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Before consulting the essential books on feng shui, it is necessary to take into account that energy flows through the universe and that there are ways to take advantage of it, as well as that you can improve the environments in your home and have a better quality of life.

in feng shui it is said that your house is a reflection of your mind, for this reason so much importance is given to the order and location of things in your home, since it is believed that in the physical world we project what What’s in our thoughts.

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furthermore we can easily evidence this, since many times when visiting a person we see how their own way of being is manifested in the order of their things, even if it is a positive and cheerful person, their home will also transmit that harmony and tranquility. To learn how to do it, it is advisable to resort to the best feng shui books that we have compiled.

what are the 4 essential feng shui books?

There are hundreds of books that talk about feng shui, but some are usually complicated to understand, so we have selected among the best and with the best tips for you to apply it in your home or other spaces, these are:

1. learn feng shui from isabel sánchez rivera:

This is the only complete manual on the market to learn feng shui in a simple way, an authentic feng shui course for all those who start from scratch or already have knowledge to specialize.

The author has made a direct commitment to offer all the feng shui training available to everyone and to have this unique manual as a reference work and consult it in your own home or digitally. You have it available on amazon.

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Together with this book, it is advisable to add the one on urgent feng shui, one of the best complementary options, since this book can help you organize your environment and notice its effects inside you.

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It is an excellent manual to make quick and easy changes, helping users to perceive their environment in a different way and to be able to subsequently apply feng shui to them.

In addition, this book will help you to make the energies flow positively in your environment, finding quick solutions, lighting up a different and positive touch. has reached the market and has become a true best seller, here you can access its presentation https://www.fengshuicrecer.com/feng-shui-urgent.html.

transform your life with these incredible books, learning how to order your spaces and apply feng shui in a simple way.

2.nancilee wydra’s feng shui for businesses: feng shui is not only a good option to apply in your home, it is also ideal for making changes in the work environment to make your business flow better energy and attract money, making projects take more positive paths.

In this book you can find very good techniques to give the best balance to the office, making it much more comfortable and a place where all employees can easily achieve their goals and explore their creativity to the fullest.

contains very useful and easy to apply ideas in the workplace, although it is based on the compass for the location of furniture and various objects, but it is very simple to understand and put into practice. here you have more related information in google ebook.

The idea of ​​this book is to make a difference in the workplace, making those who apply feng shui in the spaces where they work, feel positive changes and achieve a much more productive life.

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3.feng shui of abundance by suzan hilton: this book is the confirmation that the changes that are made in the house can positively influence life in general, it also highlights the importance to apply feng shui always with a purpose in mind.

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all the changes you make in your home or office must be done with a specific objective, if what you want is to increase prosperity, you should focus mainly on it, so that all the modifications you make have an intention and thus attract positive energy you want.

This book is based on the principles of feng shui, focusing on abundance and offering the reader small exercises that stimulate thought, also helping to locate furniture and objects in the right areas, clearing obstacles, so that the money flows better.

It is a book that aims to teach about abundance and the most suitable ways to achieve it, attracting money and improving the economy in a simple way and everything from basic ideals of feng shui.

4. feng shui for everyone by Salvaje y Natividad Pérez: it is an excellent book to get started in the teachings of feng shui, it serves as a guide to put this whole philosophy into practice.

not only teaches the fundamental principles of feng shui, but also helps to find the balance and harmony necessary to achieve a fulfilling life.

With this book you can learn to harmonize the energy that surrounds you, it also allows you to take better advantage of it and appreciate nature much more, benefiting as much as possible from it.

in the same way, it shows illustrations, real examples and many tips that you can put into practice to improve various aspects of your life through feng shui.

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It is one of the essential books on this art, although it is perhaps for people who have already worked feng shui, here is information about the authors.

how to choose a good feng shui book?

Although we have given you 4 incredible options so that you can learn much more about this art and apply it in your daily life, it will surely be difficult for you to decide on one, which is why you should take the following into account:

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  • differentiate on the purpose of each book: first of all you should know what aspect of your life you want to improve, so you should select the book that best suits your life and thus be able to take better advantage of it.
  • study the essence of each book: although you can start with the one that best suits your real life, when you read them all you will realize that each one has different teachings and approaches, but you need to analyze its essence well and take it as a way of life.
  • focus on action: these books not only highlight the principles of feng shui, but they also give very good advice on how to apply each of them, so you have to pay close attention and go along with the indications, to really achieve the results you are looking for.
  • take into account only what is best for you: keep in mind that it is not mandatory to comply with everything, but you can follow many of the nsejos, as long as they adapt to your reality.

You can buy the books at:

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