Feng Shui: plantas e flores para harmonizar todos ambientes

plants and flowers are sources of beneficial energy, known not feng shui as sheng qi. elas trazem para nossa casa as boas vibrações da natureza. We can choose which, based on feng shui, plants and flowers are more favorable to each environment, just as we do with other decorative objects.

second ancient Chinese technique, we can analyze the characteristics of plants according to their polarity yin (rest) or yang (movement). We also evaluate their shapes and nuclei to classify them in the two five Chinese elements (tree, fire, earth, metal and water).

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all this harmonization work will generate many curiosities and doubts, such as:

  • what types are feng shui hair classified as positive plants?
  • or feng shui are also negative plants?
  • where to place lança de são jorge feng shui hair ?
  • About the tree of happiness, or what do you say in feng shui?
  • Do you trace the same abundance to the money plant in penca with feng shui?
  • anthurium: what second meaning or feng shui?

Next, we will try to answer questions like these so that you want to balance the energies of your home or workplace.

plants for feng shui hair indoors

according to feng shui, there are no such thing as boa plants or more. but there are those that are suitable or unsuitable for one comfortable or another. For example, a favorable plant in the living room or in the entrance hall can be detrimental in the bedroom.

We must, therefore, know how to identify as plants for inside houses by feng shui knowing that they collaborate for the harmony of each environment.

Let’s see now quais são the most suitable types for each comfortable second home or feng shui.

plants for feng shui hair banheiro


Secondly or feng shui, there are local sinks that drain the house’s energy. The plants used there need to be quite resistant. If you have a bathroom with little natural lighting, be careful and choose plants that adapt to this condition.

Bathroom plants do not feng shui help improve the energy of the environment, in addition to purifying or ar. but they need to be always safe. It is necessary to make a round of glasses, changing every two weeks, so that the plants recover in a place with more light and ventilation.

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Species such asjiboia(photo), avenca, lírio da paz and zamioculca adapt very well to the banheiro, because they need little light and low humidity. se o seu banheiro for bem illuminated, you can also have succulents, cacti, slugs and non-local violets.

plants for living room, kitchen and desk

espada de santa barbara

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environments such as living room, kitchen and desk may have a slight predominance of the yang-dynamic polarity, reflected by more empty spaces, lighter movements, more hectic activities and lively cores.

For this reason, we recommend the species of plants with many leaves, narrow or small, in a glass of vertical proportion. These plants favor yang aspects in two environments, being suitable for rooms and porches.

nessa category, it is lança de são jorge, like the sword of são jorge and the sword of santa bárbara(photo), similar species and known to protect the home from more vibrations.

they work especially on the outside side of the entrance door, filtering the energies they burn. We had one of the three floors inside the house and the members of the family were arguing a lot, try transferring it to the veranda or to the external hall.

a Árvore da felize, in addition to tracing dynamism, prosperity and joy, also collaborates for the união da familia, being an excellent option for rooms and verandahs.

do not have glasses with poisonous or toxic species in the kitchen, to avoid accidents. A good local option is to plant herbs that will be used if I don’t prepare food, such as alecrim, manjericão and pepper.

For feng shui, cooking is associated with abundance, fatness and wealth. por isso, or dinheiro em penca is an excellent plant to be in this environment, apart from withstanding humidity and higher temperatures.

No desk or home office, to favor your business, bet on bamboo da sorte, which traces prosperity, energy and protects against age. I can also use zamioculca, known as a fortune plant.

plants for second room or feng shui

planta quarto

Environments such as rooms (and also clinics for those who are providing care at home) may have a predominance of the yin-receptive polarity, represented by heavier and heavier movements, quiet activities and soft cores.

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dessa forma, plants for quarter hair feng shui are the species with large leaves, planted in heavy cups, of balanced proportion (height similar to length, as in the photo), which we favor yin aspects two environments.

For intimate rooms and halls, plants such as anthurium, jasmine, gardenia and violet are suitable. succulents with rounded leaves and zamioculca are also allowed.

avoid not four pointed plants such as a sword of são jorge, a bromeliad, a slug and some types of palm trees. They stimulate more incisive and impulsive attitudes, and when used not fourthly, they can trigger misunderstandings and discussions.

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An idea that plants get oxygen from the room at night is a myth. The amount of carbon dioxide released by a plant at night is minimal when compared to a human being, and is still less than that of a puppy, for example. you can sleep peacefully with your plants!

feng shui and plants: how to choose shapes and cores

The rounded sheets traced to the environment a soft and stable energy, which benefits the relationships, propitiating more love and serenity. They help calm down very agitated or aggressive people.

on the other hand, pointed papers favor action and rapid decisions, being beneficial in workplaces. They encourage those who are naturally insecure or indecisive.

To associate the plants to the five elements, based on their color format, we can choose those that best serve our wishes and needs in each environment.

plant collections according to the five elements of feng shui


arvore da felicidadeFavorece a assertividade e a ação suave, dinâmica e generosa com os outros sem perder de vista seus próprios objetivos.

  • features: vertical format or columns; all shades of green, pool blue, turquoise
  • vessels: vertical proportion, rectangular or cylindrical, green color
  • plants: bamboos, palm trees, ficus, lilies, coqueiros, plants with long leaves and compressed stems. The Árvore da felize (photo on the side) and the bamboo da sorte are included in this category. also a sword and a lance of são jorge and a sword of santa bárbara.


bromeliaEstimula a ação e a socialização, impulsiona e agiliza qualquer iniciativa, favorece a fama e as comemorações.

  • characteristics: triangular, pointed, pyramid and star format; Burning tons such as vermelho, rosa, orange, purple and violet
  • vessels: in trapezoidal format, with diagonal relays and burning cores
  • plants: bromélia (photo on the side), pimenteira, poinsettia (natal flower), helicônia, pinheiros. all plants with leaves and flowers in tom de vermelho, pink, orange and purple.
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girassolTraz equilíbrio, estabilidade, cautela, introspecção, ajuda a economizar dinheiro e adquirir bens.

  • characteristics: square format, horizontal; tons of terra, yellow, brown, ochre, beige
  • vessels: squares and horizontal flowers, clay or stone
  • plants: cacti, sunflower (photo on the side), yellow daisy, yellow chrysanthemum


Favorece a concentração e o planejamento, direciona a ação para alcançar metas, estimula o crescimento profissional e o marketing bem direcionado.

  • characteristics: round format, arcs and spheres; metallic tons, such as gold and silver, white and zinc
  • glasses: round or conical cachepôs, metal or white and zinc color
  • plants: margarida, begônia branca (photo on the side), vinca, antúrio branco, plumeria, chrysanthemum white, jasmine


avencaTraz flexibilidade e fluidez, boa comunicação, sabedoria e inteligência, profundidade e seriedade.

  • characteristics: sinuous, irregular, wavy format; brown and navy blue colors
  • vessels: sinuous, black or navy blue, decorated with arabesques, glasses or glass jugs, with water
  • plants: succulents, samambaias, avenca (photo on the side), orchids, aquatic plants. or money in penca and adão’s cost can also be included in the Water category.

Are there plants that should not be in the house?

plants of any format or they are always beautiful, they can help revitalize the environment and purify or ar, removing various pollutants.

No feng shui, plants and flowers are considered sources of life, tracing a little of nature inside the house. A simple view of the naturally harmonic forms of plants helps to calm the mind and balance the emotions.

It does not prove that it says that some plant is harmful and should not be present in the residences. use your intuition and try to feel the effect of each plant on you, without preconceptions. and maintain or balance, without excesses in the environment.

To be able to favor the environments and the people, the plants need to receive light, ventilation and water in the necessary proportion to stay healthy. Be loving to your plants and take care of them lovingly. You will rececese all this love multiplied again!

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