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The southeast sector is one of the corners of the bagua most favored by feng shui. Called the wealth sector, this corner is related to the money you save, such as investments, and the money that grows. the money for these purposes is often tied to iras, 401ks, and other investments. this industry is about growing prosperity and new ways to make money.

The southeast corner relates to money you want to save, invest, and grow for the future.

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This is also the area that relates to the oldest daughter. It also pertains to the hips and upper legs and buttocks on the body. Its season is late spring.

When the southeast corner is affected, you may have a hard time accumulating money.

Because this is the sector of prosperity and wealth, it is important that the southeast is reinforced with symbols and elements of water.

That’s because the southeast is the small wood sector. its bright green color is similar to new leaves emerging from a tree or a small flower. it is the seed of growth, something we want our money to have.

The luck quality of the southeast corner influences the ability to grow your assets and create new sources of prosperity.

Wealth and money coming into the house are important, but what really matters is the money and income that stays in the house, which grows over time.

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This corner relates to the ability to find and cultivate new and existing sources of income and wealth. To add more income potential, activate this corner to develop new sources of income.

Having a sizeable savings or investment account means you are more financially able to withstand hardships and will be able to take care of yourself in old age and perhaps have money to pass on to your heirs.

the southeast is symbolized by wood, the shape of a rectangle and the color light green, like the new leaves of a plant or a tree.

elements related to water are excellent energizers for the southeast corner of the house. an aquarium is a great activator for the southeast corner as is a fountain.

In particular, three or six level sources bring additional prosperity luck. make sure any fountain shows a source of water, such as a spout, and that there is a place to watch the water collect.

Although popular now, the disappearing fountain is a type of fountain that flows through a container, such as a large urn, and then appears to collide with rocks. this symbolizes water (money) lost instead of being captured (saved or accumulated).

For this reason, disappearing fountains are not favorable for feng shui.

what to avoid in the southeast.

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the southeast direction is depleted by fire and destroyed by metal. adding metallic or red colors in this corner of your home, garden or living room can harm the opportunities for money luck to enter your life.

if this is the location of your kitchen or fireplace, add water imagery here to help potential for growth in the southeast.

metal in this corner can drain finances and strain relationships with the eldest daughter in the house.

The southeast relates to the number 4.

this is the number of the wealth sector and the eldest daughter. although four is a homonym for death in Mandarin, it is not a negative number. is a number that means growth and reproduction.

symbols such as fish, turtles, tortoises and images of water are all beneficial in this corner of your home.

Flowers are an excellent energizer for the southeast sector as well as a grouping of plants. Be sure to keep a nice garden in the southeast sector of your yard to help activate wealth and prosperity luck.

if you can add a water source here, that’s even better. lastly, green light is a wonderful activator in this corner. increase your wealth and prosperity by adding green objects or a green light to generate opportunities to earn money or improve your investments.

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