51 Feng Shui Experts Share Their Bedroom Decorating Secrets

You often come home tired and stressed after a long day at work and can hardly wait to relax and stop all the hustle and bustle. your home is a haven where you spend precious time with your family.

More than the home in general, your bedroom is a place for intimacy and rest. If you’re part of a couple, the way the bedroom looks and feels can influence your relationship. it can be the perfect environment for love and romance.

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Even if you’re single, the way your room looks affects your mood and productivity.

The best solution to transform your bedroom into a place of harmony that is pleasing to the eye and the spirit is to follow the rules of feng shui. For this, the ideal would be to hire a feng shui expert or even an interior designer. If you are on a budget and want to organize your room by yourself, then we have a solution for you.

We contacted forty-nine feng shui experts and interior designers and asked them:

what are your best feng shui tips for your bedroom?

We received great feedback that we’d love to share with you.

Before we start, I want to mention that many of these tips also work for houses on wheels. Did you recently buy an RV mattress from us and want feng shui in your RV bedroom? this short post will have some great ideas for you!

diane gallin – wind and water feng shui consulting

Diane Gallin

In feng shui, our personal environment sets the stage for the quality of people we attract and reveals hidden messages that can accept or reject them. this is especially true in the bedroom:

  • It is generally best to use pastel colors in rooms where you want to foster relationships. click to tweet
  • shades of pale blue, green, cream and pink are yin, romantic and relaxing. perfect for companionship, rest and rejuvenation.
  • the head of the bed should command the room’s command position against a solid wall facing the front door. this ‘mountain’ of protection ensures a sense of security and a good night’s sleep.
  • symmetry is essential. open space on either side of the bed provides smooth access and equal dimension furniture/lamps provide balance.
  • the artwork is incredibly important. romantic and uplifting scenes, images of nature and joyful couples help bond relationships. mandarin ducks (mate for life) and peony flowers provide a strong metaphor for beauty and a happy marriage.
  • round shapes represent unity, romance, and approachability in feng shui , so choose circular tables, bowls and mirrors. and patterns to make a connection.
  • leave room for a partner. many single people grow into their environment over time and literally have no room for another. clear out a section of their bedroom and closet to make them feel welcome.

catherine hilker

Catherine Hilker

An ideal master bedroom will enhance intimacy and provide an environment for relaxation, rest and rejuvenation. as such, rooms are ideally yin in nature. yin qualities are calm, dark, soft, nurturing, introspective, receptive, etc.

If your budget only allows you to focus on one room in your home, make it the bedroom. usually a third of our lives are spent there. In addition, the quality of sleep is a key component for health and well-being.

here are some tips to make your bedroom a place of nutrition, like eating healthy food.


  • place your bed in command position. this means it is against a solid wall facing the entrance and not directly facing the entrance. Ideally, the solid wall should not be shared with a bathroom.
  • Sleep with a supportive fabric or solid wood headboard.
  • Buy the most comfortable, high-quality mattress quality that fits your budget allow. click to tweet
  • Ideally, the mattress should not be made of materials that give off noxious odours.
  • Use soothing, calming colours.
  • Place a spot inspiring artwork, photos or message directly on your bed to end and start each day.
  • close all doors.


  • Have a lot of yang elements in your space. this includes all electronics, bright lights, mirrors, exercise equipment, work items.
  • use your bedroom as a multipurpose space.
  • hang heavy objects and accidents over the head of the bed.
  • sleeping under a chandelier or large, heavy beams.
  • working in bed.
  • storing clutter.

finally and most importantly, take the good things with you when you dream!

marla stone – orange county feng shui

Marla Stone

an uncluttered room is the beginning of great bedroom feng shui. feng shui is an ancient art and science or what can be called great flow and energy in your home.

This creates balance and peace and restful sleep. The placement of the head of the bed is important for good health. Western man does not do well with the top of his head facing west.

so no matter what you do, put the headboard on any wall except the one facing west! Also, make sure your bed is not at the door of the room or that your feet are facing the door opening. the bedroom will be optimal when it looks like a beautiful hotel suite.

Consulting a feng shui design expert is a great idea for creating a bedroom sanctuary.

anjie cho


An important area to treat in the bedroom is under the bed. it is best to leave this space clear, to allow the qi to flow freely. however, if you must keep items under your bed, look for soft things related to sleep, like sheets and pillows, and avoid items that can cause stress or distraction, like old love letters, sharp objects, or even shoes, which can keep you down. walking in circles!

In feng shui, we use the position of command, which governs the placement of the bed. it is better to position the bed so that you can see the door without being in line with the door. metaphorically and energetically this means that you can see what is coming your way in life. If this arrangement is not possible for some reason, you can adjust by placing a mirror so you can see the door while lying in bed.

Finally, take a look at how many books are in your bedroom! Having lots of books in your sleeping space can lead to restless sleep, as books create active energy. If you like to read before bed, it’s fine to have some on or near your nightstand, but avoid having shelves full of multiple books in your bedroom. if this is not possible, choose a beautiful piece of cloth or a scarf and cover the books before you go to bed each night.

dmitri kara – fantastic furniture assembly

Dimitri Kara

According to Chinese traditions, it is absolutely forbidden and should be avoided at all times! the “death posture” means that you position your bed in such a way that it faces the entrance/exit of the room. according to ancient Chinese teachings, pointing your feet towards the door will surely cause both your life force and spirit to slowly decay until they are depleted forever.

Still, if you’re out of options and there’s no other way, don’t despair! Contrary to the popular feng shui rule of “no footboard”, there is a solution that can save your precious energy! if you can’t reposition your bed, you can block the drain on your life forces.

This is the only exception to the popular rule, in which you can use a footboard, a drawer or any other piece of furniture that can serve as a block and thus ensure your well-being and sleep. As long as you leave enough room around the bed for them to flow freely, you’re safe and sound!

jennifer bonetto – real feng shui solutions

Jennifer Bonetto

These are my top 10 bedroom feng shui tips:

1. TVs can reflect objects like a mirror and should not be placed directly across from a couple’s bed. keep mirrors and televisions out of the bedroom. it can cause couples to fight and argue over petty things. your love life will also improve if you don’t have a television in your bedroom.

In addition, a television emits electromagnetic energy that is disruptive to our energy. the closer and bigger the TV, the worse it is. this can cause restlessness and insomnia. computers also have the same effect on our energy fields and are best left out of the bedroom. the bedroom is for sleeping and intimacy only!

2. beams that are located above the bed and run vertically can cause couples sleeping together to drift apart. they are bad for health as it is sha/killer energy but when they ‘split’ the bed in half then they can split the couple. the lower the ceiling and the closer they are, the more serious they are. a canopy bed, covering the beam with sheetrock or covering it with billowing fabric, is beneficial.

3. water features should not be in the master bedroom. it is detrimental to your energy and can indicate issues. Water is primarily used to increase wealth in a home, but when water is placed in the wrong way, it will lead to sexual scandals, infidelity, incest, alcoholism, drug abuse, and other undesirable results. aquariums, wall fountains, desktop fountains, or waterfalls in the bedroom are not beneficial and should be avoided.

not a good start.

5. In addition, the furniture in the master bedroom should be proportional to the size of the room, and the room should be free of excessive clutter.

6. make sure you’re not sleeping on the same wall as you share a bathroom, kitchen, fireplace, or heavy electronics. can cause health problems.

7. make sure you have a solid header. you never want to sleep with your head against the wall. there could be wiring, plumbing, etc. a solid wood or fabric headboard is best. it is useful for your career, relationship and life support.

8. avoid images of family members or spiritual deities in the master bedroom. How awkward would it be if you were being intimate with your partner and you looked up and there was a picture of Grandma and Grandpa? Not that much. keep family photos and spirit deities in main living areas.

9. the master bedroom should have the right balance of light during the day and enough curtains to create a calm environment for sleeping at night. opaque shades or something similar are better for night. during the day, good lighting and ventilation are best.

10. office furniture and exercise equipment should also be kept out of the master bedroom. you are trying to set the tone for a loving and peaceful environment.

shelley nordlund – transformations for interiors

Shelley Nordlund

The bedroom is a very important room in feng shui.

It should be one of the first rooms to be decorated due to its auspicious nature. three basic principles include:

  • place your bed in the command position inside the bedroom. (Command position means when you are lying in bed you can see the door, but you are not in line with the door.)
  • Make sure your bed frame is not metal.
  • put anything under the bed. if it is absolutely necessary because you need the storage, it should be blankets, bedding or bedding instead of hard items.

jennifer fisherman

Jennifer Fisher

feng shui translates to “wind and water” and is the Chinese art of peaceful and harmonious placement to support health and happiness. These are my tips for creating a peaceful bedroom.

  1. create a well-balanced bed: allow access from both sides so it doesn’t feel crowded, make a symmetrical bed with even pillow choices on both sides, position your bed away from the door but with a full view of the space and input.
  2. Choose a solid header: A solid header adds symbolic support behind your head. however, remove an abutment that blocks progress.
  3. Think light and bright: use cool whites and light colors to create a relaxing hotel and spa feel.
  4. Build layers of light: use overhead, ambient and table lighting with decorative candles. gives you the ability to dim the lighting before bed, and dimmers set the mood for sleep.

I hope these tips help you create a relaxing and rejuvenating retreat in your bedroom.

feng shui by arianne egli

Arianne Egli

in feng shui, it’s all about yin & yang qualities in your home.

my tip for wellness in your bedroom:

  • For a good vibe, keep only things in the room that you really like (no management, etc.). Also, remember that your bedroom is not a repository.
  • You sleep best when the top of the bed is against a solid wall and you can see the door and window
  • choose colors soft and smooth materials
  • no mirrors facing the bed (disturbing energy)
  • get fresh energy every day by opening the windows to ventilate the room

if you are single and looking for a partner, make the room attractive and cozy for the future person as well. sometimes he or she shows up unexpectedly and then you have to be prepared.

ana cummings – ana interiors

Ana Cummings

Our bedrooms are the most sacred spaces in our homes. they need to be able to rejuvenate us each night, give us a sense of serenity, and promote feelings of joy and love.

The mattress should be dressed in naturally breathable bedding. We perform best when we rest and sleep as soundly as possible. having room darkening curtains and doors that close allows us to fully decompress without distractions.

a clean and tidy bedroom with good air circulation also contributes to the health of the people who sleep there. Neutral colors or colors that you choose to wear frequently will also look better in your bedroom. having a room in a soothing color palette will help calm the space. a sense of calm will pervade anyone who enters a serene-style bedroom.

Healthy relationships thrive in bedrooms with good feng shui. there are no iphones or ipads by the bed, the artwork or photos in the room imbue a pleasant vibe, and the floor plan allows for a nice flow around the room. being able to access both sides of the bed, having end tables and lamps also create a perfect balance. the foot of the bed should not face the door itself and there should never be a mirror placed in front of the entrance because it bounces chi (good energy) out of the room.

angela ang – rising dragon feng shui

Angela Ang

Sleep deprivation is one of the greatest health epidemics of modern times. Ronald Reagon and Margaret Thatcher took pride in just 5 hours and both ended their days with Alzheimer’s, one of many sleep-related diseases.

if you are sleeping in a negative force field, you will also receive the negativity.

There are many feng shui formulas to determine the best place to sleep: 64 hexagrams, the 24 mountains according to Chinese astrology of the 5 elements of a person or the methods of the flying stars. these are specific to houses or people or both combined. To get the best spot for you to receive the best chi your room can give you, you will need a feng shui expert to calculate it for you. however, there are things you can try yourself.

If you don’t sleep well and wake up tired, try moving your bed to another wall in your bedroom. try sleeping in a different room. if that still doesn’t work, try sleeping on a different wall to get a different directional input from the different wall. namely. if you’re heading east now and sleeping poorly, try heading west, north, or south.

Each direction will carry its own energy field and may or may not be compatible with yours.

sleep without lights in the room, not even a little bit. have a blackout curtain. There should be no Wi-Fi or mobile phones in the same room where you sleep. If you’re still not getting what you want or things are getting worse, then it’s time to call a feng shui master.

bonny ford – furnish my way

Bonny Ford

Feng shui is a great style for creating balance and serenity in your room. To best follow feng shui methods, you just need to do a few things.

1) Place your bed against a wall (not under a window) that is not in the direct path of the door. this promotes safety and security.

3) Create a balance with similar nightstands and lamps on either side of the bed. this promotes equality between you and your partner.

4) Have items from different elements like fire, water, and air in your space. Items you can add can be things like plants, string lights and lamps, metal nightstands, and wooden stools. choose the things you like and place them according to the chart in this blog post. you want to try to have some of each element for balance.

5) Remember that you can always add your own flair to feng shui, so see what you like and make it work for you.

kelly davies

Kelly Davies

A good feng shui tip for your bedroom is to focus on the room’s atmosphere if you can’t rethink your furniture layout.

While it’s very tempting to check email on your phone or tablet and watch TV in bed, the energy produced exacerbates stress and can damage your personal relationships.

Good air quality is also paramount, try opening windows where possible and burning essential oils can also help purify the air.

karen rauch carter

Karen Rauch Carter

Does size matter in the bedroom? Yes! …and the location too!

Did you know that the quality of your bed (and bedroom) can set you up for success or failure in many areas of your life? Over the two decades that I’ve been practicing feng shui, I’ve seen this little piece of furniture do just that for me and my many clients.

I think spending a lot of time concentrating in bed and the bedroom is extremely important because that’s where you spend about a third of your life. If I can make your bed safe, nutritious, health-enhancing, and passionate, my job is at least one-third complete. So what can you do to help yourself? Choose the best bed and then place it in the best possible position within the room from a feng shui (high energy patterns) and bau-biology (healthy home patterns) perspective. So with that said, here’s the lowest of the beds.

bed materialsChoose a wooden bed frame over a metal or water frame because it won’t conduct electricity like metal and water frames. electrical fields can come from wiring in the wall behind the bed or on the floor, or from anything plugged in near the bed like a clock or lamp, etc. that means if there’s something plugged in around your bed (or it’s your bed that’s plugged in!) you have the potential to sleep in invisible fields that weaken human bodies. electrical fields disrupt sleep and have been linked to health problems such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, etc.

If you have a waterbed, turn off the heating unit when you are in bed. the same goes for thermal blankets. unplug it before entering, do not turn it off. you may want to have a professional feng shui/baubiology consultant come and investigate your sleeping spaces. they could find something like the house’s circuit board outside the room, for example, throwing electronic fields into the room. if you have a metal bed and you want to keep it, test the fields and mitigate them and you’ll be good to go, at least from a health standpoint.

bed sizeif your bed is “too big”, it may portend intimacy challenges.

This can be achieved by adding darker, warmer colors, heavier, softer fabrics and textures, less lighting, and reducing expensive exterior views.

If you have a king-size bed, with the two box springs under one mattress, you may psychologically feel like you’re “sleeping in two different beds” with your spouse or partner. a feng shui “cure” for this is to place a red fitted sheet over the two box springs to bring them together and “stop the dividing energies”. (The color red stops energy according to the feng shui rule book.)

bed styleavoid bunk beds, as users are forced into subservient positions by having to hunch over to get out of bed due to low head height. If you must have this type of bed, cover the upper bunk slats with fabric so the lower bunkmate sees the fabric instead of the wooden slats above. choose a fabric that creates the illusion of free space, such as one with stars, clouds, or celestial scenes. repeat for roof over top bunk.

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regular twin beds are fine. just try not to have one side against the wall if possible. tight spaces above, below, or to the sides can lead to weakened energy or lack of growth in the nearest body part.

bed locationThe position of the bed is critical from a feng shui perspective. If a person continuously sleeps in a weak position, situations such as loss of respect, poor health, and a host of other unpleasant results can arise. the best position for the headboard is against a solid wall with no windows or doors along that wall. people in bed have a clear view of the door, but are not in line with it.

A slightly weaker bed position is a strong headboard against a solid wall, perhaps with a window or windows along the headboard wall on the sides of the bed.

Weaker than that is a bed with the headboard against the same wall as the bedroom door. this position makes you vulnerable to disrespect, bullying, etc. if you can’t change it, place a mirror on the other side of the room from the bed, so you can see the reflection of the door while lying in bed. what is reflected in the mirror is energetically the same as the real thing in feng shui, so now you have “the door in front of you.”

a window directly above the headboard is weaker than a door in the wall. you are definitely vulnerable and weakened by this position. hang glass in the window to disperse harsh energy headed your way, or place a red line (duct tape, paint, whatever) across the window frame, trim, or behind the curtain rod or the border with the intention of stopping the energy. across the window and towards you.

Even weaker is having a bed without a headboard with the head area against a window. a solid headboard set at a forty-five degree angle in the corner of a room is fine as long as it has solid walls behind it in that corner. you can also fill that open triangular shaped space with something to make it feel more solid on your head if you don’t have a headboard.

The least favorable position for a bed is if your feet are lined up or facing the bedroom door while you sleep. in feng shui, it is called the “death position”. try to pick one of the other weak positions over this one if you can. if you can’t, add a chest, bench, or other piece of furniture to the foot of the bed for a little more protection. put red soft storage items in the trunk to give you that red “power stop line” between the bed and the door. if you don’t have room for furniture at the foot, simply apply red tape along the bottom of the bed (you can hide feng shui cures) with the intention of preventing energy from passing through the bed. I would also hang a glass between the bed and the door as an extra measure in this position.

And finally, if your bed is aligned with the bedroom door in any of the above positions, hang a multi-faceted round crystal somewhere between the bed and the door to disperse rapid energy entering the room and heads your way.

sweet dreams!

adam watson – decorate it

Adam Watson

I really believe that the Chinese tradition of feng shui in the bedroom creates a happier environment, sleeps better, and is also good for your love life in the bedroom. To spread good vibes or chi, you need to place the bed as far away from the door as possible or diagonal to the door, don’t place it in line with the door or too much chi will flow into the bed.

It’s also important to keep doors closed to regain control and give yourself time for anything you might walk through.

The better you sleep at night, the healthier you’ll feel during the day. it is important that there is a space under the bed so that the energy circulates around you while you sleep well.

keeping the bedroom tidy and uncluttered should also keep negative vibes away.

katherine bets – twin pickle

Katherine Betts

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms to practice feng shui. sleep is critical to our well-being, and the environment in which we sleep makes a difference.click to tweet

There are general feng shui best practices for bedrooms, such as:

natural skin tone colors from beige to brown.

  • bed should be located away from the door line.
  • a solid headboard, comfortable mattress, and raised bed with no storage underneath.
  • bed should be accessible from both sides with two nightstands.
  • avoid sharp corners and mirrors that reflect the bed.

Having said this, feng shui will not dictate the same room for everyone. he wishes to consider the position of his bedroom within the house and his own personal birth element. my birth element is metal, and I’m much more comfortable sleeping under bright white sheets than cream or beige. white and gray represent the metallic element, and I find accents in these colors against a skin-toned wall color really soothing.

When starting from scratch, I would focus on a neutral, natural base palette and highlight it with color accents that align with your personal feng shui. this can be done with simple pieces like picture frames and accent pillows. you may want to look up your birth element, or the bagua for your home, or just choose what feels right and suits your temperament.

kac young – feng shui specialists

kac young

The best way to create a new relationship, or strengthen the one you already have, is to use proven feng shui principles in your bedroom. To attract a relationship, think dual: two of everything. make sure you have compatible nightstands if you only have one now.

Make sure the pictures you hang in your room support a happy relationship. (You don’t want to imagine a couple fighting or clashing.)

get rid of any clutter you’ve hidden around or under the bed and just use a few throw pillows for accents.

stuffed animals should be in a trunk or another room and wall colors should be calming, warm and inviting. stay away from deep red, bright blue, or yellow. stick with peaches, clay, dusty rose, or sage green. They flatter human skin (all shades) and create a relaxing environment.

Avoid putting anything in the bedroom that is very electronic because it agitates the ch’i and makes it hard to sleep. cover or shade large mirrors for the same reason. design your bedroom for rest or intimacy and keep it with the freshness of a hotel.

robbie nevens – lamp spin

Robbie Nevens

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A bedroom is a private place where you spend a lot of time. it can be a multifunctional room where you can sleep, read and rest. Following the rules of feng shui, the bed should be placed facing the door.

colors are very important to create positive energy in a bedroom. large wall surfaces can be covered with curtains and soft colors such as white, pink, light green or soft blue tones.

However, if you still want to put some electronics in, you can always remove them at night by putting them in a closet or hiding them behind a curtain.

Last piece of advice, cleanliness and order are very important. make sure you keep the surfaces in your home clean so your room looks tidy. when you wake up in a messy or dirty room, this impedes your energy. in a clean and tidy room you will wake up very well. waking up well is a great start to a great day!

james hepple – staunton and henry

James Hepple

The bedroom is your main resting place, and how well you sleep can have a ripple effect on the rest of your life in terms of health and happiness. so we think this is a place where getting feng shui right is particularly important.

One of our best tips for achieving feng shui in your bedroom is the use of color. Of the five elements, earth is the most suitable for a resting place, so one thing we recommend is going for earthy colors, such as beige, light yellow, and other earth tones. The use of these colors creates a calm and harmonious environment that favors rest.

another key feng shui principle is to reduce clutter. We are all guilty of coming home from a long day and throwing our clothes on the bed or floor. so design your bedroom in a way that makes it easy to manage your clothes to avoid the mess created by clothes. Some examples might be a well-organized closet that is easily accessible with a covered laundry basket.

Our last piece of advice relates to the feng shui principle of clean air, which is particularly important for the bedroom, since we spend a lot of time there. a common recommendation for this is a good air purifier, which is great, but we also like a good himalayan salt lamp which is said to emit negative ions which purify the air and are beneficial to health. believe it or not, they certainly create a beautiful warm glow that looks very calming and restful in your bedroom.

ben soreff – house to house organization

Ben Soreff

In terms of feng shui, we always recommend ordering first, since feng shui is about balance, we want to be able to reach the bed from both sides. we also want the bedroom to have good energy and clutter makes that almost impossible.

Another thing we see a lot in our clients’ homes is televisions in the bedroom.

People often have a hard time sleeping in very large rooms, so make sure where you sleep doesn’t look like an auditorium. Proper lighting is important and various degrees or different types of lighting are important.

Finally, check out a feng shui color guide to create a positive sleep experience.

robin foster – carpet cleaning experts melbourne

Robin Foster

I have some personal experience with using rugs and rugs to achieve feng shui goals. Since rug is one of the preferred floor coverings for bedrooms, here are two things on the subject that may help your project:

– Rugs and rugs are a great opportunity to bring feng shui into a home and fine-tune the energy of the room in which they are placed. The power of colors as a representation of the five feng shui elements can be used to increase energy. required:

  • red and yellow (fire) color scheme for passion, expansion and transformation;
  • shades of blue (water) if you want to focus on the flow of money;
  • browns, tans, beige and gold (earth) for security and support;
  • green (wood) to enhance creativity, motivation and inspiration;
  • metallics, silvers, grays and some whites (metal) will help channel energy and encourage focus as well as clear thinking.

– another thing of importance is the area where the rug or carpet will be placed in the room. If you’re trying to find the right rug for your entryway, consider the direction of the entryway and choose a rug shape that corresponds to the feng shui element of that direction.

In general, when it comes to rugs and rugs, just follow the fundamental principles of feng shui, your common sense, and your taste in decor, and there is no way you can go wrong.

frankie jackson – silver leaf feng shui

Frankie Jackson

get this part right and you’ll be well on your way to feng shui compliance and a healthy and successful life.

make sure your bed is not in the way of your bedroom door and it’s best if your headboard is on a solid wall (no windows or doors). position. headers must be solid (no slates or open holes in header design). it is better if it is made of wood instead of metal.

If you are currently in a relationship, your mattress should not be transferred from a previous relationship because any issues from that past relationship will carry over to your current relationship. it is also important that couples do not have a king-size bed. yeah i know, you think you need the space, especially if the pets are sleeping with you, but all that space you’re creating and all that stuff (pets) between you and your fiancée will do just that, put space between the two of you. you and eventually you will drift further and further away from each other.

The last feng shui tip for bedrooms would be to examine the artwork and décor in the bedroom. if you have art in which there is only one single woman, then you are probably a single woman. if you have a bunch of photos of friends and family, you may feel like you are constantly being judged. to remedy, photos in bedrooms should be only of the people sleeping in the bedroom. paired items (2) are better for couples, so 2 candles instead of 1, 2 statues/figurines instead of 1. paired items mimic couples, single items mimic a single person.

john linden – mirror chicken coop

John Linden

TVs, computers, even a radio, may seem like a nice convenience, but they’re actually fool’s gold.

your bedroom should be a sanctuary of rest. The hustle and bustle of the world will never go away unless you are careful to eliminate the things that cause distractions. I even encourage my clients to use an analog alarm clock and charge their cell phones outside of the room


R.D. Chin

As a feng shui master, I always recommend the following tips to get the best chi energy for your bedroom:

This arrangement ensures that the couple’s relationship will be fair and balanced.

2. it is always better not to have any technology in the bedroom such as televisions, cell phones, ipads, etc. the intention is to create a sacred space so that the outside world does not affect the couple’s personal chi. it is very important for the couple to reconnect, relax and rejuvenate their souls and rekindle their love and appreciation for each other.

3. It would be great to put art on the walls that encourages peace and reduces stress. Inspirational art or photography includes beautiful landscape scenes or beach scenes, etc.

4. It would be good to place an “altar” that has the 5 elements: fire, earth, wood, water and metal. a candle = fire; a rose quartz crystal = earth; fresh and colorful flowers = wood; a small water fountain = water; a Tibetan bell = metal

ian mccormack – carlen glass

in one of her volumes of crystal prescriptions, judy hall describes how crystals were used centuries ago for protection and healing purposes, while the greek word krystallos, from which our word crystal comes, roughly translates to light frozen; light being an important element of feng shui. Different types of crystals also bring with them different benefits; take cirtine, which promotes creativity, for example.

We recommend mixing and matching crystals, in bowls or even as part of an altar, to help bring feng shui into your bedroom. if you have trouble sleeping, or even if you don’t and just want a deeper rest, amethyst pieces are supposed to radiate calming energy that can create a sense of sanctuary in the rooms in which they are placed.

Whether you believe in the power of crystals or not, and even if you’re not particularly concerned with feng shui, there’s no denying that crystals can be a stylish and aesthetic addition to almost any room. For an on-the-go solution, you can even wear a crystal on a necklace too. although if they encourage sleep, you might want to take it off when you get on the train!

victor cheung – feng shui nexus

Victor Cheung

That’s because the purpose of the bedroom is for us to sleep and rest, and an environment that is more yin can help us do just that.

This can be done by adjusting colors, light intensities and many others. but keep in mind that there is much more to feng shui than just the bedroom.

marlon heimerl – bellacor

Marlon Heimerl

disconnecting means getting rid of the television and letting go of control of your phone. unplugging will not only encourage you to read, meditate, or just let your mind wander before bed, it will also reduce negative environmental electromagnetic stimuli.

Tidying isn’t just about picking up dirty laundry. it actually involves arranging your furniture, leaving open and accessible spaces to move around in, and regularly opening your windows to circulate air and energy. you can tidy up your bed by making it accessible from both sides and not directly aligning it with the bustling energy of a doorway.

Also, create symmetry and balance with double nightstands and lamps with a warm, soothing kelvin and lumen output for the small utilitarian electronics in your room. the touches of nature give life and symbiosis to the environment.

Not only does this promote good health, but the greens in houseplants can complement blue and green color palettes (desirable calming colors for bedrooms) or can create a contrast to tan or terracotta color schemes , also acceptable for bedroom feng shui color schemes.

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Lenny Kharitonov

Use light, relaxing colors like earth tonesDark colors like black, red, or orange can cause sleep disturbances, and since the bedroom should be a place of peace, lighter warm colors such as light blue or light green are recommended. pink would be a good color for a girl’s room.

Have calm artwork with positive scenesArt with dramatic or dangerous scenes can cause nightmares, while artwork with nature and happy/positive emotions can help you relax. Since a good night’s sleep is important for performance, we want to create the optimal atmosphere in the bedroom.

If possible, place your bedroom in a room with plenty of natural light.Natural light increases your vitamin d, leads to higher productivity, and improves your mood. the lack of natural light can make you feel unhappy and potentially cause a bit of depression. there are many studies that show that people who live in sunny places are happier than those who live in places without much sun. so if possible, bring as much sun into your bedroom as possible.

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Liat TzoubariQuality Air: To feng shui your bedroom, it is important to get rid of stale, stuffy air and ensure that air free of contaminants is circulating in your room. Open the windows in your bedroom often or invest in a high-quality air purifier to ensure the air you’re breathing is quality fresh air.

bed placement: a feng shui bed is essential to the atmosphere of your bedroom and is easily achievable:

(1) symmetry is key in feng shui, so lamps and nightstands should be placed on each side of the bed and not just on one side;

(2) three of the four sides of your bed should be clear of obstacles and easily accessible, as energy should flow freely from and around your body.

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Helen Keating

arranging a bedroom according to traditional Chinese feng shui is all about energy and flow. the position of the bed is critical, with the optimal location being furthest from the door with good sight lines to the door, but not directly in front of it. a bed requires a solid headboard made of wood or upholstery for support and protection.

avoid placing your head in front of a window. if there is no other option, use a high headboard and heavy curtains to mitigate the yang energy of the window. avoid pushing one side of the bed against the wall (except for cribs) or the window.

Do not sleep directly under a beam or place bookshelves or artwork above the bed, both for safety and to avoid downward energy pressure. the decoration should be monochromatic and relaxing. add plants that filter toxins from the air and give off oxygen at night. artistic images should be peaceful and relaxing.

There should be no mirrors, computers, exposed televisions, or exercise equipment in bedrooms. your bedroom should be a sanctuary from daily life that only supports and promotes rest and romance.

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Getting the balance between light and dark can be difficult when it comes to bedroom feng shui, but achieving that balance can bring amazing results. you want maximum exposure to sunlight in the morning, and also the ability to turn everything dark at night.click to tweet

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That’s because sunlight provides serotonin boosters that anyone who’s ever marveled at a clear blue sky and that radiant yellow ball will appreciate, while total darkness is key to getting a good night’s sleep. which brings with it many other benefits. So windows, and skylights too, are integral to letting in light and are essential to any bedroom seeking great feng shui.

The night light resulting in bad feng shui also explains why a TV in the bedroom is so frowned upon. when the television is on at night, it can flood your bedroom with light and disturb the sense of calm you want before you hang your head down; especially if you have the news on. Even if the device is turned off, the light can be reflected on the screen and act as a mirror; and you’ll have to pull the plug to stop those annoying standby lights.

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Chrissy Halton

Your bedroom should be a relaxing place: it’s a place to sleep, so don’t have anything in the room that doesn’t help you do just that.

also don’t have ‘extra’ tasks in the room, like your home office, a pile of laundry, unfinished craft projects. all this will subconsciously mean that you can’t completely disconnect.

If you consciously remove everything except the relaxing elements, you’ll sleep better, rest more, and get more done!

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Hamna Amjad

feng shui can help you create an atmosphere in your bedroom where you can relax. feng shui in your bedroom with the following 10 steps to improve the flow of positive energy.1. the bedroom should be located in the back of your house, away from noisy areas.

2. the bedroom should not be too large, as it makes you feel less in control of your surroundings. It should also not be too small to hinder the flow of positive energy.

3. keep the room clear to allow free movement of energy.

5. keep your room airy and well lit for good feng shui.

6. the ideal placement of the bed would be diagonally across the door and not facing the door, to provide privacy for the bed and also to avoid facing the door, which is considered unfavorable in feng shui.

7. avoid placing large pieces of furniture, such as a huge bookcase.

8. keep all distractions like the TV, laptop, or exercise equipment out of your bedroom.

9. decorate your bedroom with beautiful pieces of art and photos with your loved ones.

10. mirrors should be kept away from your bedroom as they invite worry and restlessness into your life.

the furniture barn team

Furniture barn

what we can see as a space to catch some sleep, is really a great opportunity for the creation of harmonious energy. There are many ways to transform your bedroom into a welcoming haven of positive energy, and each change you make will bring you closer to ultimate balance.

the bed

Beginning with the location, beds should never be placed facing the door. instead, a bed should be located where it can be easily accessed from both sides and should have a wooden headboard (which promotes strength and stability). you should never place a bed under a ceiling joist which represents division and can cause health problems (if a joist is unavoidable, painting it white can nullify the energy).


When decorating your bedroom, the art you choose should represent what you want to see happen in your life, and the colors in the bedroom should stay within the palette of warm, rich earth tones. a decorative piece that functions as a beacon of relaxation, an essential oil diffuser, can be filled with a variety of combinations of therapeutic oils.


Mirrors represent the element of water, a healing energy. a mirror should never be placed above the bed or directly in front of it. you want a mirror facing nature that amplifies both the beauty of nature and natural light (the most harmonious light source). if you have multiple mirrors in your space, make sure they don’t reflect each other, which weakens your energy.

single and looking

If you’re currently looking for love, your bedroom is the place to start. click to tweet

arranging your bedroom symmetrically (two nightstands, entrance from the bed on both sides, two lamps) and leaving space in your closet and drawers can lead to romantic success.

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Sue Fishkin

part of my job is to help people access their best energy -qi- from their homes and work spaces. So, when I was asked for one of my best “tips for feng shui in someone’s bedroom.” I thought I’d give a simple answer despite how complex the bedroom is.

This way you can see who’s coming in and feel a sense of comfort.

I went to see a new client who complained that she hadn’t slept well since she moved in. her head was literally by the bedroom door. we pushed the bed across the room to the opposite wall with windows on either side and end tables under the windows. I asked her to try it and she commented that she felt better immediately.

did the trick!

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While there is the obvious fact that used mattresses can have damaged springs, stained exteriors, or any number of issues; In feng shui terms, it is impossible to know what kind of energy you have gained from previous owners. Considering you’ll be spending much of your time on the mattress, it’s one area of ​​the bedroom where corners shouldn’t be cut.

roseline deleu believes that in order to cleanse second-hand items of any leftover or unwanted energy, you should leave them outside overnight during a full moon. Regardless of whether the mattress is second-hand or not, some people believe that simply including metal springs is against feng shui philosophy; believing that they conduct electromagnetic fields that can be harmful to you and the room.

For this reason, foam mattresses are highly recommended, as the materials used do not conduct electricity (bad for chi) and also promote airflow (good for chi). As for airflow, it’s also recommended that your bed be elevated with space underneath for air to pass freely over and around your bed and mattress.

Angela Lenhardt

Angela Lenhardt

here are 3 tips that i think are important for boosting chi in the bedroom environment.

1. proper placement of the bed so you can see the “whole” room, as well as the door. this feeling soothes the subconscious mind and allows you to relax and sleep well at night knowing that you can “see” what is happening in your sacred surroundings.

2. without water elements. running water has a tendency to put out the fire in the bedroom, and the point is to “warm it up” and spice up your life! mirrors are fine but not highly recommended, but depending on where they are placed they can make or break a flame!

And one of the best ways to attract your life partner or soul mate is to always have 2 nightstands and 2 lamps to keep the energy balanced by the bed. also, an image that represents a “couple”… pigeons, birds (anything that mates for life) and means love!

added bonus: if you feel like you’re not attracting a partner, place a solid red sheet between the mattress and box spring, it just might do the trick and give you the “base” you’re looking for!

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Dean Signori

Mirrors in your bedroom should be placed with extreme caution!

Many argue whether this is really based on popular belief or not, but the truth is that your bed shouldn’t reflect either itself or you directly in a mirror. it is considered bad luck, bad aura and of course bad dream.

Also, the reflection of your bed should be avoided at all costs according to popular feng shui guidance.

If you still want to look good early in the morning, hang your mirror in the corner or so it’s on the far diagonal from your bed.

this way you can keep the mirror and balance how energy flows in your bedroom. Another practical solution would be to cover-uncover it by means of a simple curtain. my best advice would be to avoid both televisions and mirrors.

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Lucinda Curran

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system that uses the energy of a site for energy. the perspective here blends building biology (“modern feng shui” as it includes the more “gross” artificial energies) with more traditional feng shui.

To create a harmonious space for sleep and healing, it is important to start with man-made energies, as they are far less subtle. First of all, check what is on the other side of the wall from the head of the bed: is it the meter, the switchboard, the hot water system, the refrigerator or the heated towel rail? if so, move your bed to another wall.

From here on, make sure you don’t have wires or appliances in or around your bed; these include smartphones, tablets, cordless phones, routers, lamps, etc. the emf of these can seriously impede the quality of your sleep.

Going to the more subtle energies of feng shui, it is ideal to have a clear room and nothing under the bed; all of this can help calm the mind to create more restful sleep.

It is recommended not to have mirrors in the room and, if you have them, to cover them before going to sleep so that you can sleep and dream peacefully.

laura cerrano – feng shui manhattan

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Laura Cerrano

the number of feng shui tips on how to create a harmonious bedroom environment is endless! it has several methods converging at once in the 21st century and developing further as we speak. I share this because the experience and interpretation of what is “right” versus “wrong” is subjective. the best way to find out which tips fit your home and lifestyle is simply to experience them for yourself. I invite you to be open, receptive, and curious as you read through the various approaches. happy feng shui!

1. The most common feng shui principle in the bedroom is to establish a commanding position. this allows the occupant to literally, energetically, and metaphorically see and feel who and what opportunities are coming into her life. an ideal layout would be to have a clear view of the bedroom door from the bed, without being 100% aligned with the doorway.

2. Adopting the “less is more” lifestyle through cleanliness has been at the forefront of modern feng shui practices. your bedroom is a space for rejuvenation and reconnection. studies by st. lawrence university in 2015 suggests a correlation between excessive clutter in the bedroom and sleep disorders, which could lead to depression and irritability.

3. it is strongly recommended to keep major electronics out of your bedroom; televisions, computers and cell phones. they emit the most electromagnetic energy fields that disrupt the immune system and circadian rhythm. Studies conducted by the University of California, Berkley found: “Children who slept near small screens, such as phones or other portable electronic devices, reported about 21 minutes less sleep per night than children who did not sleep near such devices.” “.

according to a harvard university study, this interference comes from “blue wavelengths, which are beneficial during the day because they increase attention, reaction times and mood, appear to be the most detrimental during night. And the proliferation of electronic devices with screens, as well as low-energy lighting, is increasing our exposure to blue wavelengths, especially after sunset.”

4. Adding a rug under or near your bed is another way to help ground energy while sleeping and create a balance between yin (soft textures) and yang (hard surfaces). some clients may prefer a full rug, a half rug or use two smaller rugs on each side of their bed. when possible, it’s best to choose organic and natural fiber rugs so no chemical fumes are released into your home.

5. try not to store items under your bed if you can avoid it. From a feng shui perspective, under-bed storage can obstruct your sleep pattern because energy movement cannot flow evenly around your bed’s energy field. For example, it is suggested to keep shoes in closets because they symbolize that other people can take advantage of you. if you need to store items under the bed, have limited storage space, be aware of who gave you these items and what emotional content you associate with them. what could be the exception? A sample list might include; bedding, clothes and towels. a small number of books are also accepted, as long as their titles and content are positive

6. making your bed may seem small and insignificant, however, a greater development is evolving within your conscious and subconscious minds. this simple act becomes your first achievement of the day and only requires two minutes of your time. this also creates a mindset of being organized, which helps reduce stress and increase motivation. it is also a means of self-esteem because you have taken the time to prepare your bed for sleep, which expresses and demonstrates self-esteem.

7. Opening the shutters and windows (weather permitting) during the day is a wonderful habit to get into. In feng shui, this is called letting the outside in. Helps refresh energy by allowing natural light and fresh air to filter into your bedroom. At night, close your windows and blinds to keep cool energy circulating inside your bedroom while you sleep.

This could include beiges, creams, warm or cool earth tones. To help add pops of color, a typical feng shui suggestion is to use subtle accents of pinks, reds, and whites because they are associated with the energy of partnership. if you decide to implement this suggestion in your room, do it in small doses. as with works of art, small crystals (such as rose quartz), through the use of organic candles or in the colors of your sheets. If you’re a gentleman or lady who doesn’t want to wear pink, don’t. instead, connect with a warm color that works for you and your space. essentially, you are creating a sacred and sensual environment for yourself and to share with others, if that is your intention.

9. Take into account the general composition of your bedroom and establish balance and comfort starting with the general arrangement of the furniture. this means actually taking mental inventory of the future that is truly functional or just taking up space. once that foundation has been established, refine the implementation of twos and evens, as this symbolizes equal relationships. this could be achieved with two side tables (space permitting), two lamps, or even through artwork.

10. Coming back to artwork, get choosy about what you choose to display inside your bedroom. A study published in the June issue of the journal ‘brain and cognition’ looked at research neuroscientists conducted while scanning the brains of people looking at the artwork.

“Viewing paintings triggered responses in brain regions associated with visual comprehension and object recognition, as expected, but viewing artwork was also linked to activities associated with emotions, internal thoughts, and learning. other research tells us more about how art can change the way we see the world.” In other words, it is better to choose artwork for the bedroom that they are associated with; tranquility, rest, reconnection, harmony and peace. If you’re not sure where to start, consider looking at images of nature. general examples include landscapes or close-ups of flowers.

11. do your best not to place your bed under ceiling joists, fans, or near projecting wall edges. this is also important to consider when choosing bedroom furniture. minimal sharp edges are most ideal. think round, curved, or beveled edges.

why? these few references are indications of the “sha” energy; life draining chi’. symptoms from a feng shui perspective could be recognized as feeling tired, lack of concentration, or easy emotional arousal.

12. Are mirrors good or bad in the bedroom? There are differing opinions on this, but the one perspective many consultants could agree on is that adding too many mirrors in the bedroom creates an energy imbalance. Mirrors are perceived to have the ability to activate energy within a room. clients I work with sometimes opt to have a mirror or two in their bedroom and report sound sleepers. others will trade the principle and remove the extra mirrors and still keep one while keeping an eye on what it reflects. Some clients love the idea of ​​not having mirrors in the bedroom or they can simply place a long mirror inside the closet door. if you do that, just make sure the closet is organized because mirrors literally and energetically mirror what they reflect.

jeffrey welder – vant wall panels

Jeffrey Welder

1. clutter helps create calm. take 10 minutes each day to sort through a stack, drawer, or shelf. ask yourself: do I need this? do i use this regularly? if not, get rid of it. for things you want or need to keep, make a home so it’s easy to store. stop after 10 minutes and do it again the next day.

2. keep the bedroom as a bedroom, and not as an office. The moment you bring your laptop or tablet into your room, you’re taking away the calm that a room should have. Working from bed or reading from your iPad has been known to cause trouble sleeping, as well as creating stress in a space intended for quiet.

Sure, it’s fun to shop for household items, clothing, kitchen utensils, and art and office supplies, but the more you shop, the more things you bring home that need a place. So before you buy something else you think you need, stop and remind yourself of the simple fact that you’re actually creating more clutter, which leads to more stress.

4. make your bed every morning. It sounds simple enough, but the small act of making the bed makes coming home all the more cosy.

5. decorate your home in earth tones. natural colors in soft tones, such as white, grey, beige tones and pinkish beige have the power to induce a feeling of relaxation and calm. also make sure to choose natural and light fabrics.

6. add calm with green plants placed around your home. plants have a calming effect through their soothing green colors and by providing oxygen. Bonsai trees, peace lilies, English ivy, rubber plants, or hanging terrariums are good choices and are often included in Zen décor.

7. live with things that inspire you and lift you up. it’s easy for us to forget about our surroundings and not see the things that drain our energy. start fixing things like broken ice machine and too loose toilet handle. change your burned out light bulbs. anything that can weigh us down tends to drain our energy and erode our confidence.

8. create security by placing your bed as far away from the door as possible without losing sight of the entrance to the bedroom. try to place the bed in the diagonal corner right in front of the door. Proper bed placement will increase sleep and relaxation. If your bedroom ceiling has beams, create a canopy over the bed to counteract the heaviness of the beams and neutralize negative energy in the room.

9. keep the energy balanced in the room by not placing the bed in front of a window. energy flows in and out of the window and blocking it can cause an interruption in the flow. use a wooden headboard to provide support and strength to your head and induce restful sleep.

10. usually wearing a stirrup would be interpreted as blocking forward movement in life. however, if your feet point toward the door, use a footboard, chest, or small sofa at the end of the bed to avoid the “death position” and prevent your life force from draining while you sleep.

11. use nightstands with smooth, flowing lines instead of square, pointed edges. the right angles created by the square edges create “poison arrows” that point negative energy toward the bed and can disrupt sleep by causing a feeling of restlessness.

iris wingfield – flat pack mates

Iris Wingfield

the position of the bed this is the main part of the bedroom.

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*there should be two bedside tables on each side of the bed, ideally the left one is slightly larger than the right. this will emulate the natural flow of energy around the body.

*must have a large, solid header for security and stability. if the bed must be under a window, it can create the illusion of having a wall with dark, heavy curtains drawn. but there must be at least a small wall below the window.

*the bed should also not be in direct line with the door, but you should be able to see the door from the bed.

additional tips for the bed*no storage under the bed.*avoid metal in the bedroom.*avoid sharp edges in the bedroom, especially on nightstands.

art and mirrors in the bedroom.*the bedroom can have both with some guidelines.*the mirror should not be large.*the mirror should not be against the bed.*if you can see the door from the bed, place the mirror so that you see the reflection of the door in it. *there should be art in front of the bed. a fun, positive and loving piece of art (flowers, sunrise, happy people) must be on the wall. it will be the first thing you see in the morning and should be positive.*if you want live flowers in your bedroom, go for small flowers.

The best colors for a feng shui bedroom:*Choose a color that brings balance to your life. if you want more passionate nights and happy energy in the morning, choose orange and red. if your job is too stressful and you need to relax and get a good night’s sleep, blue or lavender can give you that.

jessie kim-mrs. feng shui

Jessie Kim

1. make room for two! your goal, if you’re single, is to attract a partner, and if you’re in a relationship, it’s to enhance romance. With that in mind, look around your house and see if your space allows another person to join you. Even if you’ve been in a relationship, your space can create an undercurrent of tension that makes romance difficult. good feng shui can help.

2. open up some space. you have to create space for what/who you are trying to attract. you would be surprised what your space says about you and your intentions to be single or coupled. if you’re really trying to attract your partner, make sure your space communicates this.

3. don’t decorate for one. If your bedroom screams “single” with only things for yourself, then you will continue to attract energy just for you. Do you have photos and paintings of “unique” things? Do you post photos of individual items as a single woman? Do you have a single lamp, a single chair, a single flower? it is best to have partners so that you show that you are ready to share a life for two. Is your dining table big enough to share a meal with one other person or with other people, such as a family? create a space with “couple energy”, especially in the bedroom.

4. share your bed. make sure one side of the bed is not against the wall, as you want to make sure each person can get into bed from both sides of the bed.

5. balance your room. have balance in the room. Do you have matching nightstands? if they are not the same size or style, they will create an unbalanced energy in your love relationship. if one is bigger than the other, one of you will have more power over the other person in that relationship. If you don’t have a matching style, you and your partner may have different views on your relationship. If you have a candle on your nightstand, add another candle next to it to show balance in the relationship. show pairs whenever you can.

6. give them a drawer. also keep the drawer space clean for your future partner to store their belongings.

It’s about being prepared and open to the idea of ​​having a loving partner.

7. clean out your closet. now look in your closet. Is your closet full of your clothes and shoes leaving no space for your partner to hang their clothes? clean out your closet and make it inviting so that when the time is right, he or she will feel the welcome energy.

jane wilson – fantastic cleaners

Jane Wilson

many people think that feng shui is just some kind of scam, but the truth is very different. in fact, feng shui is a set of rules that help you organize everything in your home in a way that gives you a healthy life without added stress.

doors and windows are gateways to the outside world, which is full of distractions that can disturb your sleep. the bed should also be easily accessible from both sides, and there should be a nightstand on each side.

When it comes to colors, soothing and so-called “skin colors” (from white to beige and even chocolate) are the best possible option, which will give you a good night’s sleep. Also, it is not recommended to have hanging items above the bed as they can cause subconscious discomfort at night.

lucy norman – end to end – moving cleaning services

Lucy Norman.

eliminate clutterIn the context of feng shui, clutter represents something unfinished. it also slows down our personal growth and achievements in life.

According to feng shui traditions, plants placed in the corners of the room help energy flow freely, so be sure to include a couple of plants in your bedroom.

cloakroom/closet organizationsometimes we put clutter behind closed doors and pretend it’s not there. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed when choosing your next outfit, then it’s time to reorganize your closet. this will help you feel in control of things around you. Get rid of barely touched clothes by selling or donating them, and to keep shoes and other accessories organized, put up organizers and shelves for easy access.

bed configurationAccording to feng shui principles, your bed should be accessible from both sides, have two nightstands, and should not be placed in line with any doors. In addition, having natural fiber sheets helps maintain the flow of feng shui energy.

joseph schaffarczyk – pro-fit moldings ltd

The best feng shui bedroom has a warm and inviting feel that should calm and soothe. The first thing you should do to achieve this feeling of calm and serenity is to get rid of any distractions, like television, for example.

They just bring the stress of the outside world into what should be a place to escape and relax. Also, pay attention to the quality and flow of air in your bedroom.

make sure you have a good air purifier and plants to counteract stale air that is full of pollutants.

When it comes to the colors in your bedroom, choose calming and balanced colors. whites and browns tend to work best in this situation. Choosing the correct position for your bed is one of the most important factors in creating good feng shui in your bedroom.

Place two nightstands on each side. this is not only practical, but also promotes a harmonious appearance in your bedroom. Last but not least is the lighting. candles are the best thing to have when you want to create a warm and inviting bedroom experience.

lauren haynes – star domestic cleaners

Lauren Haynes

clean the windows

The windows of your house symbolize your eyes to the world. clean windows can help you see things clearly, while dirty ones can limit your perspective. just take some old newspaper and a mixture of white vinegar and water and voila.

eliminate clutter

In feng shui, clutter symbolizes unfinished business, so try to remove anything that doesn’t serve a practical purpose or items that don’t contribute to the overall look of the room. items that have not been used for months should be removed.

remove the television or simply cover it

The active energy of television can be really detrimental to your sleep and general mood in the bedroom. In case you don’t want to take it out of the room completely, simply cover it with a beautiful fabric when not in use.

tone down lightning bolts

The perfect bedroom should be dark enough to relax in and bright enough to see your surroundings. Since light is our number 1 nutrient and source of energy, consider installing dimmer switches or multi-level lighting. Candles are the best feng shui light source, so they will clear energy and help you achieve a warm and relaxing environment.

marina v. umali – marina v design studio

Marina V. Umali

My best tips for feng shui in a bedroom are as follows. First, make sure your bed is in its optimal position, which in feng shui is called the command position. you should have a view of your door.

Second, make sure your header is supportive. The best headboards are solid ones, whether they are made of wood or upholstered. make sure there is nothing stored under the bed, especially books, textbooks, paperwork. if you need to use under-bed storage, it’s best to store bedding, towels, or similar items there.

Consider the artwork in the bedroom, make sure it’s happy and calm. make sure the bed is balanced with nightstands on each side of the bed. If possible, keep work-related items out of your bedroom and limit electronic devices like TV, phone, and laptop. TVs are especially not recommended, as bedrooms should be yin in nature.

For a good night’s sleep, make sure the wall paint isn’t too bright and/or the wallpaper isn’t too ornate. calming colors are best for a good night’s sleep. Another thing to consider is lighting. make sure there are different types of lighting that allow you to choose ambient light when needed. a dimmer switch can also create a similar effect.

lisa janusz – inspire chi

Lisa Janusz

My most important feng shui tip for the bedroom is to make it a room you love. when you walk in you should immediately feel relaxed. we are interested in intention and making a space reflect what you want in life.

if you want to find a relationship or improve it, make sure the room talks about it. ask yourself: is it romantic? Do you have pairs of items, like nightstands? the bedroom should be all about rest and rejuvenation. There should only be two things going on there; sleep and intimacy.

delete anything not related to them (computers, exercise equipment, photos of other people, memories of past relationships, etc.). your bedroom should be all about you and your partner, so be aware of what is, or isn’t, in that room. click to tweet

anthony ashworth

Anthony Ashworth

Most of us spend more time in our bedroom than in any other room in our house. in fact, about 30 percent of our lives are spent in our bedroom. the main use of this room is to sleep.

our sleep returns us to a deep stillness. it is a time to return to ourselves, our subconscious, our own soul, a time to reunite with the vast self that we all originally came from.

We are very sensitive to the effects of energy when we sleep. we may be closed to cognitive thought, sight, etc., but we are energetically very open. this added to the fact that we spend almost a third of our lives in bed sleeping makes this room especially important.

the following are the aspects that we must take into account when applying feng shui to our bedroom to achieve maximum relaxation and rest:

what we see first have and make sure you can see some positive images when you walk into the room. what you see when you enter your bedroom is something that gives you the feeling of peace and serenity. this could be a photograph, a favorite inspirational life quote, a painting or a sculpture; even flowers will enhance these positive, life-sustaining feelings.

no clutter no clutter brings clarity, room for the new, and peace of mind for your subconscious. remove extra items, especially under the bed. lack of clutter allows detachment from things; clutter shows a fear of future lack in your life, or lack in the past (even past life).

Own your own stuff, or your stuff belongs to you!

Use the three-pile method to decide what to keep or throw away. hold or touch the item, and feel and access what it means to you. ask yourself, is it useful and/or is it loved? does it send your energy up or down? then make three piles as follows:

pile 1: items that should definitely go pile 2: items you’re not sure about pile 3: items that are useful and loved and that you want to keep. if you must have “stuff”, keep it neat and organized.

Sharp corners Try not to sleep in direct alignment with sharp corners, known in Chinese feng shui as poison arrows. They create cutting energy. this includes the top beams.

colorcolor does affect us! try using soothing, calm, soft, warm, nurturing colors and skin tones! don’t wear blue as it brings in the element of air, which is all about movement. be careful with bright colors, especially hot and fiery bright colors (even for children’s rooms). the primary colors so used and not recommended for children’s bedrooms are really not very suitable. instead, bring small amounts of this shine through furniture and accessories if needed. gray tones can be good for the intellect and therefore worthy of study, but they can also promote depression, so they are not so good for bedrooms, although these colors that give movement can be useful in rooms for avoid long stays of guests and in-laws.

Skin type colors, as a general guide, can be great for support, rest, and stillness. some limited red hot colors can be great for charging love! (purple is also considered fiery red).

it sounds shhhh! quiet and ideally silence from all external noise and street noise, and distance from other noise sources is important. Ideally, bedrooms are further away from the street (consider double glazing in the bedroom if this is an issue).

emr turn offbe aware of emr (electromagnetic radiation) and where it is! reduce it, turn off devices, move it away or remove it altogether.

Consider the placement or removal of clocks, radios, clock radios, phone chargers, televisions, low-voltage lights in rooms below the bedroom, or bedside lamps. do not use lights with transformers. low voltage lights that have wireless internet routers built in are really a huge negative, so turn them off at night if possible! cordless and cordless phones are just as bad as cell phones and shouldn’t be in the bedroom!

Another turning off of the dark is required for full melatonin production to heal the body to rest, fight disease, and prevent or fight the development of cancer. lack of melatonin and poor sleep patterns can contribute to depression and low libido. melatonin production by the pineal gland is inhibited by light and enabled by darkness. for this reason, melatonin has been called “the hormone of darkness,” and its onset each night is called the melatonin onset at twilight. Melatonin levels at night are reduced by 50 percent by exposure to a low-level incandescent light bulb for just thirty-nine minutes, and women with the brightest bathrooms have been shown to have a higher risk of breast cancer .

Reduced melatonin production has been proposed as a likely factor in the significantly higher cancer rates in night workers, and the effect of modern lighting practices, including light pollution, on endogenous melatonin has been proposed. as a contributing factor to the overall higher incidence. of some types of cancer in the developed world.

And if that’s not enough of an incentive, ladies: melatonin helps slow down aging!

Blue spectrum light from our smartphone and device screens, TVs, and LED and fluorescent lights is a real problem and interferes with our circadian rhythms, so at a minimum, use the yellow filter option on your device after dark or use a yellow dye. glasses made specifically for this. however, while it is important to have darkness during sleep, ideally we should also have plenty of purifying daylight entering the room during the day.

natural concerns the closer to natural a material is, the more likely it is to be non-toxic and have a better vibration. use natural paints, floor finishes, and natural fiber bedding and bedding. wooden frames and bed construction are much better than metal. avoid those beautiful old brass and steel headboards.

toxin reductionbe careful with furniture, bedding, paintings, etc. that create toxins. eliminate toxins when possible and do not use insecticides in the house. buy a fly swatter, or better yet, chase them outside. and even dry cleaning embeds toxins in clothing and bedspreads, etc.

Beam me up, no! ceiling beams that cross over the bed should be avoided. they can create a cutting or oppressive energy, a bow wave that can create disharmony or even serious illness. at least paint them to match the ceiling, or better yet, enclose them with a roof if possible, or even a handmade fabric canopy. Too high and sloping ceilings should be avoided for the bedroom.

what’s on the wall? keep an eye out for the pictures on your walls. use positive images only. Images like screaming, for example, actually create negative energy. do not have photos of single people if you are single and want a partner. It’s surprisingly common when I do vastu home consultations to find multiple images or statues of single women in the homes of women looking for a relationship. Pictures of three people in a bedroom if you’re married can strongly invite a third party to have an affair, so you could inadvertently be stirring up trouble. Images of deities and spiritual teachers are not recommended in the bedroom.

mirror reflections, mirror on the wall. . Mirrors in bedrooms should be minimized and ideally placed inside cupboard doors or at least not seen when in bed. mirror cabinets are not recommended. mirrors also represent mystical aspects and can change or add to the space.

positive energy invite positive energy from the east, north and northeast. keep the northeastern part of the bedroom as light and open as possible. no heavy furniture or clutter here!

doorsthe door should open fully, at least 90 degrees, but the more the better. it’s better not to have anything hanging on the door, or not too much, and nothing stored behind the door, certainly not if it looks messy!

The door through which you enter your bedroom is a symbol of the possibilities your life has to offer, to allow positive opportunities to fully flow to you. a door that cannot be opened completely will limit this support that makes your life more complete and fluid. allow power to enter without interruption.

again, have nothing (unintentional) behind the door, and no clutter! keep in mind the direction of the door swing in relation to the room to provide a good and easy flow of energy.

We spend almost a third of our lives in bed sleeping. note the position of your body in relation to the bed. your feet should not be facing directly into the door opening. in Chinese feng shui it is known as the coffin position. in some European and British traditions one who has passed is taken out the door feet first, or even through an opening made in the wall so that the spirit does not return.

keep the bed away from windows as much as possible, and it’s best not to be under or right next to windows. however, allow cross ventilation if possible. two open windows on the face is more comfortable

Remember that there are many things to consider when organizing your home, especially your bedroom. Buying furniture is not something you do every once in a while, so it’s important to get it right from the start.

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