Colors That Are Best for Your Living Room As Per Feng Shui

A living room is a very important part of any home. families sitting together, chatting and discussing the day’s events make this corner of your home full of love and playful energies. To multiply the fun and bring more abundance and prosperity into your family life, all you need to do is select living room feng shui colorsas recommended by feng shui experts.

Once you do, the happiness and abundance in your home will double in no time. best of all, you can match these colors with the interior designs of your home. In this way, the feng shui living room colors will complement the furniture as well as other household items present in your living room, making your house look elegant and modern at the same time that keeps your life full and abundant. But what are the best colors for your living room? Let’s find out.

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feng shui room colors for a north facing room

modern-living-room-interior-black-wallAs per feng shui living room colors, add black to your walls for a North direction roomThe North direction is usually ruled by the water element. That is represented in black and blue. If you want to reinforce the yang energy in your house, add more metallic colors and elements like in the image. You can make bold choices and opt for black colored walls, which is also a very popular choice amongst interior designers nowadays.

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However, if you are looking to calm the yang energy, you can throw in some earthy colors such as greens and browns.metal-round-coffee-tables-beige-sofaAdding greens as per feng shui living room colors calms the yang energy of your living room

south direction feng shui living room colors

beautiful-peach-red-living-room-interiorAs per Feng Shui, living room colors in tones of red are perfect for south sector living placesThe South sector of your living room is energised by the fire element. If your living room is already an energetic place and you want to add some peace and calmness to it, add Feng Shui living room colors in the tones of melon and tangerine. Lighter tones of the fire colors will bring about peace as well as happiness and abundance to your home.

As in the image above, you can add paler tones to your walls and add brighter furniture or other display pieces to add a touch of lushness to your living room.

feng shui living room colors for southeast and east directions

blue-living-room-sofa-shelfPowder blue paints work best as Feng Shui living room colors guideGoverned by the wood element, the Southeast and East sector of the house is prosperous if you add colors of wooden elements or water elements. Why, water, you ask? That is because water nourishes wood. Therefore, water and wood together balance the chi, which is essentially the positive energy of the house.

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then a combination of blues, blacks along with greens and browns is the perfect decoration for feng shui living room colors in the southeast and east direction.

Like in the above image, you can paint your walls powered blue and add black or brown elements to the living to create a happy, wonderful, and abundant living space.stylish-living-room-interior-idea-greenBlue furniture with green walls is an ideal color combination for southeast and east directional living room.

living room of the house facing west and northwest? stick to these feng shui living room colors

interior-living-modern-classic-styleGray and white is the perfect combination for west and northwest directional living roomNorthwest and West living rooms prosper the most if you use gray, white and black colors. Bronze and white are also solid colors when it comes to recommendations of Feng Shui living room colors. Light gray or off white walls along with statement furniture pieces work beautifully. Not just visually appealing, having this kind of living room in your home makes it energetically charged and joyous.

Also, it is an interior designer’s favourite because metallic tones like grays and golds are the “in-thing” and massively utilized by designers in their current projects.White is also a prominent color, which can redefine the look and the vibe of your living room. Accentuate the design of your living room with subtle tones like whites in your curtains and different showpieces or pieces of art that use golds or metallic tones. The image below is a wonderful example of how your living room and look minimal and wonderful using the most important colors suggested for Feng Shui living room colors.modern-living-room-interiorA perfect example of west and northwest direction living room as per Feng Shui living room colors

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