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Are you planning to redecorate your bedroom? These are the seven most relaxing colors you can choose, according to feng shui.

If you’re ready to color your bedroom according to feng shui best practices, then we’re here to help. Whether you’re single or in a serious relationship, the color you paint the room you sleep in can have an impact on your sleep and life.

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Here’s a guide to help you choose the best shade for you and your space.

1) brown

When your sleeping space is on the east side of your home, choose brown for the wall color. the rationale behind this is based on the five elements of the design guide, which are wood, water, earth, metal, and fire. three of these elements bring a good relaxing energy to your sleeping space. the three are wood, earth and water. going brown will add the wood element to the area.

the hue will help you sleep well because the hue is associated with vitality, growth and limitless vision. When you have these items for inspiration, your dreams are sure to be filled with visions of how you can improve your life and experience a better quality of life overall. With that amount of REM sleep, you’ll wake up feeling rested.

To design your bedroom according to the Chinese design technique, place your bed as far away from the entrance as possible. Also, consider investing in a wooden headboard or one made of another sturdy material. this gives your head good support and backing.

2) blue

Blue is considered a calming hue in all types of design. but feng shui ups the calming factor a bit.

Blue is connected to the element of water, and this means that it is related to sweetness and grace. it is powerful because water is one of the most powerful forces in nature. water heals and this is where good sleep comes into play. Like water, sleep is a healing force. when the two are used together, it’s a good thing.

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use a light blue tone in the space to guarantee rest. water is the only element of the design method that is free in its expression and overall presence. water falls from the sky, you can run happily, rest quietly, or play exuberantly. it can even pierce the deepest holes in the interior of the earth. when you wear blue, you are bringing the presence of this powerful element into your personal space.

The place where you sleep is one of the most important places in your home, as it is where your body rests and rejuvenates itself for the next day. blue refreshes, calms and refreshes the space, preparing your body for the rest it needs.

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To make sure you’re decorating according to the Chinese decorating technique, purchase a support mattress. This type of mattress promotes sleep and relaxation.

3) white

white is a multifaceted color that gives your space a unique power. included in the metal element, white is clean, cool, crisp and clear, making it perfect for a restful night’s sleep.

when you use white as a wall color, you are filling any room with energy. the tone is also good for meditation spaces.

Just as white brings to mind ever-expanding possibilities and hope for a bright future, the color inspires quality sleep.

To decorate your sleeping space with the Chinese decorating technique in mind, make sure your bed is at a good height. Also, don’t keep anything underneath. when you sleep, it is important that the energy circulates through your body. this cannot happen if you have things stored under your bed.

4) lavender

Sleeping areas on the south side of a home have an energetic connection to fame and reputation in decorating style. Lavender is a color associated with passion and romance, making it perfect for couples.

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In the Chinese decoration method, shadow is part of the fire element. this means that it brings a feeling of comfort and warmth to your heart while nourishing and supporting you.

When you bring a fire element, it’s important to know how to use it. this means determining when to dial it back and when to use it boldly. Since the tone comes from fire, it is calming and relaxing. It is also a shade that brings a feeling of rest to any space where it is used.

5) yellow

Pale yellow is another good color for southern rooms. yellow is also considered part of the fire element; you see it in the warm glow of a candle and the comforting light of the fireplace. it is especially present in impressive sunsets.

with yellow, you will have a tone that works to open the heart and impart joy. though bright and happy, the shade is also peaceful and calming.

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If you’re having trouble sleeping because you’re feeling cold and lonely, then this is the time to wear yellow. Consider using it when you need powerful energy for creative projects in your life, whether personal or work related. the fire element will help you maintain your love for yourself and for others.

6) gray

When the room you sleep in is on the north side of your house, you have a challenge on your hands. This is because the colors that best suit the place are not the best for this type of room according to Chinese decorative philosophy. but gray is a way to go; Along with the overall calming effect this shade has, it’s also easy to use in décor.

While hue is often overlooked in the Chinese decorating method, it has a number of discreet and important uses. It represents the metal element and brings a calm influence to a space. can help you with clarity, reflection and precision. the tone lacks energy or provides a relaxing atmosphere.

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When you wear gray, you will be supporting intellectual clarity. It is ideal for spaces where you meditate or reflect, making it a good option for the room in which you sleep. gray is also a color you can use as an accent when you need a crisp, sharp energy.

7) gold

gold is part of the fire element. it is cheerful, welcoming and warm. It is associated with the sun, which gives life and light to all beings. Wearing gold in the room where you sleep will help you feel calm, peaceful and happy. the hue also gives the space a soft energy, allowing you to unwind at the end of a long day.

When decorating with the Chinese technique, make sure your bed is balanced with two nightstands on each side. they will help you stay grounded and centered.

using feng shui to decorate your bedroom

Using feng shui as a guide when decorating your bedroom creates a haven of peace that will help you feel well-rested. the decoration method translates into wind and water. works to enhance one’s flow of spiritual energy or life force.

Chinese decorative technique also creates harmony. When it comes to where you sleep, using the method to design and organize the space supports rest while strengthening your connection with your partner and with yourself.

considering the color and placement of furniture in your sleeping space can improve the quality of your sleep. Colors like brown, white, lavender, and yellow encourage peaceful sleep, as do blue, gold, and green.

Having the right furniture and furniture placement also makes a difference. Paying attention to this design scheme will not only result in a relaxing space, it can also help you live your best life.

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