Metal Singing Bowls for Space Clearing, Feng Shui Tips to Attract Good Luck

Tibetan bowls are beautiful home accessories and feng shui cures. Singing bowls are functional and decorative accessories that add an exotic flavor of oriental home decor to modern room décor and offer great tools for decluttering space and bringing balance and harmony to home interiors.

Tibetan bowls can be made of gold, silver, iron, copper, tin, zinc and lead and represent the sun, moon and other planets in our galaxy. The correct combination of metals generates a pervasive rhythm of negativity to clear space, move stagnant energy, cleanse space of negative energy, and bring balance to home interiors.

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according to ancient feng shui, singing bowls create the rhythm that drives away all evil spirits and ghosts as they cannot tolerate certain levels of resonance. Tibetan bowls are still widely used in Tibet to cleanse space.

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Tibetan bowls to clear space in feng shui homes

To simply and effectively clear space, Tibetan singing bowls are struck with a mallet and then rubbed around the rim with a mallet to produce a mesmerizing combination of harmonic resonances and rich harmonics.

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When we feel that the energy in our spaces is stagnant, negative, sick and stale, it means that bad energy creates blockages and problems in our lives. purifie space cleaning and feng shui homes to bring back good luck to our lives.

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an old house without renovations suffers from weak energy. Space cleansing, when carried out, can remove negative energy and attract fortune, making the occupants happier.

The cleanliness of the space creates a light and relaxing environment. Space clearing is a quick and efficient way to do feng shui in homes and brings new opportunities and instant good luck.

Tibetan bowls balance bad feng shui without changing the design of your home, temporarily removing negativity, bad luck and generating good energy that brings new opportunities.

Tibetan bowls and spaces that cleanse the tradition of feng shui in homes or offices, and make them more attractive to customers, well-wishers and friends. humans automatically avoid places that have uncomfortable energy. cleaning the space transforms the energetic environment.

Tibetan bowls to clear space help start a new year, a new life, a project, a business and a career, and offer a way of feng shui to enrich the interiors of your home and office. When you are faced with many problems and you don’t know what has gone wrong with the feng shui of the house, Tibetan bowls help to clear your spaces, eliminating bad luck, according to the ancient masters of feng shui.

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Tibetan bowls are great decorative accessories for those who are busy with life and don’t bother getting monthly cure in different sections of the house. monthly cleaning of the space with a Tibetan bowl heals all negative changes and removes stagnant energy from your home.

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1. hold the bowl sitting on the cushion with one palm and the wooden mallet with the other hand and calm down. hit the Tibetan bowl three times on the perimeter. the bowl starts to vibrate after the hit.

2. Create the continuous sound by rubbing the mallet against the edge of the bowl’s perimeter, moving it clockwise. you need some practice for this to work perfectly.

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3. space cleaning is best done in the morning after 7 am until 1 pm. the strongest time for feng shui houses is 12 noon. clean your house and take a shower, put on clean clothes before cleaning the space.

4. carry the mystic knot with you or use the dzi bead to protect yourself during space clearing.

5. open all windows and doors, allowing fresh air, sunlight, and energy to enter and flow through your home or office.

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6. turn on all lights and fans to generate and stimulate yang energy. light a candle, sandalwood incense ingot in the incense dish and carry this dish around the spaces you want to clear. the aroma and smoke of sandalwood pass through every corner of the spaces, eliminating negativity and clearing the spaces.

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