Curtains : Choose the Suitable One With Feng Shui Tips

many factors, from the choice of color, fabric, lighting and texture, together influence the atmosphere you are trying to create. Have you considered applying the philosophy of feng shui to your home? Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that embodies the idea of ​​living in harmony with nature. feng shui practitioners believe that everything has a certain energy or “chi” and how we organize and implement these beliefs affects various aspects of our lives.

Allow the natural light in

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This post from your friendly experts at century window fashions simplifies feng shui implementation for choosing curtains so you’re well aware of how your choices can affect your home’s ambience.

  • allow natural light to enter

    Natural light is a positive feng shui factor and the more you allow in, the better. Tie up heavier, blackout curtains as soon as the sun comes up and let the sunlight in. make sure you close them at night, as according to tradition, negative energies are believed to enter along with the darkness. If you don’t like direct sunlight, you can hang two layers of curtains: blackout curtains and sheer curtains. you can keep the sheer curtains closed all day. this will allow light to enter, but will significantly tone down its harshness.

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