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what are the best places for mirrors in your house?

In feng shui, mirrors have many unique abilities. can double or multiply the energy of an area. it can reflect incoming energy. it can also disperse incoming energy to its surroundings.

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Because of these abilities, mirrors must be used with great care. Sometimes water features and other objects need to be treated the same way because they have similar reflective properties.

In this article, I will go over some basic mirror feng shui tips and rules as they relate to each room and area of ​​your home. Towards the end, you will learn some rules and tips about feng shui bagua mirrors. After reading this article, you will know the best and worst places to place mirrors and their reasons.

dining room

1. dining room more suitable for mirrors

A home’s wealth area can be hard to find, but one’s wealth “vault” is easy to identify. the dining room represents this “vault”. represents one’s ability to maintain wealth.

That said, the most suitable place for mirrors is your dining room. increases the size of your vault and your ability to hold wealth. think of this as the size of your wallet and how much money you can put into it.

The dining room, however, should not be confused with the wealth areas. nor is placing mirrors here considered a feng shui wealth setting. To make myself very clear, placing a mirror in the dining room does not improve your ability to attract wealth.

2. watch out for the window that looks into the mirror

Although the dining room is more suitable for mirrors, where to place them needs some attention. this is because the mirror can bring anything from outside into the house.

according to feng shui expert gayle smith, placing a mirror can bring in energy from outside, which is a good thing. however, this is not recommended if there are any bad “shapes” outside the window because the mirror can bring those negative energies inside. These “shapes” can include an electrical pole, pipes, electrical wires, and others.

Also, some experts claim that the mirror will attract scandals into your life if it reflects some kind of water source from the outside, such as a fountain or a lake.


3. the kitchen is not suitable for mirrors

The kitchen has negative feng shui energies, and that is the main reason why feng shui doesn’t like mirrors in the kitchen. if mirrors can double the energy of an area, then a mirror in the kitchen will amplify the negative energies that the kitchen brings.

That’s also true based on the lucky and unlucky areas of a person’s kua number. if the kitchen is in a lucky area, the auspicious energies will be further suppressed as the mirror amplifies the negative energies in the kitchen. if the kitchen is in an “unlucky” area, the mirror can amplify both the negative energies generated by kitchen activities and your unlucky area.

4. the stove in front of the mirror creates a yin yang imbalance

Kitchen stoves bring extremely strong energies of yang fire. This applies to all types of cookers, such as those that run on natural gas or electricity. all of them provide energy in the form of light and heat.

with a mirror in front of the stove, the fire element and yang energies would be greatly increased. As a result, the balance of yin and yang in the house may change, and the house may not be as comfortable as it once was.

This rule applies to mirrors not only in the kitchen, but also in living rooms where the mirrors may reflect the kitchen stove.

5. stove with mirror for those who cook with the door at the back

I have read on various feng shui websites that the mirror behind the stove is suitable for those who cook with their back to the door. The reason is that the cook would easily know who is entering or leaving the kitchen.

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For me, this suggestion is not really about feng shui. however, it seems like practical advice, especially for those who work in restaurants. the cook can easily catch the attention of the waiters and waitresses as they enter and leave the kitchen.

toilet and bathroom

6. remove the mirrors that face the bathroom door

These are mirrors located anywhere inside the house that face the bathroom or bathroom door.

Bathrooms and baths are said to produce negative qi because that is where we dispose of our waste. with a mirror facing those rooms, that negative qi has a chance to grow and spread to other places within the house.

7. the toilet in front of the mirror spreads negative qi

The toilet is said to produce negative qi due to its purpose. if a mirror is facing the toilet, it is said that this negative energy can be strengthened and dispersed. amplifying negative energy is not a good idea, even if it can be used to suppress other negative energies.

Also, having a mirror in front of the toilet might seem a bit strange to some people. This person’s hilarious comments capture how we would feel if we were using a toilet like that.


8. the bed in front of the mirror causes sleeping problems

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Mirrors are quite common in modern bedrooms. In general, having mirrors in the bedroom is not a bad thing. There is only one thing: the mirror must not face the bed.

but why? some experts say that the bed in front of the mirror causes nightmares and restless nights. others say it can bring a third party into your relationship and even soul-stealing tendencies. I’ve written a whole article about it and you can read it here.

living room

9. living room generally not suitable for mirrors

as mentioned above, the best place for mirrors is the dining room. As for living room feng shui, the information I got was mixed. some like it and some don’t.

Some say that placing mirrors in the living room makes parties and gatherings more festive because it feels like the number of people has doubled. however, others are concerned that the mirror will amplify the energy brought in by guests, especially those with negative energies.

Personally, I wouldn’t put a mirror in the living room because it’s distracting. even if you place it to reflect a landscape outside your window, that view can only be seen from a certain angle in the living room. why not put a painting instead?

10. don’t hang the mirror behind the sofa

Like the bed, the back of the sofa should be placed against the wall for safety. Some say that if you put a mirror on the wall behind the sofa, you lose that feeling of security. the same was said of the mirror placed on the wall behind the bed.

I have my doubts about this reasoning, although there is concern that the mirror will fall on your head in case of earthquakes. Other than that, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with placing it behind the sofa, as long as it follows all the other rules mentioned here.

lobby and front door

11. the mirror facing the front door causes instability

Some people like to place a mirror near the front door or hallway for added convenience. they have one last chance to take care of their appearance before leaving home.

There is nothing wrong with having a mirror in the hall or near the front door. however, almost all experts agree that having a mirror facing the front door is simply bad feng shui, and the reasons vary.

Some say that qi entering the house will be reflected and repelled out the door. others have said that the qi would enter the house but would somehow be trapped there (and not circulate within the house for the benefit of the occupant). but of course, you can have the mirror placed on the side. just make sure it’s not directly in front of the front door.

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12. mirror can add to the look of your foyer

from before, you know that having a mirror in the foyer area is fine, it just shouldn’t face the front door.

if your front door or foyer area is small, like you have a long narrow doorway, you can try hanging a mirror on the side that fits the swing of the door to make the space feel bigger . here’s more from uncle dixer on how to make your front door space look larger.

other seating areas

13. good for corridors but not at the end

Mirrors in hallways can be a bit confusing.

Some say that placing the mirror at the end of the hall symbolizes “stay away” and can lead to mistakes and frustration. others say that mirrors placed in hallways can help slow qi energy as it moves through the house.

the key here is to make sure how the mirror is positioned. place it along the two side walls of the corridor but not at the end. Also, make sure the mirrors on the side walls are not facing each other.

14. narrow stairs can use mirrors

Narrow stairs are said to decrease fortune and abundance. In those situations, you can insert a mirror in the landing area because it can help widen the staircase. Also, if the staircase can benefit from the water element, adding a mirror would also be helpful. however, others think that placing mirrors on stairs has the effect of “cutting off” qi and is not recommended.

While all of those sayings have their merits, I think it’s okay to place small mirrors on narrow stairs. if it were me, however, I would place some objects besides the mirrors, such as stage paintings. but that’s just a personal preference, because mirrors can be pretty creepy for me.

15. mirrors should not face the desktop

I’ve read from various sources that desktop mirroring will work against you. that’s because the mirror tends to “double your workload”. others just say it will distract you from work.

I don’t think that mirror in front of the desk really “doubles” your workload. however, I agree that it is distracting and can create more stress. With a mirror in front of your desk, you will see the reflection of the work that needs to be done instead of looking at something else, whatever the mirror covers. you will be constantly reminded of work, which can definitely bring you a lot of stress.

That said, there are sayings that you should put up a mirror so you can see the door when you sit at your desk. this only applies when you can’t get your desk into command position (similar to bed command position). whether this is necessary is entirely up to you.

feng shui bagua mirror placements

Traditionally, there are two different types of bagua with three different types of mirrors.

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The two bagua are the early sky sequence and the later sky sequence. most bagua mirrors in existence are from the early sky sequence.

however, there are bagua mirrors that use the sky’s backsequence. here’s one I found on aliexpress.com:

In addition to different bagua, there are also concave, convex and flat mirrors. each of them has different rules and uses. I’ve briefly outlined them here.

16. bagua mirrors should not be placed indoors

Let me repeat: bagua mirrors should only be placed outdoors. Bagua mirrors are powerful, and almost all experts agree that they should not be placed inside your home (except in extremely unique circumstances). the most common place for bagua mirrors is just above the front door.

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In general, the bagua mirror is mainly used to block negative energies from outside. these are mostly energies that have ‘form’. i.e. if there is a utility pole right outside the front door, a bagua mirror can be used. However, according to feng shui expert Rodika Tchi and many other masters, it is best to use a bagua mirror only when recommended by a professional.

17. traditionally, the early and later celestial bagua sequence is important

This is where modernization and commercialism have taken their toll on feng shui.

Most of the feng shui tips out there don’t mention the difference between the before and after sky sequence. there is a difference between the two.

The early sky sequence should be used with a concave mirror. the back sequence of the sky must be used with a convex mirror. both have their different uses, as you will see in the following tips. (To the feng shui masters reading this, correct me if I’m wrong by commenting below.)

However, most bagua mirror makers pay no attention to this. plus, most laymen can’t really tell the difference. that’s one of the reasons I suggest you seek professional help on this.

18. concave bagua mirrors absorb and neutralize

Concave mirrors are mirrors that curve inward. his reflection is upside down.

Most experts agree that these mirrors have the ability to absorb negative qi from the outside. others have said that these types of mirrors, when used with the early heaven sequence, can be used to absorb good qi.

19. convex bagua mirrors reflect negative qi

Convex mirrors are mirrors that curve outward. By looking into this mirror, you have a greater view of your surroundings. it’s the same type of mirror some drivers use to attach to the side mirrors of their cars.

Convex mirrors are said to reflect and redirect negative qi. sometimes you can go to other people’s house, so this method is not the most ethical way to use bagua mirrors.

20. flat bagua mirrors have the most neutral use

The flat mirror is said to be the most neutral and popular. There are a number of feng shui masters who claim that flat mirrors can protect you by deflecting bad energy and inviting positive energy. so if you’re not sure what type of mirror to use, some would recommend using the flat bagua mirror.

However, I don’t think flat bagua mirrors were used in traditional feng shui (I could be wrong). it could just be a modern fad. Again, I suggest you consult your trusted feng shui consultant for advice and don’t randomly place mirrors.


21. final tip: objects with reflective properties are considered mirrors

Objects that have reflective textures can also be treated as mirrors. These objects include metal objects, fish tanks and aquariums, and glass surfaces from old-school tube televisions.

That’s why some experts say TVs aren’t right for the bedroom. in addition to its emf which can affect our sleep, it has the effect of a mirror facing the bed, which is a big no in feng shui.


In terms of feng shui, mirrors are excellent for the dining room and good for stairs and narrow hallways. however, where to place them is critical. For example, dining room mirrors should not face the kitchen stove or window, and mirrors should not face each other in long hallways.

As for other places, it’s best not to place mirrors unless advised by your trusted feng shui advisor. this is especially true of bagua mirrors, where getting professional advice rather than doing it yourself is essential.

what was your experience with mirrors at home or someone else’s home? Does it sometimes scare you like me? Share your experience with us using the comment below!

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