How to Sign up Gmail with Email without Phone Number?

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Google Email is a well-structured mail company that allows users to sign up for Gmail using email without the need for a phone number. The platform on which Gmail is built spans mobile phones and PCs. However, to set up an email account without a phone number for free today, you can use a new email address without verifying your phone number.

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How to create a Gmail account without a phone number? Of course, I’ve created numerous email accounts for my business, people, teaching, etc. many times. But these require four (4) D’s and include: Additional Username and Password, Additional Account Name, Additional Gmail User ID, and Additional Alternate Email Address.Currently, most mail and social media companies such as Facebook, Friendsbook, Yahoo, GMX, Yandex, etc. require a mobile number to verify and prove the authenticity of an applicant. Additionally, this helps limit spam and locate users so they can be used for fraud. However, most people still use email to log in to Gmail on a daily basis and don’t have a phone number.

Sign up Gmail Requirements for Users Without Phone Number

If you’re planning to create a Gmail account without a phone, you might want to find out what you need to do. We call these four Ds as follows:

  • Different username and password.
  • Other alternate email addresses.
  • Other Gmail IDs
  • Another account name.

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From the breakdown above, the distinct username and password represent the applicant’s full name, followed by the password. Applicants should ensure that they are not using the exact same name if they do not have an existing Gmail account. Different Gmail IDs mean different Gmail email addresses. etc.

Reasons why People Sign up Gmail without a Phone Number

  • The applicant may be a minor and may not have received a mobile number.
  • The user can be an adult without a phone.
  • You have created more than three Gmail accounts with the same mobile number.

General Tutorial to Sign up Gmail without Phone Number

  • Open a browser of “Gmail”
  • Click Create Account.
  • In the next form, select the purpose of the account “For myself. Manage my business.
  • Fill out the Gmail account registration form presented to you and click Next.
  • Date of Birth column: In this column, make sure you enter a date of birth that is less than 15 years old. This shows Google that you’re underage and probably don’t have a phone at that age.
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  • Enter your mobile number in the next form. Now, you can enter your mobile number if you want, but if you don’t want to, just click next, see the sample image below.
  • Enter an alternate email address as an extra security tool.
  • Proceed to verify your account and you are here.
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Way to create a Gmail Account without Phone Number

Smartphone users can also create a Gmail account using a phone or email address. Easily sign up for a new Gmail account without a phone number on your iPad, iPhone, Blackcberry or Windows Phone, Android and more. Just follow the instructions above to create your account now.

Login without Phone Number

Accounts created without a phone number can be accessed without a phone number, but users must log in with their exact email to freely log into their accounts:

  • Start your browser and go directly to
  • Enter your email address and password
  • Tap “Login” to open your account.

New Gmail Login Facebook

You can log in to your Gmail account for free using the online Gmail login form or Gmail Messenger. However, you can’t log in to Gmail with social media accounts like Facebook.

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