How To Use 9 Lemons In A Bowl [Feng Shui Negativity Cure]

lemons are purifiers as well as cleansers of sha chi, or bad chi, according to certain feng shui experts. Lemons are used as instruments to remove bad chi energy in your home as we associate them with significant environmental benefits.

what do the lemons represent?

lemons open the way for good chi energies to arise and circulate within your home.

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In certain feng shui techniques, 9 lemons in a bowl are considered prosperous. To attract prosperity and eliminate bad energies, some feng shui experts believe in putting 9 lemons in a bowl.

There are two theories for placing nine lemons in a container. one is the cleansing qualities of lemons and the other is the lucky influences of the number 9.

what does cleanliness mean in feng shui?

From time to time, everyone has blue feelings on a Sunday afternoon.

However, if your house has been in a continual state of gloom, it’s time to expel those nasty, gloomy, and downright sad feelings that can have a significant impact on your mood forever. . .

Although it can be cold outside, the first approach to getting unfavorable air out of your home is to open all the windows and generate a breeze to let the air in.

Also, try decluttering and organizing your surroundings like tidying up your closet. cleaning has a magical impact on the environment.

try to light the incense with caution. that’s a great mood lifter in feng shui. shouldn’t you try it in your apartment? these scented vapors have always been a spiritual and meditative technique. it will make you feel more energetic.

meaning of number 9 in feng shui

lucky feng shui number 9 is the number that represents many aspects of life and fulfills the following things.

  1. fate,
  2. eternal,
  3. trust,
  4. spirituality,
  5. selfless act,
  6. purpose in life,
  7. ultimate love,
  8. generosity,
  9. sacrifice,
  10. benevolence,
  11. cosmic consciousness,
  12. ultimate spiritual statutes,
  13. the basic premise of karma,
  14. compassion and humanity,
  15. work of light as well as lightworkers,
  16. likely to lead with the sign of hope,
  17. sense of self-objectivity and kindness
  18. charitable work and philanthropist.
  19. li>

The number 9 amplifies all energies. it is essential to realize that the floating star number 9 is unbiased. this means that both favorable and unfavorable fortune will spread and increase regardless of the circumstances.

the 7 main disinfectant characteristics of lemons

People use lemons for positive energy. Lemons are renowned for their disinfectant properties as well as their high acid content. For years, the lemon bowl has been used in cleansing treatments. lemons can also be used in the home.

Lemons can be used in a variety of ways around the house. Below are some examples of how to use lemon around the house.

  1. cleaning alloy pots and pans: use lemon juice to scrub alloy pots and pans. lemon juice can also be used to clean copper fittings.
  2. pour liquid into vinegar: vinegar is a fantastic cleaning agent, but it has a strong odor that many people use. despise. when trying to clean, mixing lemon juice with vinegar can help mask the vinegar smell.
  3. let the lemon juice sit on the blemish on a table for a few minutes Helps clear the blemish. off the table. spot clean with baking soda to get rid of stains. allow the lemon juice to rest for a short period of time. the juice has the potential to be extremely effective.
  4. Drains: To freshen your drain, grind up lemon peels in your garbage can. drains can also be freshened by pouring hot water with a little lemon along with them.
  5. lemon juice can be used as an organic bleaching agent. let white clothes and garments air out in the sun after applying lemon juice to them. stains will be removed with the help of lemon juice.
  6. degreaser: the acidity of lemon juice corrodes grease and removes it effectively from the stove and surfaces.
  7. lemon is a fantastic glassware cleaner, with or without vinegar. if you choose to include vinegar in the mix, the sweet scent of the lemon will mask the unpleasant aroma of the vinegar.

attract money and positivity through 9 lemons in a bowl

To use lemons to attract money and remove bad energy, place a container of 9 lemons in a particular area of ​​your residence. you need to think about the components of each sector and how they will combine with the lemon forces.

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Because fire consumes and metal cuts, you will definitely have to resist placing the 9 lemons in the container, look for instructions on how to place the lemons based on the five elements of feng shui .

  • south, which corresponds to the fire element.
  • west, which corresponds to the metal element.
  • as well as northwest, which also corresponds to the metal element, regions of fortune.
  • southeast, which corresponds to the wood element, is the best place to use lemons for prosperity as well as for the optimism .

9 lemons in a bowl meaning in feng shui

  • nine lemons in a bowl, is commonly thought, not only to create a nice decoration but also to purify the space of bad energies.
  • If lemons go bad and rot quickly instead of drying up, it may be a sign that you need to cleanse your house of negative energy.
  • several People understand that a lemon tree could never be harmed by negative energy, so they grow lemons at home.
  • many vendors in china put lemons in jars of water at the entrance to counteract bad vibes and prevent them from entering.
  • normal people should use lemons in their homes, with particular attention to kitchens and living areas, according to feng shui gurus.
  • if someone with bad energy is nearby, it will be suppressed so that it doesn’t harm others.

where to put 9 lemons in a bowl for good luck

Using lemons in water for good luck and prosperity is recommended to use the right direction.

The north sector of your house, which corresponds to the water element, is the best place to tidy up a bowl full of lemons to increase both good and professional luck.

Place the container in your dining room if you want to make the space a bit more fashionable while also bringing you good luck. In addition, it helps remove any negativity that may be present.

how many lemons do you put in a bowl: 7 or 9 lemons in a bowl?

How many lemons are in a bowl? 11, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 9?

  • since the number 9 is related to integrity, it is normally suggested that there be nine lemons. alternative numbers to consider include 1,4,6,8, as well as 7.
  • since this placement is associated with the earth element, 7 lemons in a container are recommended for use in the southwest dining room. the numbers 6 and 7 represent metal elements and therefore can counteract the negative effects of this placement.
  • some people like to use seven lemons on a plate instead of nine. while using only seven lemons, you are drawing the number seven, which is associated with good health.
  • the number 9 is associated with prosperity and abundance, as well as progress and goal achievement. it also represents wholeness and completion, which is why it is commonly displayed in family rooms.
  • 9 is also considered a lucky figure in Chinese culture, and is often associated with with lasting and positive love.

9 lemons on a bed of rice in feng shui

It’s easy to boost positive vibes using lemons; all you need is a few green lemons in a bowl.

Another easy method is to place nine lemons on a plate just above the fridge on a bed of rice. Create a ring of eight lemons and place one in the middle to get riches.

9 oranges in a bowl along with 9 lemons

Additional citrus may be combined with the 9 lemons on a plate. Citrus is considered good feng shui, so don’t be afraid to combine all 9 lemons with oranges and limes.

  • Oranges are associated with good fortune and wealthin Chinese traditions and are recognized for their refreshing and vibrant aroma (so as like its taste). people in china also use various new year fruits and flowers on the eve to celebrate happiness.
  • oranges on a plate creates a lovely and quick display while providing a nutritious snack. in feng shui, the number nine is best, so nine oranges are ideal.
  • You can also produce a fruity fragrance for the room by adding a few drops of watery orange extract to a spray bottle filled with water.
  • the scent will energize you and bring a burst of vitality to any space.
  • the relaxing scent of oranges , and also the yang characteristic of the orange hue, explain its prominence in classical feng shui techniques. It is commonly recommended as a feng shui remedy to have 9 oranges within the living room or dining room for good fortune and wealth.
  • citrus fruits are believed to ward off bad luck, which is why oranges, tangerines and lemons are frequently used in classical feng shui usage.

Because of its unique properties, it is best to use fresh fruit. ancient feng shui institutions, on the other hand, have created a number of products and remedies that include images of fruits, ranging from fruit-shaped stones to numerous pendants depicting certain fruits.

lemons and salt for good luck

We often underestimate that salt and water are strong ingredients that can be exploited as an asset in our lives, since they are so prevalent in our daily lives.

salt granules, for example, can generate electromagnetic pulses that consume negative energy and have the ability to neutralize them).

sea salt also helps to stimulate negative energy to advance and acquire the positive form of chi, thanks to its negatively charged particles .

If you’re trying to make money using salt, you’ll need to use sea salt. certainly never use table salt as it lacks the cleansing qualities of sea salt.

sea salt can be obtained at the local supermarket. buy a couple of bags and remember that although sea salt attracts prosperity, it is also necessary in our home.

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then choose one of the following three ceremonies:

1. Sprinkle a tablespoon of sea salt on the inside and outside of the front door. it will attract excellent chi to your house and grant you riches. this practice also helps attract abundance to all who enter your home. To maintain the cleansing qualities of the salt, replenish it every 10 days.

2. insert a tablespoon of sea salt in a hidden section of your bag, wrapped in plastic or inside a small package. this is without a doubt a very effective method to attract money using salt. the 10 day rule also applies here.

3. if you’re having trouble balancing your funds, spray sea salt around the house. you can use unnoticeable plastic containers for this. it is essential to protect them. this ceremony will help you absorb any bad energy that may be present in your home. replace the salt every ten days.

Because this is the best time to rejuvenate and also to create and also to replenish all the energy that surrounds you, be sure to select one of the ceremonies to attract money on this day. the odds of making it are significantly higher than on any normal day.

in feng shui, where should the 9 lemons be placed?

9 lemon feng shui doesn’t have to be displayed only inside a bowl. To make lucky lemon ornaments, use old glass containers or glassware vases.

a) on the dining table, you can place a bowl of limes.

  • The dining room table is the luckiest place to have 9 lemons in a bowl. the bowl of lemons can be used as a decoration for the dinner table.
  • Assuming you have a mirror that reflects your table, the riches and good fortune that the 9 lemons bring will be doubled.

b) at your workplace, you can place 9 lemons in a bowl.

Inside your workplace, a container full of lemons could be displayed. The 9 lemons can be placed in the southeast, within the wealth area, or in the north, within the career area of ​​your workplace.

c) lemon in the corner of the room

You can also place lemons in the corner of the living room or in any room where you want to clean up a bit. just remember, it must be visible from the entire room.

9 lemons in a bowl alternative arrangements

You can put nine lemons in each of the two glass jars or pedestal compotes. Along either side of a garlic dish, place a pot or vase.

Garlic is considered the best table decoration for prosperity within feng shui. the lucky strength of the garlic would be amplified by twice the 9 lemons.

place on a serving tray

In a circular plate, arrange 9 lemons. You can use part of the lemon leaf as long as the thorns, which are seen in several types of lemon. poison arrows are triggered by the thorns, which must be expelled.

is it a good idea to use fake lemons inside a feng shui bowl?

fake lemons can be used in a feng shui display to represent the power of lemons. You won’t get the exact benefits of genuine lemons and their abundant energy.

However, if you’re not willing to be diligent about constantly replacing fruit as it ripens and degrades, then fake lemons are a better option.

Regarding feng shui, how many lemons are considered inauspicious?

Using only four lemons (4 lemons) is not a good idea. The number 4 is considered an unlucky number in feng shui because it sounds similar to the term for death.

sticking to the number 9 for your lemon arrangement is considerably simpler than lucky.

frequently asked questions about 9 lemons in a bowl


To experience the positive energy this lucky composition brings into your home, consider putting 9 lemons in a bowl. To keep the arrangement healthy, inspect the fruit daily and substitute rotten lemons.

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