apply.

Of the 4 auspicious sectors identified by 8 mansions for the location of the front door, it can be observed from the above chart that flying stars don’t agree with the west as it has the misfortune star 5 as the water star at the top right of the west grid.

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However, the other 4 Southwest, Northeast, and Northwest directional sectors are fine as main gate locations.

and if you live in a house facing southeast and the front door needs to be in front of the house instead of the side, this natal shows that southeast and east would be acceptable as opposed to 8 mansions.

Whether to place a door here is a decision you have to make yourself.

The southern area appears to be a total loss area which is consistent with both feng shui theories. the middle child (if there is one) would be particularly vulnerable.

This is not to be used as a living room, bedroom, or study area.

if you’re not going to use northwest for the front door, then it’s a great area to locate the master bedroom.

lastly, this is a good house to have water features in front of the house and mountains behind.

If the house or apartment there faces a sea front, for example, the home will enjoy good fortune in wealth. And if there is a mountain at the back, then the family members will be blessed with good health and good relationships.

However, please note that this guide does not take into account interior and exterior sha chi, such as pillars in the house or electrical towers outside the house.

if they are present, then appropriate steps should be taken to protect the home from harm.

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