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if you are looking to improve or establish a love relationship and are willing to try feng shui, you should read on.

I am a third generation feng shui expert and have helped thousands of people find the love they have always dreamed of.

general description of the corner of love

Based on feng shui principles, when improvements are made to relationships & love corner of your environment in combination with the improvements made in the complementary areas, you can find the love you have never known before or you can rekindle the love you once had.

heck, if all you’re looking for is (ahem) fun, this is the area for you to pay attention to.

best colors: pink, red and white

according to feng shui, in addition to the rightmost corner of your overall floor plan or of a room, your bedroom is always considered a relationship area for those in that bedroom.

Also, your bedroom should be a place for relaxation and romance, a place for calm energy.

While much of what I talk about here will be specific to your bedroom, you should also put a similar amount of care into the right corner of your bagua.

I’ll go into things you should have in your bedroom and relationship corner, but first we need to make some space.

These are few of the things that you need to avoid in your bedroom and relationship corner:

no mirrors remove or cover all mirrors in your bedroom, as mirrors reflect all negative energy back to you while you sleep.

a mirror always reflects things, so in feng shui it is considered an active element, which is not recommended for a bedroom.

If you have mirrors in your bedroom, chances are your mind is always on, preventing you from getting a good night’s rest.

No plants or fountains For similar reasons, water fountains, fresh flowers, or plants are also not recommended for the bedroom.

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Plants emit yang (active) energy that can disturb sleep while yin (calm) energy is needed.

no family photos avoid family photos in your bedroom, as your bedroom should be a very private place.

It’s the place for you and your partner, so try to minimize photos of your children, friends, and in-laws.

Looking at those photos while you’re in bed doesn’t let your mind wander, relax and fully enjoy your partner.

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If you have religious images and items in your bedroom, you should place them so they are not facing your bed.

No Work or Fitness Work and love just don’t mix. You should never keep your work desk or computer in your bedroom, even if you feel like you don’t have room elsewhere.

once again, the bedroom is for rest and relaxation: yin energy. your office must have yang energy.

Home offices in the bedroom bring too much active energy into what should be a very passive room.

If there’s no other place to have a home office other than your bedroom, then make sure you can put away your computer and all your work stuff before bed so you don’t see it from your bed.

The same goes for any exercise equipment.

and don’t keep it under your bed… that active energy will give you an active mind at night.

no sad, lonely, or cold images avoid images, artwork, or other items that evoke sadness or loneliness.

for example, don’t have photos of an ex, storms, photos of dead flowers, a desolate winter landscape, a lonely person, etc.

Also, don’t have anything cold in your bedroom or relationship corner, either figuratively or literally. for example, avoid freezers, air conditioning units, ice coolers, refrigerators, etc.

If you can’t help but have a refrigerator or other chill unit in these places, warm them up with red rugs, pictures of burning fires, or images of romantic couples plastered everywhere.

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No Single Items or Games In Relationship Feng Shui, it is absolutely critical not to have single items.

examples of things to avoid would be a single lamp or candle on your nightstands or in the relationship corner.

even if you’re single, don’t just have a towel hanging in the bathroom.

have everything in pairs.

Also, if you want to avoid games and drama in your love life, avoid any type of gaming, such as video games or board games, in this area.

no mess if you want to find true love, start with a good cleaning of your relationship area.

yes, a good old fashioned cleaning is great for finding love in feng shui.

don’t forget to remove all clutter.

To better focus on finding true love, get rid of all previous relationships, especially unhappy ones.

You don’t want to start a new relationship with old emotional baggage.

Even if you’ve outgrown that past relationship, don’t cling to objects that represent that relationship. just keep the good memories and let everything else go.

Now that we’ve cleared some space, let’s talk about nice things for your bedroom or relationship corner.

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colors of love pink is the color of romance in life, art and feng shui.

you can use light pink, hot pink or any kind of pink.

can be shaped like pink hearts, paint for walls, rugs, decorative pieces, etc.

I’m not saying you have to make your room look like a giant exploded pepto bismol bottle (which I did and it worked, but you don’t have to if pink isn’t your color).

white and red are also colors with an excellent relationship.

Love Symbols You can also have love symbols such as cupids, hearts, lovebirds, pictures of loving couples and especially things in pairs.

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two pink candles, two wine glasses, two pillows, two armchairs, two tickets to Hawaii, etc.

be creative.

Think of all the romantic things and places you want to do and go with your true love.

positive environment / no symbols of loneliness to finish, and as with any area of ​​your home that you want to improve, create an energy in your environment that will be a positive influence to achieve it. what you are looking for.

The concept of peers is really important for every area of ​​your home if you want to spend your life with someone special.

Finally, in my consultations, I have noticed that sad and lonely hearts are those that have pictures of a single and lonely woman on the wall or some other symbol of loneliness.

The environment you create for yourself will be the environment you will live in, both inside and outside the home.

may you find or rekindle the most special kind of love imaginable.

next steps

Do you have a unique situation in your home or office?

Is your floor plan missing the sweet spot or do you have a dangerous feature, like a bathroom, fireplace, or garage?

Are you looking to improve your love life or find that special someone?

then contact mrs. feng shui right now to inquire about a feng shui consultation so you can add harmony and balance to your life. It will be the best investment you have ever made.

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