Feng shui: Qué es y cómo aplicarlo en decoración para casa

feng shui at home

When we practice certain actions our energy can be revived. The Chinese philosophy of feng shui helps us improve the harmony of the space, which will provide a more positive influence to the occupants. This art provides us with greater well-being!

Actually, it is a science that studies the relationship between people and the physical environment on a space and its objects (everything is connected and affects our well-being).

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is a science that studies the relationship between people and the physical environment on a space and its objects

represents a multidisciplinary that encompasses architecture, minimalist style decoration in housing studies, health, geography, astrology, electromagnetism, landscape design, environmental psychology, mental aspects or even abundance and wealth.

factores de la energia feng shui

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and second, we start with the basics, and then how to apply feng shui in decoration step by step…

what is feng shui

It is an ancient Chinese discipline that has been defined as the art of harmonizing the environment to favor the individual’s own well-being and its harmony, which means wind (feng) and water (shui).

This art is based on Chinese cosmogony (in theories about the evolution of the universe). From the perspective of home decoration or architecture, the arrangement of furniture in its orientation in a dining room or bedroom, for example, or the choice of materials and colors, can help us favor this harmonization.

It is important to understand its mechanism, the reasons why it is applied or the necessary adjustments so that it does not fall into an element of superstition. for me, it helps us:

  • seeking tranquility in life with different techniques
  • seeing things from a different perspective and helping us achieve goals
  • helps us seek personal peace and a family balance

Is feng shui in the home a superstition?…absolutely not. it is a discipline based on the understanding of the laws of nature, on a system of natural theories. therefore, we must first understand how his theory works so as not to place it in the realm of magic.

first I want to show you some basic concepts in the following table as a summary:

We can’t start decorating consistently, if we don’t understand the above points, this is a reality! I’m sorry, but if we don’t know the base, we won’t understand anything when we start moving furniture.

first we will develop the basic concepts and then, to decorate the house…

1.- what is chi

chi is one of the key factors of this art (also written as «qi»), we must remember that the main objective is to generate positive energy in our life, so chi represents the energy of objects, or of a person is mainly divided into two key elements: the yin & yang and the five elements.

que es el chi bueno y malo

so we have a good chi and a bad chi. as this Chinese word describes the invisible, the vital energy of the universe and as such can be favorable or adverse.

  • good chi: Chi is considered good when it flows smoothly and long and when the space it occupies is clean, well-lit, and orderly. good chi brings good luck, happiness, and prosperity.
  • bad chi: bad chi brings bad luck and financial difficulties if it stagnates or drifts so quickly that it fades right away bad chi tends to appear in dark and damp, dirty or cluttered spaces, or also long and narrow spaces. Bad chi can also be generated by objects with sharp, threatening angles. Such items reflect and amplify chi, creating poison arrows or slashing chi.

2.- what is yin & yang

each object, each being, thought or phenomenon, is composed of two elements to which its existence is due, from the most particular and complex, to the most extensive and simple. These two aspects are named as yin and yang in Chinese culture.

yin yan

Vía equilibrio-fengshui.blogspot.com

Son elementos opuestos, son interdependientes, si hay uno hay otro, se consumen y generan mutuamente. Por ejemplo, el Yin se asocia a lo receptivo y positivo, y el Yang a lo activo.

respectively to understand it a little better, the yin-yang are also; receding and advancing, contraction and expansion, condensation and dispersion, earth and sky, feminine and masculine, water and fire, negative and positive, darkness and light, inspiration and breathing, cold and heat, death and life, soft and hard… and so on, indefinitely!

Now, it’s time to apply these concepts to things…

3.- the theory of the five elements

fire, water, earth, wood and metal are the five elements associated with the cardinal points. when two different elements come together, relationships of conflict or imbalance (lack of harmony) can arise; and when it comes to elements of the same nature, harmony can appear.

the five elements are used to describe the interactions and relationships between things

The conflict appears when we join two elements in which one dominates the other. for instance; the water has a conflict with the earth, the latter absorbs it and dominates it. and if we join the water and the metal, there is also an imbalance; the metal rusts, it does not destroy it, but it makes it ugly and takes away its shine

In the following table we see the relationships of conflict, imbalance and harmony:

at the same time, each element has its own characteristics with different aspects in nature, color, season of the year, shape, etc. As a summary, we can see the following table:

The orientation of the house must be known to take advantage of the balance according to the layout of the rooms, the furniture and the decoration.

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As we have commented in the previous table, each element corresponds to a color and a cardinal point.

For example, to stimulate the spiritual search, quartz crystals are placed facing northeast. To achieve health benefits, a bamboo plant can be placed in the east. To harmonize and reinforce the couple’s relationship, photos of the couple are arranged in the southwest of the room as a symbol.

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fen shui y los elementos

Vía casa-fengshui.com

4.- Factores de energía

there are a series of environmental spheres that reproduce energy that are divided into four concentric; the personal and interior environment (at home or office), the exterior environment, and cosmic energies. the flows exchange and interact constantly creating their environment. They are based on 60 environmental factors that we can distribute in:

  • energies of a place (site): based on orientation, neighborhood geography, major waterways, greenery/landscape, neighborhood buildings, place-urban or rural, streets, alleys, highways, ditches and drainage, easement, sewer…etc.

energia del feng shui

  • building exterior: building color, main entrances, elevation/windows, roof, address number…etc.
  • building interior: color, hallways, decoration and interior design, basements , stairs, air quality, sound quality, our house…etc.
  • cosmic factors: movement of the planet, 24 orientations (gua), zi bai cycles, time of innovation, annual cycle adjustments… etc .
  • the person: graphical astrology of zi wei, history of the past in the residence.

5.- What is fu xi?

person who would play the role of shaman over his community, and will mainly have as a task in Chinese culture to ensure the benefit of all its inhabitants.

the formation of the fu xi would be based on the deep observation of the nature that surrounded it and its rhythms and in order to explain it, I created a diagram. a diagram that is called and appears the feng shui bagua map.

let’s get ahead! think we need a tool to work on the decoration, the bagua map…

6.- What is the bagua map?

It is one of the most used tools to work with feng shui in interior design. teaches us how we should introduce positive changes in our lives through the restructuring, distribution and organization of the design of our homes.

By correctly applying the guidelines of the bagua map, the obstacles that are in our lives will disappear and will give rise to an increase in positive energy that attracts good changes in our lives.

mapa bagua con brujula

Vía eruportal.com – Mapa bagua en brujula

La imagen anterior es un diagrama Bagua con brújula, representado en nueve trigramas (9 áreas fundamentales – Pilares básicos del I Ching) que se dividen en: Riqueza y prosperidad, fama y reputación, amor y matrimonio, salud y familia, centro, creatividad e hijos, saber y cultura, carrera profesional, personas útiles y viajes. Estos sectores se esquematizarán para adaptarlos a las viviendas…

as an example to adapt the bagua diagram to a home (later we will explain it better and with a video), first we outline it as in the following image and we incorporate it above the plan of our home, each of the parts of our home It represents an area of ​​our life. If we adapt it and outline it for a home, we would obtain:

decoracion con feng shui

Vía fengshuimb.com reestructurado por nosotros

Y no solo se adapta al conjunto de toda la vivienda, sino que podemos profundizar más e ir estancia por estancia. Más adelante, nos adentramos en la técnica al detalle.


after giving a quick review and knowing the most relevant terms. Now it’s time to go step by step to decorate a home and recharge it with positive energy. Here, we have to consider two points:

  • Over the years, with the practice of this philosophy by professionals, we can already recognize some “standard” advice and apply it directly to our home without getting too excited, but still effective.
  • or we can customize the technique for our house following the guidelines through the bagua diagram that will take us more time.

first we will give some easy feng-shui tips or advice for the whole house or apartment, and even in the office and, later, we will add more technical information in case someone wants to go deeper.

feng shui piso

Tips for decorating according to feng shui

We have compiled and rescued the most interesting and easy to decorate our home with feng shui tricks in design before this ancient technique and that does not involve a significant expense to our pocket.

The importance of colors in decoration is fundamental, as we have already seen in the article on color psychology, but in addition, colors are waves that vibrate at different frequencies, according to the study philosophy for houses. they are pure energy and can interact between people and the environments in which we live.

therefore, colors influence both the psyche and the physical plane of people. they must be chosen consciously and combined in the right way to make the most of all their energies… what colors can we apply in our homes?

1.- the colors of feng shui are suitable

The colors that are used in the home environment are in symbiosis and interconnected with the five elements (remember that we have seen them before; fire, water, earth, wood and metal). as a schematic…

los colores del fen shui

As general recommendations on how to paint the house according to fen shui without counting on its tonalities, we can see:

  • for the hall or living room. It is the place destined for communication and to promote relaxing dialogue, the indicated color is blue. for a more lively dialogue, the preferred colors are orange and red. orange stimulates joy and red helps to lift the mood.
  • for the kitchen. the ideal color for the kitchen is yellow, since it is a solar color that gives vigor and energy, as well as promoting digestion.
  • for the bathroom. in the bathroom, cold colors should preferably be used: blue, turquoise and light green. they are refreshing and relaxing because they are reminiscent of water. if the environment is a bit sad, contrast can be created with more vivid tones in the decoration objects.
  • for the bedroom. relaxing tones such as blue and green are ideal for promoting sleep. less cold colors such as pink, salmon or peach can also be used.
  • for desk or study room. it is the place where intellectual activity takes place, which is stimulated with beige and hazelnut colors. green and light blue help to create a more pleasant atmosphere.
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We must remember that the important thing is that the five elements are represented in our home, it is not necessary to repaint the whole house or a room, we can also use objects, a piece of furniture, curtains, cushions, photographs, blankets…etc to boost energy.

is to find a balance between our tastes and needs. since the colors will enhance:

colores casa fen shui

Mapa Ba Gua según colores para casas

Recordar, que la imagen anterior es una figura Ba Gua sintetizada como el que hemos visto anteriormente, donde se designan las coloraciones más destacadas en busca de la armonía con un simple cambio.

2.- tips for the bathroom

The organization and distribution of the bathroom with fundamental feng shui since water symbolizes money, fortune or health. and it is where the positive energy of our house escapes.

bano estilo minimalista

  • the bathroom cannot be in front of the entrance doors of the house.
  • it is not recommended that it be near the dining room, the stairs or the kitchen.
  • the toilet should be behind the door. in a place that are not really very visible in order to reduce the negative effect of the drain.
  • One way to neutralize the negative influence of drains is to always keep the toilet lid closed.
  • leaks and drips bring negative energy to the chi.
  • large mirrors bring a flow of positive energy, you have to take this into account.
  • they need a lot of light if it’s natural, perfect.
  • reduce the corners or edges by rounded pieces.
  • paint with light tones (see the section on the range of tones, blue, turquoise and green)

3.- Tips for the kitchen

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The distribution of feng shui in the kitchen, its organization or decoration can help us in many aspects. Two elements that are opposites coincide in it, water (yin) and fire energy (yang). in the distribution of the furniture we can see the following scheme in the section that at the end is based on ergonomic aspects:

cocinas feng shui

  • Important the location of the kitchen and the sink, they must be far away, if it is not possible, place a piece of wood or metal between them. oven, microwave and stove on one side, water elements on the other; the refrigerator, the dishwasher or the sink.
  • it cannot be located in front of the bathroom door or directly facing the entrance to the house.
  • according to this philosophy, electric stoves they destroy the energy of the food, so it is preferable that they are gas.
  • the kitchen must be on the wall facing south and oriented to the west.
  • the The space should be well lit and, if possible, with natural light.
  • The most recommended colors are light, earthy and not too dark, combined with light greens or blues that guarantee cleanliness.

4.- feng shui tips for the living room or dining room

The living room and dining room is an important place for Chinese culture since it is where the soul is fed and our body is nourished, as well as where it rests and relaxes. Let’s leave some feng shui tips for the dining room and living room:

  • the dining room table should have rounded corners and a piece that stimulates communication between diners (applicable to any piece of furniture).
  • in the dining area, there should be no pieces that disrupt mealtimes (no TVs or too much distracting furniture).
  • The best place to place the dining area is near the front door to the kitchen.
  • en Regarding lighting, preferably natural light and if not possible, artificial lighting that emulates it.
  • It is not recommended that the tables be made of marble, glass or dark colors.
  • if it is a combined living-dining room, the spaces must be separated by using furniture that stands out or two types of lighting to differentiate.
  • the entrance door, it is necessary to avoid the back of the sofa being found.
  • recommended to use decorative elements focused on nature and landscapes.

The following video is from Montserrat Beltral, a professional from head to toe in this subject with hundreds of talks and students already trained (although in the end we have more of her, you can enter here and receive some tips and tricks for free )

cursos gratis feng shui

also in this portal we have already written a guide article on how to decorate a dining room with easy ideas and practical examples.

5.- feng shui in bedrooms

the rooms dedicated to the bedroom are the rooms where we rest and give intimate life in our relationships. its distribution and organization of both the furniture and the bed are important to favor the development of positive energies.

how to place the bed with feng shui in a bedroom?… this is one of the most common questions, if it is in the right direction, if the headboard is well placed, if the orientation is good, where do I put the bed…etc. it is best to see a layout of the bed with reference to the port and window.

feng shui en dormitorios

Vía roomroombebe.com

Evitar a toda costa que frente a la puerta queden o caigan nuestros pies, en la tradición China esta posición hace referencia a la muerte. En el caso que tengamos una estancia con baño o «pared con pared» debemos de evitar acercar la cama al baño como podemos ver en el siguiente esquema:

distribucion feng shui en dormitorio

Feng shui para el baño
  • Evitar estampados y colores estridentes en los textiles como las sábanas, cojines, alfombras o cortinas. Preferentemente colores lisos y cálidos que aportan orden.
  • Mantener alejados elementos aparatos electrónicos que incitan al nerviosismo y la actividad.
  • Se debe de apoyar la cama en la pared para proporcionar protección y seguridad. Deben de tener cabecera y evitar las camas de metal, mejor de madera.
  • No poner plantas dado que produce un exceso de energía dentro de las habitaciones y también elementos acuáticos, peceras, fuentes…etc.
  • En los dormitorios de matrimonio o el de los niños los espejos no son buenos aliados suscita un efecto multiplicador de nuestro movimiento y nuestra imagen. Y sobre todo, ningún espejo frente a la cama.
  • Evitar colocar demasiados objetos, pocos y que evoquen recuerdos positivos.
  • El cabecero de la cama orientado al norte para mejorar la energía vital y la salud.
  • Es bueno cuidar la simetría en los dormitorios, por ejemplo mesitas de noche ambos lados de la cama.
  • No dormir debajo de un techo con vigas de madera, está considerado que corta la energía y perjudica la salud.
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6.- decorative objects

  • fountains are important decorative items in feng shui. running water is a symbol of life and purification and its function is to disperse negative energies that can accumulate in the home.
  • the sound of running water has effects on the nervous system, bringing a state of peace and relaxation.
  • Other elements that provide balance are the wind chimes. The movement created by the air currents generates a pleasant sound that has an enhanced effect on the mind. they can be placed strategically at the entrance door of the house, to control the energy level of the home.
  • the glass balls placed behind a window, will determine the light in positive energy. pending objects of glass or crystal, favor the circulation of energy. Some plants, placed in the corners of the rooms, promote the circulation of positive energy. mirrors placed in the right position reflect energy.
  • as well as the arrangement of furniture and colors in the home, harmonious and balanced environments can also be created in the study office or at work.

7.- tips for the office

In theory we have already covered all the rooms of the house, but an important point is the work area or the office. here the key is to properly place the client’s reception desk or table and for that we have an excellent scheme:

oficina con decoración feng shui

Vía Prograf.mx

Cómo personalizar la técnica para nuestra casa

even if it takes more time, the results of getting better positive energy will be better and we can focus on specific points.

how to place the bagua map on a floor

This is one of the most important actions to start decorating your home like a feng shui professional. As at the beginning of the article we have already explained what it is, now it is time to adapt it well to our home. In the following scheme we will see it more clearly…

diagrama bagua

at the entrance door, be it a house or a room, the customer and travel area (grey), profession (black) and knowledge (blue) should be right on the access line, flush with the door in the previous example of a rectangular floor.

with the following video we will understand a little more about how to place the bagua map on a plane… (direct access to the diagram from here to download it)

In the video there are different examples with irregular planes and their way of adapting them. It must be considered that within the feng shui philosophy there are different schools that practice similar methods.

The previous one is the easiest (a bagua on a plane directly), in some articles they work on the cardinal points, with a compass, orientations and the kua number (school of the compass). In the following video we can understand a little more…

About the kua number and the philosophy of the school of the compass in feng shui, we leave a small scheme to understand it a little more:

numero kua en feng shui

Vía Zen Group Estudio

Hay que entender que esta filosofía abarca libros y libros de información y mucha práctica detrás. Con este artículo guía hemos querido entender las bases y cómo empezar a practicar la técnica en nuestra vivienda de una forma fácil.

Where can I learn more?

Here, you have to be very careful. The internet has good things and bad things, but you have to know where to look if you don’t want to waste your time and money, both to learn a course and to buy a book.

The feng shui course that I recommend 100% and that offers good quality in Spanish, is the fengshuimb montserrat beltral course. that has both online and face-to-face training.

why do i recommend montserrat beltra?… years of experience with hundreds of specialized talks, professionalism, technical documentation and, above all, no nonsense in training and with hundreds of students who have already passed through the academy. options:

formación aprender feng shui gratis

  • you can get started for free with the keys from here. And if you like how he teaches, then go to the training.
  • You can access the Montserrat feng shui course directly from here, which is now on sale.

Now, it’s time to see the books. We know that this oriental technique covers different themes, so he selected several books according to; for rooms, about energy and plants, for business, about abundance and one that always seems interesting to me, that of marie kondo.

libros aprender feng shui

  • feng shui room by room by terah k. collinsyou can see it for sale here (excellent book. highly recommended but unfortunately quite expensive, that’s the truth)
  • feng shui for the west also from terah k. collins you can see it for sale from here (let’s say it’s the cheap version of the previous book, but that’s why it’s still a gem. good book for beginners)
  • feng shui: indoor plants as a source of energy by gunther sator.
  • feng shui for business by nancilee wydra (you learn to make small adjustments in the work area)
  • feng shui for abundance by suzan hilton you can see it at sale from here.
  • the magic of order by marie kondo you can see it for sale from here (this is an essential! that we have to have in the library. highly recommended!)

eye! books are not cheap if we look for quality. Remember to compare prices in different stores and second-hand ones are totally valid.

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