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A red front door is quite a statement and while you may be considering painting your front door red for a number of reasons, maybe it’s your favorite colour, you fancy a change, you want your home to stand out from the street, or you just want to decorate the outside of your home, the color red has some connotations that you might want to discover before you buy the paint. our latest blog post discusses the history, lore, and symbolism associated with the red front door.

the history, tradition & symbolism of the red door

The red door has different meanings, and origins, to a whole host of cultures.

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Dating back to biblical times, a red door symbolized protection from death. In Exodus 12, the Israelites are said to have made a covenant with God for the first Passover. they must sacrifice a lamb to receive protection for their home. to show that they had made the sacrifice, they had to smear the blood of the lamb on the front door of their houses. many churches have red doors to signify this religious event. Some churches also have red doors as a symbol of the blood of Christ and the sacrifice he made. the religious connotations of a red front door are associated with safety and sanctuary.

a red door also has alternate meanings depending on the location:

  • In the United States, a red front door has the historical significance of signifying that people are welcome in houses that have a painted door. travelers were welcome to rest and eat, and during the civil war on the Underground Railroad, runaway slaves also saw a red door as a sign of a safe house. More recently, the color is also said to indicate a lack of interest to cold callers.
  • Red is an important color in Chinese culture as it symbolizes luck.
  • In feng shui, the color red is associated with positive energy.
  • In Scotland, homeowners paint their doors red to show that they have paid off their mortgage. it is a red beacon to show that they are out of red with their loans.
  • Irish culture has many well-known associations with the red front door. when queen victoria ordered them to paint their doors black, red doors were a sign of rebellion. There is also folkloric symbolism where some choose to believe that a red front door warns of evil spirits and ghosts. There’s also a joke that red front doors make houses easily identifiable to people when they’re drunk.
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why paint the front door of your house red?

a red front door has a long history in different cultures of positive connotations. a red front door indicates:

  • protection
  • safety
  • welcome
  • shelter
  • energy
  • pride
  • luck
  • warmth
  • love

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Whether you realized when painting your door at the time or you haven’t painted yet, not many colors are associated with so many positive factors. what better color to choose for the door of your house. if some of the superstitions also turn out to be true, then you may end up being very lucky.

There are also stylistic reasons why you might choose to paint your front door red. red is a striking color that will make your house stand out, especially if you have red bricks.

If you’re looking for a front door color, red is a favorable choice, but we’ve also reviewed some other popular front door colors below in case red isn’t your color.

other popular front door colors and accessories their meanings

blue is an indication of serenity and calm. it’s also a popular door choice for white houses and seaside properties.

black indicates seriousness but also sophistication and wealth. black is a versatile color that works well with many different property types.

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white, like black, is a versatile color that works well with many buildings. symbolizes purity and calm, but is probably the most difficult option to keep clean.

grey is currently in fashion for a front door colour. is associated with reserve and sophistication.

green is a calm color that shows you are environmentally conscious. lime green is a bold color to behold and quite a style statement.

yellow is a cheerful and welcoming color, but for those who are not brave enough to go bold and bright, but are still interested in the color yellow, mustard is a more subtle tone to opt for.

Orange is a bold, warm and inviting color for your front door, but it’s not for the faint-hearted. it can also be difficult to keep the tone warm over time.

When it comes to front door colors, you’re spoiled for choice, but knowing some of the meanings associated with your choice of color can help you make the right choice for your home.

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