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Have you ever stopped to consider the role orchids play in the feng shui of your home? many of us care about orchids simply because we enjoy these plants and love their flowers. however, orchids can also be used to enhance the aesthetics and energy of your home. plants are good for feng shui and orchids are no exception.

Orchids can enhance the feng shui in your home and are believed to increase family luck and fertility.There are specific places where you can place your orchids in your home to boost feng shui. Orchids of different colors can also increase feng shui. Scented flowers can also improve the overall feng shui of a room or home. Potted orchids help balance the flow of energy, or chi, within the home.

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Let’s face it, after the last two years we’ve all had, we could use any extra measure of healing and joy we can get. Increasing the feng shui of your home is one way to do this, and you can use orchids to achieve this.

In general, plants bring growth and healing energy to any space. flowers in particular can have a powerful feng shui effect, bringing joy and energy into the home. Similarly, there are places where you can place your orchids in and around your home to boost feng shui. I’ll talk about this and more later.

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what is feng shui?

feng shui is an oriental philosophy that tries to find harmony between an individual and the environment that surrounds him. To apply the practice of feng shui in the home, arrange the elements in your living space to create a balance between you and the natural world.

When decorating and furnishing your home, it is also important to find an energy balance between the five elements: fire, water, metal, wood and earth. these are natural elements associated with specific colors and areas of one’s life.

The placement of items in the home will serve to direct the flow of energy or chi. the color of items in the home and their location in the home will decrease or increase feng shui. Orchids can be selected based on the color of their flowers and placed strategically around the home to influence feng shui. In this article, I will focus on placing orchids in the home to increase feng shui.

what do orchids symbolize in feng shui?

In general, flowers in feng shui represent joy, vulnerability, flourishing, and new beginnings. imagine the delicate flower buds opening, and life and new beginnings come to mind. flowers can be a very positive feng shui influence.

In traditional feng shui belief, orchids symbolize fertility and are a very strong feminine symbol of beauty. orchids can symbolize purity and beauty, perfection and love. Having orchids in the home is said to increase happiness levels and foster good relationships between family members.

Depending on the color of the orchid flowers and where you place these orchids, you may benefit from the added energy and beauty orchid plants bring to your home.

Do orchids bring good luck?

Yes, orchids are considered lucky plants. having orchids in your home can bring good luck and prosperity. In ancient Japan, these beautiful plants were once considered a symbol of wealth. Today, orchids can add beauty, energy, and serenity to any living space.

the bagua map and feng shui

In Western feng shui, a bagua map is often used to lay out sections of a person’s home. Using the bagua map below, divide the house into nine different areas. each area has a different focus related to a life event or circumstance.

the bagua areas correspond to wealth and prosperity, family, health, children or creativity, career, knowledge, relationships or marriage, fame or reputation and useful people or travel . If there is a specific area of ​​your life that needs more work, you can incorporate more feng shui elements into that corresponding area of ​​the house to give it a boost.

how to use the bagua map

To use the map, if you live in an apartment, align the bottom of the map, where it says “main entrance”, with the location of the main entrance wall. this is the wall where your front door or main entrance is located. once you’ve done this, you can use the map to roughly divide your apartment into nine sections.

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if you live in a house, use a compass or the compass app on your smartphone to determine where north is. align the race area on the map with north on your compass or smartphone. by doing so, reputation and fame will be oriented to the south, while health and family will be oriented to the east and children and creativity to the west. Once you’ve lined up your map correctly, you can see where the different bagua areas of your house are located.

The reason you align the map differently in an apartment than in a house is due to the fact that there are more natural elements around a house. Most single-family homes are surrounded by some form of landscaping, whether it be trees, shrubs, a lawn, or a garden. many apartments are surrounded by other apartments or man-made materials such as concrete. Having more natural elements around a home allows you to harness the energy, or chi, of nature and use it to improve feng shui.

next steps to boost feng shui

once you’ve figured out where the bagua areas of your home are, you can zero in on the areas you’d like to improve or that align with your personal goals. You can use orchids to improve the feng shui in your home.

where should you place your orchid in your house for the best luck?

If you are looking to increase your luck or improve the feng shui of your home, you can use specific orchid colors and place orchids in and around your home to achieve this. I will explain how to select the correct color orchid in another article. For now, let’s talk about orchid location using the bagua map.

using the bagua map to strategically place your orchids in the home

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Where you place your orchid really depends on what area of ​​your life you want to focus on and improve. For example, you can place orchids and other plants in the section of your home that aligns with the wealth area on the bagua map. doing so can improve the feng shui in that area and hopefully increase your chances of prosperity.

As an important side note, when deciding which species of orchid to buy for any space, don’t just consider the color and type of orchid. Also think about how much lighting this area will receive and how much light your orchid will need.

If this space receives a lot of bright natural light, choose an orchid that prefers high light levels. If the area you have in mind typically receives little natural light, you’ll want to choose a low-light orchid, such as a phalaenopsis orchid.

placement of orchids to improve feng shui and luck

This is the basic bagua map that helps you divide your home into sections. Using this map, you can focus on a specific section of the home that aligns with the life event or circumstance you want to improve.

Placing orchids in specific areas of the house that correspond to the bagua map will help boost feng shui and energy levels in that area. I’ll go through each section, starting at the top left, with wealth and prosperity.

wealth and prosperity

To enhance or boost the wealth and prosperity section of the bagua map, place healthy green orchids here. Cymbidium orchids come to mind, as these orchid flowers come in shades of green. You can also use potted blue orchids in this area to achieve similar results.

Wood is a strong element in this area. Orchids are representative of the wood element, and this in itself helps bring positive energy into the home.

fame and reputation

To enhance the fame and reputation aspect of your life, focus on placing red or orange orchid flowers in this area of ​​the bagua map. Many orchids have brightly colored red, orange, or coral flowers. You will have a wide variety of species to choose from.

relationships and marriage

In the romance, love, and marriage area of ​​the bagua map, use red, orange, pink, or yellow orchid flowers to boost feng shui here. if you are placing orchids in this area, use two orchids at a time. Pairing or bringing plants together improves the feng shui of love and marriage.

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children or creativity

To boost feng shui in the children’s and creativity area of ​​the bagua map, go for the colors white, metal, and gold. choose white colored orchid flowers and place them in metal or gold colored containers. This white and gold ceramic pot would work well if you want to double your orchid pot. This metallic gold planter would also work well to boost feng shui in this area. doing so will not only add to the children and creativity feng shui areas of your life, but also give your room a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere.

family and health

In the family and health area of ​​the bagua map, you will focus more on your family’s health and relationships. boost feng shui in this area by using lots of healthy plants and flowers. Green and blue colors will work best, but you can also mix them with white. orchid pots should be tall, with wide vertical stripes along the sides.

knowledge and personal growth

To encourage awareness and personal growth, use calming blue colors in this bagua area. dark blue, black, cream, beige and soft yellows will work best in this space. you can include water elements around your orchid plants here to further increase the serenity. This 4-tier tabletop water fountain would add visual interest and soothing water sounds to your room. As a bonus, the water feature will increase humidity levels in the room, which your orchids will love.

job and career

If you want to increase feng shui in the job and career success area of ​​the bagua map, use striking black orchid pots for your orchids here. this black ceramic pot would work well for double pots. add some water features nearby, as well as a mirror behind your orchid. doing so can boost your opportunities at work and help with your success at work.

helpful people or trips

To enhance the travel or helpful people section of the bagua map and increase the feng shui here, focus on incorporating metallic and round objects in this area. this may mean using a rounded orchid pot or a metal orchid pot for the outer pot.

Globes or maps in this space also enhance the travel aspect. if you’re crafty, you can decoupage an orchid pot with a map. Or, if you prefer, you can decorate the wall behind your orchids with a world map. pin places you’ve been or places you’d like to visit.

personal health

the center of the bagua map aligns with the center of your house. this is where you will focus on your own personal health and wellness. adding orchids to this space will help promote your physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being.

earth is the strongest element here. you can add any number of healthy plants and orchids to this space. the colors you use here will help support all the other bagua areas of your home.

For that reason, choose earthy, basic colors. add items that will help create a sense of calm in the area. Again, we’re looking to ground the center of the house, and using soothing earth tones like green, blue, brown, beige, and white will help achieve this.

places to avoid

Avoid placing your orchids in dark areas. this is good for the overall health of the orchid. Orchids need hours of bright, indirect sunlight to thrive.

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Orchids that end up dying or in poor health from lack of sunlight detract from feng shui in the home. this obviously defeats the purpose of trying to use orchids to improve feng shui.

If you have a section of your home that lines up with an area of ​​interest on the bagua map, you can use artificial lighting to improve the lighting conditions for your orchid in that room. Orchids need at least 6 hours of sunlight a day to survive and more to flourish and thrive. providing artificial lighting for your orchids would be a feasible compromise in this situation.

orchids and feng shui in the bedroom

People often ask if orchids can be placed in the bedroom to improve feng shui. Orchids symbolize fertility and can be placed in the bedroom to increase levels of romance and fertility.

Choose a blooming orchid for this, as the color of the flowers is important. place an orchid with pink, red or coral flowers in the love or romance area of ​​the room. this will boost the feng shui in the room. strategic use of a pink or red orchid in this way is believed to help with the aspect of the relationship or marriage.

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A double-stemmed orchid, or two orchids together, is a powerful symbol of unity. if you can find a pink or red orchid that also has double stems, use that. it can boost your relationship and fertility. if not, buy two orchid plants and place them side by side in the room.

You can place your orchid plants in the couple’s corner of the bedroom for best results. To locate this area, align the bagua map with the entrance to the bedroom.

I have to say that orchids in the bedroom are controversial. While the color of orchid flowers may be conducive to romance and fertility, the fact is that the plants have the element of wood.

Some people feel that plants convey masculine energy that may not be suitable for the bedroom. feminine energy is better for the bedroom and will promote better sleep quality and health. introducing an orchid into the bedroom will add masculine energy which can potentially upset the feng shui in the bedroom, so keep that in mind.

orchid and feng shui in the bathroom

Another popular place for orchids in the home is the bathroom. humidity in the bathroom is great for plants of all kinds. Orchids do well in bathrooms that have good air circulation and plenty of natural light.

Placing orchids in the bathroom also makes it convenient to water them. After watering the orchids in the morning, you can leave the orchid pots in the bathtub, shower, or sink to drain excess water.

The wood element in orchids helps add positive feng shui and energy to this area. The green color of orchid leaves adds a sense of calm, relaxation and tranquility. When choosing orchid color, try to choose soft, calming colors from the green, blue, or lavender family.

selecting the right orchid for the bathroom

When choosing an orchid for your bathroom, select an orchid species that is well suited to high humidity levels. humidity levels in the bathroom will undoubtedly increase during showers. you want to choose an orchid that will do well in this setting. low-light orchids would also be ideal, unless your bathroom gets a lot of natural light.

phalaenopsis orchids are the most suitable for the bathroom, along with paphiopedilum orchids (lady’s slipper), dendrobiums and oncidiums. miltonia, encyclia, and bulbophyllum orchids also work well in bathroom spaces.

humidity levels in the bathroom

Most orchids prefer a humidity level between 40% and 80%. You can monitor your humidity levels in the bathroom using a hygrometer. Placing your orchids in a humidity tray will also help them deal with the fluctuations in humidity levels that come with showers and bathroom water use.

air circulation and lighting

If you plan to place your orchid in the bathroom, make sure it has access to good air circulation. most bathrooms have small windows near the toilet or shower. if you can keep this open at all times, do so. that will help provide airflow for your orchid plant.

Place your orchids near the bathroom window for better lighting and air circulation. surprisingly, another good location for orchid plants is the back of the toilet tank. this will help raise the energy and balance the energy coming down the toilet.

final thoughts

Blossoming orchids can be a beautiful addition to any home. Cascading orchid flowers bring a splash of color and add elegance to rooms in our home and gardens. Boosting the feng shui of the home is an added bonus these beautiful plants can provide.

feng shui is a huge topic. To learn more about feng shui, the feng shui bagua map, and the five elements, read more here and here. At its core, feng shui strives to find harmony and balance between ourselves and our surroundings. Finding the right feng shui balance will go a long way in making your home feel more serene and peaceful.

Feng shui is a fascinating subject. I love the idea of ​​incorporating orchids into your home to enhance feng shui. I hope you enjoyed reading this article!

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