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feng shui has very specific rules for its application. If we delve a little deeper into this wisdom, we realize that the philosophy of feng shui divides spaces to be able to give them the proper attention and that each area of ​​our life is full and developed.

Feng shui experts use it when entering any space to detect the problems that live inside and provide solutions so that the energy balance is restored and everything is taking a better course. Aspects such as love, family, health, work or money have specific areas within our home that we can locate thanks to the feng shui bagua map. here we explain what it consists of and how to apply it in your home to improve its energy.

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what is feng shui bagua map?

the feng shui bagua map is a map, usually octagonal in shape that does not allow spaces to be divided into 8 main areas. the bagua map has as its center the duality of yin and yang, which are the dominant energies of heaven and earth.

The 8 zones of the bagua map represent the cardinal points of the compass, feng shui calls these points “aspirations”, since they are aspects in which we aspire to an ideal level of energetic and abundant balance. This feng shui octagonal layout is one of the main guides to detect any discomfort inside your house, or even when you are going to move and want to perfectly distribute all your furniture and the colors you should use.

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what do the 8 “aspirations” of the feng shui bagua map represent?

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let’s start with the southeast area. for feng shui it represents wealth, prosperity and fortune. its number is 4, the color is purple, the element is wood, and its main figure is the eldest daughter

in feng shui the south represents fame, reputation and home festivity. her number is 9, the dominant color is red, her element is fire, and the main figure is the middle daughter.

in feng shui the southwest represents society, marriage and social and sentimental relationships. its number is 2, the color is yellow, the dominant element is earth, and the main figure is the mother.

in feng shui the east represents growth and family. his number is 3, the ideal color is green, the dominant element is wood, and the main figure is the eldest son.

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in feng shui the west represents creativity, children and offspring, as well as entertainment and the mechanics of family coexistence. her number is 7, the ideal color is white, the dominant element is metal, and the main figure is the youngest daughter.

In feng shui the northeast represents growth, success and intelligence, as well as personal development, preparation in life and self-knowledge. his number is 8, the color is turquoise, the dominant element is earth, and the main figure is the youngest son.

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In feng shui north represents career and job success. its number is 1, the color is black, the dominant element is water, and the main figure is the middle child.

in feng shui the northwest represents travel, abroad, friendship and future projects. his number is 6, his color is gray, the dominant element is metal and the main figure is the father.

The center is the yin and yang duality, the origin of the energy flow must be concentrated in the center, from this point it must start to locate all the “aspirations” and unblock the energy stagnation to improve the state of our home.

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