Opening eml file attachments in gmail if you do not

Several email-clients like Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Zoho Mail, Zimbra, The Bat!, etc support .eml format. If you are also one of those who are looking for a solution to import EML files into Gmail, then this handout will define you the way to resolve this issue.

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So, in this handout we will take a quick look that what an EML file format is, how to convert it into Gmail and why do we need to convert it.

What is EML?

There are multiple email clients who support EML file extension to save and export email messages. There is a list of email client who supports this format:

Windows Mail Windows Live Mail Outlook Express Mozilla Thunderbird Zoho Mail Zimbra The Bat!

People also use the EML to store backup of their email messages.

How to Import EML Files into Gmail?

As there is no manual method available to open EML file in Gmail, you have to go for an automatic solution to do it. You can use EML converter which performs a flawless migration of EML files into Gmail. The tool is equipped with a lot of features like:

Perform Bulk Conversion of WLM. Keep data intact and unchanged. Exclude unwanted files using Date Range. Rename the imported files. Export emails with attachments.

By following below steps you can easily convert EML into Gmail:

Step 1. Download and run SysInfo EML converter and click on Add file button.


Step 2. Select EML files to convert.


Step 3. You will get a list of all the selected EML files, click on the OK button to start the process.


Step 4. Now, select the destination path and Gmail from the saving option then click on the Save button.


Step 5.

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If you want to sort mail items by date range check the date range box and provide the start & end date. Now click on the Add button.


Step 6. Select the naming convention and choose the option from the drop-down menu. Now click on the Save button.

Step 7. Soon all the files will be saved successfully and click on the OK button to continue.

Step 8. To import EML files into Gmail provide the email id and password. Then click on the login button.

Step 9. Within a fraction of time, all the EML files will get saved into your Gmail profile. Click on the OK button and you are good to go.

It’s an easy way to perform the migration. Just follow each step and get the desired output.

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Why Do We Need to Convert EML?

Gmail provides lots and lots of great features, which makes people like us migrate from other emails to Gmail. Like:

Trustworthy email provider. Access from any location because of the cloud. Can be operated on any device. Provides upgrade facility like G Suite to access corporate email ids. Free of cost. Final Words:

As I’ve mentioned that there are a lot of reasons why people migrate over Gmail from other email clients. I’ve also provided you the solution that “how to import EML files into Gmail?” and I think it have also solved your query like “how to open EML files in Google Gmail?”. So hope that it will help you out to migrate successfully.

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