Monthly Flying Star Forecast Aug

August-September 2022: monthly feng shui forecast of flying stars 2022, seventh month of the year of the water tiger

many sectors to take into account. everything is duplicated: the good and the bad!!

There are two numbers in each of the nine grids in the monthly flying stars chart below. the largest number represents the annual flying star for 2022 and the smallest number represents the monthly star.

Reading: Monthly flying star feng shui

the luck forecast for each grid or sector, good or bad, applies to all members of the family/workplace if the main door or the most used door of the house or office is located in that sector in particular or facing that direction. for example, if your front door is located in the north sector or your property faces north, all family members or office occupants will experience the type of luck indicated in the north sector throughout the month. so always pay close attention to the flying stars of the location of the front door and the direction they face of your house, although the other rooms, such as the living room and the bedrooms, are also important, if you spend a lot of time in them daily. the energy carried by the flying stars in these rooms only affects the people who frequently occupy them.

You will also be affected by the star’s visit to the home location of your zodiac sign animal. the following table shows the location of origin of each zodiac sign. for example, the rat is affected by stars in the northern sector, the monkey is affected by stars in the southwestern sector, and so on.

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We also provide some feng shui cure suggestions to remedy or minimize the negative influence of inauspicious flying stars, as well as feng shui enhancers and lucky charms that can be used to further harness the energy of the auspicious and maximize the wonderful. chances of the month knowing the location of the stars in advance allows you to easily make arrangements to get the most out of each month.

Monthly feng shui cure locations can be changed from month to month. for example, a cure against the #5 monthly misfortune star can be moved from one sector to another to track the misfortune star. however, the annual cure for the star of misfortune should remain where it was placed at the beginning of the year.

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Feng Shui 2022 Monthly Flying Star Chart August Aug 8, 2022 – Sep 7, 2022 August Monthly Flying Star 2022 Chart

monthly forecast of flying stars for the previous month 2022

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north – the energy of the double number 1 victory star here brings good career luck and income luck. Research and development projects are favored, and even learning a new skill. to improve this, place a five-element victory banner in this sector. Displaying a new Victory Banner or Victory Desk Flag in the North Sector this month is even more powerful in driving career success and attracting successful deals. Wear the Sky Horse Amulet or the Powerful Phoenix “New Luck” Amulet, or wear a Tibetan One-Eyed Dzi Bead. however, avoid too much alcohol to celebrate, because a mishap could happen. to avoid the temptation of vice, hang a 6-rod all-metal bagua wind chime in this sector.

Southwest: The combination of two strongly unwelcome #2 disease stars doubles the negative effect of their malicious energies and wreaks havoc on your health. You will be vulnerable and prone to disease if you often occupy this area or if the front door or your bedroom is located here. you will succumb to strong negative emotions and accidents are a possibility. Place a strong feng shui cure like the wu lou with a jolly crane or a bronze wulou with 3d eight immortals in the southwest to top it off. this sector is highly unfavorable for those who are waiting. Carry an amulet to stay healthy or wear a Tibetan Dzi longevity bracelet to protect yourself. you will worry a lot this month. place a golden smiling buddha on the chair (l) or wear an obsidian smiling buddha pendant to allay your troubles, especially if you are a sheep, monkey, or the matriarch. keep the anti-sickness charm card in your wallet.

East: Arguments and conflicts abound this month and if this sector is done in an open space layout, things could get worse. even a minor disagreement could escalate into something major, which could even lead to potential legal trouble. keep the eastern sector quiet and free of noise this month so as not to aggravate the angry energy. do not play loud music or turn up the volume on the television in this area. Gossip, office politics, and arguments can break out at work. To protect against break-ins or to prevent a break-in, place a magical cosmic apple or a pair of jeweled rose quartz apples in the east sector. Carry the Magical Cosmic Apple Amulet or Harmony Lock Amulet Keychain or wear a Dorje Tibetan Dzi Bead. Hang the Double Dorje Phurba Tibetan Golden Tassel or White Shell Laughing Buddha hanging on your car if you were born a rabbit, are the eldest child, or sleep in the east.

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southeast – romance and love luck shine this month and others will find you very attractive. if you desire love, place a Goddess of Love Kurukulle mini-tag or Nine-Tailed Fox Romance Lock Coin in the southeast sector and carry a Romance Lock Charm Keychain. be careful with too much water energy here because it might attract scandal or temptation from third parties. carry or use a & happy relationships; anti-infidelity medallion for protection if you are the oldest daughter, born of a snake or dragon or if you sleep in this sector. luck in exams and education favors students now and people in the academic or literary industry, so displaying a 13 tier feng shui wisdom pagoda or manjushri wisdom stupa greatly improves your luck, by just like wearing a dragon carp amulet.

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middle – a double dose of the #5 star of misfortune is a threat in many areas, some even deadly to men. everyone in the household may suffer serious illness or an accident if this star worsens. Carrying a Heart Sutra Pagoda Keychain or Heaven Supremacy Charms is highly recommended for everyone this month as it hits the center. To combat excess earth energy here, display two 6-inch Five Element Pagodas, or display a powerful cure like the Heart Sutra Feng Shui Pagoda or the Heaven Supremacy Energy Plate. Wearing a Five Element (Gold) Jeweled Pagoda Pendant can help prevent an accident or mishap.

northwest: Luck with money seems like a godsend. even a windfall is a possibility. To enhance this feng shui good fortune this month, hang the Jade Emperor Wind Chime in the northwest sector. If your main entrance door faces northwest, placing a celestial star wind chime nearby can encourage celestial luck to come in and stay. spend more time in your new industry now and keep an eye out for worthwhile business and professional endeavors. Carry a Jade Emperor Keychain or Dragon Celestial Seal Amulet, or wear an 18mm 925 Silver (Clear Quartz) Framed Star of David Pendant to benefit from this fantastic combination of stars.

west: The ill effect of the annual theft/loss star #7 is intensified by the monthly star #7 which brings a series of unfortunate events such as betrayal, robbery, accidents, robbery, encounter violent physical and life-threatening mishaps! be very careful when handling metal objects (cars, machinery, etc.) and sharp tools. money luck will dissipate and your sex life will bring you trouble and inconvenience. place the mighty amitabha 5 dhyani buddhas gau, armored elephant and rhinoceros or anti-theft protection tablet with elephant & rhino in the west this month to suppress it. don’t trust anyone easily. avoid staying up late and be very careful when handling sharp metal objects. wear the rhino and elephant shielded amulet or nightspot protection talisman, and hang the rhino and elephant protection sodalite amulet in your car if your front door or bedroom is here, or if you are the youngest daughter or born of a rooster Stick anti-theft and violence stickers (2 pieces) on your car windows. Keep the anti-theft protection card in your wallet.

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northeast: this is the most auspicious sector of the month, it doubled due to the two 8’s that are present! large doses of wealth and money luck will manifest if you spend time in this sector, or if your front door faces northeast. equally if you were born of an ox or a tiger, or the youngest son. additional property accumulation is a possibility, so real estate efforts look good. spend more time in this sector now and display an activating prosperity tree, sacred resource cow, or supported agate geode wealth basin (c) to catch the stars. highly recommended to wear the Tibetan dzi bead of your choice with a high grade citrine bracelet or ammonite shell pendant(s) or wear the sacred resource cow amulet to magnetize the luck of these stars of wealth towards you . Hang the Liuli Good Fortune Fuk Feng Shui Yellow Tassel on your car.

south: Auspicious good luck comes to the south, even leading to potential fame. career luck improves and a promotion awaits. Wear a Tibetan 9 eyed dzi bead pendant or purple charoite crystal bracelet for career luck. love and romance look good and displaying a pair of colorful liuli glass mandarin ducks for love in this sector this month helps relationships. To maximize career luck and future prosperity luck, display a Celestial Completion Horse or Rank 9 Insignia Plate in this sector. carry a teapot with a finishing horse charm.

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