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Probably at some time you have wondered what is feng shui and what is it for? well, it is an ancient Chinese philosophy that gives guidelines for improving our environment and consequently achieving harmony and well-being. so how to decorate with feng shui? how to apply feng shui at home for prosperity? we are going to make use of colors, shapes and energies (flying stars or flying stars) to achieve harmony in our home. has found your feng shui shop.

categories of feng shui cures and enhancers

activate the favorable sectors for the harmony of your home



¿Qué se puede poner en la entrada de una casa según el Feng Shui? ¿Cómo atraer armonía en el hogar? Esta es tu tienda feng shui online donde encontrarás las respuestas. Ya sabes donde comprar decoración Feng Shui. En nuestro blog te damos Tips Feng Shui para aplicar en el dormitorio, habitación infantil, en la cocina, en el hall recibidor, en el salón, en el baño… En general cómo conseguir una casa sana. Además desde nuestra tienda fengshui online te hacemos propuestas sobre muebles, productos y objetos de decoración feng shui con las bases que indicamos en los post.

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feng shui decoration categories

at decora&fengshui find the best selection of decoration items and ideas.

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El primer paso aunque algo tedioso… es bien sencillo e imprescindible. Como hemos repetido en muchos de nuestros post, la base del Feng Shui es la limpieza y el orden. Debemos deshacernos de todo los objetos en mal estado, que no usamos, que no necesitamos, que no nos gustan, etc. Debemos evitar que nuestra casa esté abarrotada de muebles, objetos o enseres. En cuanto a la limpieza nos referimos tanto a limpieza física como energética. Ésta última puedes hacerla con los inciensos y cuencos tibetanos.

categories of healthy houses with feng shui

we have allies to improve the quality of our air

Difusor de Aceite Esencial

Vela aromática Soja
Velas Naturales
Strelitzia Augusta
lampara sal feng shui
Lámparas Sal
purificador aire con filtro
Purificador Aire

FENG SHUI CASA SANA: Para la armonía en el hogar o cualquier otro espacio debemos tener en cuenta; además de la calidad de la energía que nos rodea; qué grado de pureza tiene el aire que respiramos.

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Currently, the air inside closed spaces can hide very dangerous toxins from multiple sources: furniture, carpets, paints, varnishes, cleaning products, even natural gas leaks. but we have ways to minimize their concentration within the spaces we inhabit.

how to do feng shui in my house?

What are the feng shui cures? Once the first step of cleanliness and order has been carried out, we can apply the indicated cures for each sector of the bagua map of your house. For this it is necessary that you locate the flying stars in your property and apply the necessary cure.

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for this you can consult the post “feng shui sectors of your house”

You also need to know the relationship between the elements of fen shui and how we can use them to our advantage to enhance the positive effects of the benevolent stars and soften the effects of the others

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in the publication “the five elements of feng shui” you will learn how they feed, reduce and control each other.

there are feng shui charms that neutralize some of the negative flying stars such as the yellow 5 star and the 2 star. these charms are the 5 element pagoda and the wu lou respectively. You can also find these amulets in the oriental store section.

In our feng shui blog you will find decorative tips to achieve a home in harmony, in which we find sensations of well-being in all the activities we carry out throughout the day.

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