Best 15 Lucky Birds In Feng Shui And Placement Tips

Feng shui uses a combination of earth, water, fire, metal, and wood elements to create an aura of positivity. one of those symbols of power and luck is the one obtained by having birds in your home.

You don’t have to have real birds in your house, as feng shui advises against caging them. instead, it allows birds to be free and fly in the open skies.

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This is why feng shui lucky birds are often used for luck by placing bird symbols, figurines, or even paintings and pictures.

In this article, you are sure to get a breakdown of 15 lucky birds in feng shui and learn how they can be placed in your home or office for maximum benefits.

To discover everything you need to know about lucky birds in feng shui and receive the proper guidance to make your feng shui practice a success, read on to learn more.

what is feng shui in the first place?

The practice of feng shui has had positive benefits for those who have tried it. this is because this practice is often referred to as science or art.

has its roots in Chinese geomancy and seeks to create harmony between the person who is dedicated to art and the world around him.

The way this is achieved is by creating a yin yang balance by getting rid of negative energies and creating a space for positive energies to enter.

As this happens, the law of attraction kicks in and a list of benefits comes to life. from better luck, career progression, academic success, and better health, to even the creation of wealth and fortune.

15 lucky birds in feng shui and placement guide

here are 15 feng shui lucky birds that can increase your luck and help you get your wishes right away. pay special attention to your location guide; this is key to making your efforts a success.

1. owl in feng shui

The wise owl symbol is something you may have heard about as a child. however, there is truth to this saying: the presence of owls is known to bring wisdom, knowledge, and intellect.

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You can get an owl figurine and place it on your study table for maximum success while studying for a test.

  • placement guide: northwest or north corner of the room or study table

2. peacock

Peacocks bring not only luck but also beauty and energy to your home. blue and green feathers can also work well for feng shui.

if you can’t find peacock feathers or a figurine, you can also include peacock blue in your home aesthetic for luck.

  • location guide: southernmost area of ​​the room

3. mandarin duck

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in feng shui, the mandarin duck comes in pairs. This feng shui bird is known to help enhance love and companionship between couples.

They are also often given to couples as wedding gifts. ducks can be placed in the bedroom to maximize the benefits it has to offer.

  • placement guide: in the southwest of the room or on the bedside table

4. crane

Cranes, along with turtles, are symbols of longevity. they also promote better overall health and wellness.

Crane in Feng Shui

Crane in Feng Shui

People who practice Feng Shui often have pictures hung in their homes with cranes engraved or painted on them.

  • placement guide: the east side of the house to bring fortune and the west side of the house to benefit the children

5. parrot

parrots are bearers of good news and fortune. they are colorful and have the most feng shui colors for luck and prosperity.

These include the colors red, blue and green, all of which are powerful enough to enhance feng shui for good luck. you can invest in a parrot figure or in a painting containing a colored parrot.

  • placement guide: southwest corner to improve wealth and north corner of the house to excel in the race.

6. phoenix

The phoenix is ​​a beautiful and powerful bird. it also brings with it good luck, fortune and longevity. It is no wonder that most people opt for a phoenix tattoo on their arm or leg.

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However, this lucky bird can be included in your feng shui practice without suffering from the pain of needles.

  • placement guide: East sector of the house or office

7. magpies

Magpies are feng shui birds that offer luck and happiness in marriage. They can also be used to improve relationships with friends and family. Magpie placement offers different benefits.

  • placement guide: southwest for a happy marriage, west for better prospects for your children, and northwest for attracting mentors

8. swallows

If a swallow builds its nest on your window sill, it is considered a sign of good fortune and luck.

We also know these lucky birds in feng shui to help keep the family living inside the house safe from harm and calamity.

  • location guide: in flight and positioned to fly to a room

9. pigeons

doves bring with them the good news. They are also symbols of pleasant and happy events unfolding, perhaps a soul mate or friend.

You can add the symbol of the dove to your home in the form of a small figure or incorporate it into your home decor.

Dove patterned pillowcases or dove patterned tablecloths are also creative ways to add your presence.

  • location guide: where they can be easily seen

10. small birds

A flight of small birds is not only a sight to see, but also brings good news and luck.

  • location guide: 100 birds: You can place small symbols and artifacts of 100 small birds inside your house.

11. robin

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The robin bird is often ignored in feng shui practice. however, it also offers good luck and fortune to whoever places a robin figurine in their home. you too can try this and experience the benefits.

  • location guide: wherever they can be easily seen

12. blue jay

In Chinese folklore, an old man is believed to have transformed into a blue jay to escape and protect himself from his enemies.

therefore, the blue jay has a special place in feng shui to bring good luck. You can place the blue jay symbol or figure anywhere in your home to attract fortune and luck.

  • placement guide: wherever they can be easily seen.
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13. cardinal

The cardinal is a symbol of vitality and warmth. he is also a bringer of luck and an important lucky bird in feng shui.

You can have the presence of a cardinal in your home through the presence of paintings, figurines or even photographs.

  • location guide: wherever they can be easily seen

14. rooster

An early morning rooster crowing is not only a wake-up call, it also brings good news and luck. so be sure to pick up any home decor items that feature a rooster on your next shopping trip.

  • location guide: wherever they can be easily seen

15. hummingbird

Hummingbirds are strong birds, they are also symbols of fertility. your quickness and swiftness also symbolize your ability to find solutions to problems without any difficulty.

Therefore, its presence is undoubtedly essential in your home.

  • location guide: wherever they can be easily seen

get your lucky feng shui birds today!

You can go out and find the lucky birds and feng shui you want and bring your home to life.

There is sure to be a welcoming and optimistic atmosphere in your home; you will feel it almost instantly.

however, the location and position of these lucky birds in feng shui are important. you want to follow the guide provided here without skipping any details; only then will you be able to get the right feng shui benefits.

so what are you waiting for? start without delay! stay persistent, patient and positive when trying this Chinese art. it will offer long-term benefits and make your investment worthwhile!

If you find this article helpful, please share it with a family member or friend who may be interested in trying feng shui.

Sharing information and knowledge further enhances the strength of your feng shui practice. you definitely don’t want to miss this!

Try it and you will see that the presence of prosperity and luck in your life doubles!

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