15 Bamboo Feng Shui Design Tips

Bamboo plants are considered very auspicious and lucky. Bamboo feng shui rules clearly state that this plant brings good luck when placed in the right place in the house. Bamboo plants are believed to bring wealth, fortune, and good luck. Here are some feng shui tips to decorate your home with the auspicious bamboo plants for a happy and peaceful life.

decorate the house with feng shui bamboo plant

bamboo feng shui: simple decoration for your home

Placing a lucky bamboo on the table of your living room to attract positive energy as well as giving the entire room a simple but special look. It is good to place the plant in the east or the south corner to get best results. This kind of decoration of a room can attract many home buyers.bamboo-feng-shui-simple-decoration-for-your-homeThe simplest decoration with bamboo plant

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elaborate decoration with bamboo plant

You can feel the presence and love of Mother Nature in your living room by converting the entire room into a garden full of green bamboo plants. According to bamboo Feng Shui, this can give you a soothing and peaceful feeling, and thus driving away all of your mental stresses. This is a good idea of the design and decor of your living room.elaborate-decoration-with-bamboo-plantConvert your living room into a garden!

attractive feng shui bamboo plants in the vase

You can decorate your living room with a Feng Shui bamboo plant in a vase. It is a supportive plant when you are thinking about wealth and abundance. You can also use this kind of option to decorate the commercial, office spaces, shops etc. This bamboo plant can also strengthen your relationships and make you happy.attractive-feng-shui-bamboo-plants-in-the-vaseAttractive decoration for your room

bamboo feng shui accompanied by buddha statue

To invite both power and prosperity in your life, you can place a lucky bamboo beside an attractive Buddha statue. Placing these two in your desk can induce good luck and expansion in your career. If you are thinking about where to put the bamboo plant Feng Shui, the entrance of your home is also a good choice.feng-shui-bamboo-accompanied-by-buddha-statuePower of Feng Shui to bring happiness and prosperity in your life

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creative decoration idea with feng shui bamboo

You can place a small bamboo plant as the centerpiece for your dining table as the positive energy it attracts becomes doubled. The dining room is the symbol or seat of the family’s abundance. Placing a lucky bamboo plant in the dining table is an auspicious choice of decoration to bring wealth and happiness.creative-decoration-idea-with-feng-shui-bambooUnique flower pot decoration with bamboo plant

uniquely shaped bamboo plant

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You can place a lucky bamboo plant at the bedside table of your bedroom or in the right corner, as it can make your relationship harmonious and love and proper balance between you and your partner. This kind of decoration can also provide your bedroom a unique but attractive look. uniquely-shaped-bamboo-plantWonderful decoration for your bed-side table

spiral type bamboo shoot for living room decoration

Spiral type bamboo shoots are good for decorating your living room in a special way. This is a very unique looking bamboo plant but also is very auspicious to use for decoration purposes. Give your living room or office table a unique look with this kind of unique bamboo plant. You should take good care of these bamboo plants as they need ample but indirect sunlight.spiral-type-bamboo-shoot-for-living-room-decorationWarm decoration for living room

feng shui bamboo plant with candles

If you want something simple but attractive, you can choose some special candles beside your bamboo plant. The east corner is the best place to keep your bamboo plant. Also, it is good to tie the stalks with a ribbon wire and provide a proper amount of water.feng-shui-bamboo-plant-with-candlesDecoration must be simple and attractive

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simple bedside table decoration

The bed side table of your house can be beautifully decorated with Feng Shui bamboo plants. This kind of decoration can be easy but very attractive. Remember not to place it under direct sunlight. This kind of plant is very easy to maintain. Other than the east corner, the south east part is also a good place for these plants.simplest-decoration-of-bed-side-tableeasy to decorate – easy to maintain

feng shui bamboo plant on the shelf

You can use pretty bamboo plants to decorate every corner of your house. If you are wondering about where to put Feng Shui bamboo plant, you can use the south east corner to achieve prosperity and get rid of various financial problems. The white colour vase looks great with the green plants.feng-shui-bamboo-plant-on-the-shelfbamboo plant to decorate every corner of your home

attractive bamboo plant for the bathroom

By placing a green bamboo plant in the bathroom, you can clean the waste water generated in that area, because here the plant represents the symbol of “wood”. You can also put the plant behind the toilet, for the purpose of purification as well as giving your entire bathroom an attractive and special look. attractive-bamboo-plant-for-the-bathroomElegant bathroom decoration with Feng Shui bamboo

feng shui bamboo plant decor against a vibrant pink wall

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Pink is a very auspicious colour according to Feng Shui. Hence, decorating your room with the colour vibrant pink and with a cute bamboo plant in the vase is a great choice. This kind of decoration can bring both beauty and prosperity in your life. You can also paint the walls with the beautiful pink colour for its best look.feng-shui-bamboo-plant-decoration-against-vibrant-pink-wallColour and aesthetic – the powerful combination

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feng shui bamboo plant for kitchen decoration

The lucky bamboo plant in the kitchen can bring happiness and wealth in life. You can place the bamboo plant on the table or on the cabinet of your kitchen. Bring the warmth and love of family in the kitchen room by the help of these lucky bamboo plants. This touch of green can make your kitchen more beautiful.feng-shui-bamboo-plant-for-kitchen-decorationKitchen needs flow of positive energy

simple bathroom decoration with feng shui bamboo

For decorating the bathroom you can use Feng Shui bamboo plants over the toilet, on a shelf. It can work as a purifying object for your bathroom. The bamboo plants with six, eight or ten stalks are very auspicious according to Feng Shui and also give a special look to the entire decoration. The black pot matches really well with the green plants.simple-bathroom-decoration-with-feng-shui-bambooSmall bamboo plants in black pot

beautiful decoration of bamboo plants for the bedroom

If you want something gorgeous, you can choose an eight or ten stalked bamboo plant in your bedroom. The atmosphere of your bedroom can change drastically with this beautiful green bamboo plant, which can also prove to be very beneficial. The Feng Shui bamboo plant is also a good choice to decorate every corner of your house.gorgeous-bamboo-plant-decoration-for-bedroomThe gorgeous bedroom decor

All these ideas of keeping a bamboo tree are good for decorating every part of your house in an auspicious yet beautiful way while following the bamboo feng shui rules. Over time, these feng shui bamboo plants have been modified to be kept indoors, making any ordinary home look extraordinary while inviting positive energies into life.

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