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Feng shui is more than just rearranging the furniture in your room.

In fact, feng shui has its origins in the ancient Chinese principles of balance and environmental harmony. To achieve feng shui in any room, it’s important to create spaces where you can exist in peace with your surroundings.

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Fortunately, maximizing the feng shui of your home doesn’t have to be a challenge. it’s possible to transform spaces in your home into areas that can maximize your own well-being, all without breaking the bank or taking too much time out of your day. In this post, we’ll cover the best living room feng shui tips to keep in mind as you spring clean this season.

1. clear your living room

The central principle of feng shui lies in spatial harmony. space is harmonious when everything within it has a purpose and comfortably coexists with other objects. therefore, the first step in achieving living room feng shui is to declutter the space itself. cluttered space can automatically influence your mental health, and not always in a positive way.

It can also interrupt the flow of your living room. feng shui is also about the power of chi, or life force, and its constant movement in and out of the spaces we inhabit. a messy or disorganized living room can automatically inhibit this flow. start by removing anything from your living room that is causing clutter. this could mean excess furniture, clothing, boxes, or even wall decorations. move these items to another room in your home or donate them. make sure you can easily move around your living room without bumping into things or having to reach for objects. this is a good litmus test for a tidy space.

Feng Shui Living Rooms

2. explore color therapy

color plays an important role in informing our own psychology. When it comes to feng shui decorating, it’s important to work with intentional colors in your living room.

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Feng shui living room colors may have to do with your room’s energy map, which we’ll discuss later in this post. but you can also incorporate colors that automatically invite a sense of balance and fluidity. these colors are usually on the lighter end of the spectrum. You can start by painting the walls of your living room white, for example. Your feng shui decor may include a subtle palette of soft grays, light blues, pale yellows, and blush. the green or blue color can also mean tranquility and well-being.

In addition to painting the walls, you can also use these color suggestions on pillows, furniture, wall art, and rugs.

Feng shui living room

3. let there be light

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feelings of comfort or balance are often reminiscent of feelings of lightness. feng shui is about navigating your environment with respect and grace. As a result, you can achieve the feng shui of the living room by creating a light-filled space. this may mean adding large windows, if you are in the construction phase, or installing voile curtains instead of blackout ones. Pale-colored or white walls can also give a living room a light feel, as can light-colored wood or tile flooring.

You can also install a mirror or two along the walls to make your living room feel more spacious. Also consider pendant lights, lamps or mirrored furniture for an ethereal lighting solution.

Feng Shui Living Room

4. create an energy map

To truly focus on the flow of your living room, consult a feng shui energy map before you decorate. This energy map is called a bagua and is designed to help you organize your living spaces with intention.

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Using a bagua can be confusing at first. When you consult a bagua, you can identify which elements to incorporate into each of your living spaces, especially your living room. you’ll also be more informed about what colors to choose in your living room decor and how to organize the space to maximize your feng shui.

bagua,feng shui

5. incorporate functional furniture

It’s hard to feel at one with your surroundings when it seems to have no purpose. Because feng shui is based on the power of intention, it’s important to be intentional with everything in the living room. this means incorporating functional furniture and getting rid of anything superfluous. It’s okay to include accent pieces, but make sure every item in your living room has a purpose.

In many cases, this can invite a more minimalist living room design. minimalist designs often promote greater energy balance because they automatically eliminate clutter. Look for furniture that doubles as a bench that doubles as a storage container. these pieces can make a room feel larger and lighter.

Feng Shui Living Rooms

6. organize your living room

To maintain the feng shui of the living room, keep the room organized and comfortable. Invest in reliable storage solutions that can minimize clutter and free up space. floating shelves and shelving are a great way to organize clutter and train the energy of a room to rise upwards. Shelves and closet organizers can also help make your living room more comfortable and promote healthy energy flow.

Looking for inspiration? explore our living room ideas here.

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Feng Shui Living Rooms

7. honor the elements of feng shui

Whether you’ve consulted a bagua or not, you can still honor the flow of a room by incorporating all the feng shui elements into the décor itself. these elements include fire, water, earth, metal, and wood.

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In general, a balanced home will have an even distribution of all of these elements throughout its living spaces. make sure your living room honors each element in some way. this may mean simply incorporating the physical elements themselves, such as a metal-backed chair, a planter, a wooden bench, a decorative fountain, and a candle.

It could also mean recognizing each element with an image or color.

Feng Shui Living Rooms Decor

8. generate facility

In short, the feng shui of your living room depends on your own ability to inhabit it with tranquility and well-being. feng shui is often a two-way street in this regard.

If your living room currently generates a lot of stress or anxiety, modify the space so that it promotes tranquility and reflection. this may mean rearranging the furniture, but it can also mean a more drastic change, such as painting the walls or bringing in new decor. build living room feng shui by simply identifying solutions that will help you move around a space comfortably and happily.

Feng Shui Living Room Ideas

essential feng shui tips for the living room

feng shui is a powerful principle that can help you live extraordinarily in your own space. achieve living room feng shui by choosing intentional color schemes, consulting a bagua, and decluttering the room.

Organization and purpose are key factors in a balanced room. make sure that your decoration reflects tranquility and harmony. Also don’t forget the importance of light for your feng shui living room.

at zin home, we’re here to help you achieve harmony in every room of your home. learn more about what we do today!

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