Feng Shui Rings – Everything You Need To Know

Feng shui is the practice that brings order to the natural world. And, this ultimate concept is not just limited to spaces and places, but can also be applied to us humans. feng shui is all about energy, yin and yang and wearing feng shui rings can bring balance to your being.

There are various types of feng shui rings and various gemstones that can be used to create these pieces of jewelry to make a positive impact on your life. By wearing these rings, you can receive health, wealth and good luck in your life.

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In this article, we will give you a detailed list of feng shui rings that you can use to bring happiness and positivity into your daily life.

1. jade feng shui ring

hard-jade-chinese-highly-very-valuableHard Jade Feng Shui Ring (Source:Pinterest.com)

Jade is known as the stone of harmony in feng shui. It is known to restore the balance of yin and yang and also works as a great wealth enhancer. Jade as a stone is known to have properties of harmony, balance and protection. it is usually available in lighter shades of green. Jade is also known to strengthen your qi (positive energy force).

You can wear a jade ring on your middle, index, and little fingers for best results.

2. feng shui emerald ring

jewelry-emeralds-diamond-gemstonesA Gold Feng Shui Ring with An Emerald Stone (Souce:Pinterest.com)

A healing stone, available in deeper shades of green, an emerald ring is one of the popular feng shui rings. to bring harmony to your relationships, you should wear it on your ring finger. Another good finger to use is the little finger. not just feng shui, many other religious and spiritual practices recommend wearing emerald rings.

3. feng shui mantra ring

pixiu-statue-resting-on-floorA Pixiu Structure Resting on Floor (Source: Pinterest.com)

Known as a mantra feng shui pixiu ring, if you add this gem to your hand, you are sure to attract immense wealth into your life. This ring not only makes you rich, but also helps you protect it. People who have worn this ring can expect unexpected wealth in their life. One of the most beloved feng shui rings, it is also known to ward off evil energies from your life and protect you from real physical dangers.

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This beautiful ring must be worn on the middle finger to activate its powers. the position is appropriate because this ring connects the middle and index fingers where the line of wealth runs. when it touches that part of your skin, it energizes it, thus creating a continuous flow of richness in your life.

Usually a feng shui mantra ring has two sets of mantras appearing on its rings. one on the outside and one on the inside, which touches your skin. this is done so that the power of the ring can be infused into your life in the most effective way possible.

4. feng shui amethyst ring

beauty-amethyst-ring-on-white-backgroundAmethyst Feng Shui Ring (Pinterest.com)

one of the best feng shui rings for prosperity; an amethyst ring is particularly useful for a successful career. For best results for career advancement, wear the ring on your index finger. if you are in business and looking for monetary profit in it, wear it on the middle finger.

5. feng shui ring with blue sapphire

sapphire-royal-blue-gemstone-sri-lankaRoyal Blue Sapphire Gemstone (Source: Pinterest.com)

To help better communication in your life, wearing a blue sapphire can be a great catalyst. networking for business, boosting opportunities at your job – a blue sapphire can be worn on the index or middle finger for best results. Of the different feng shui rings available, this is one of the most beautiful.

6. garnet feng shui ring

rhodolite-garnet-diamond-ring-halo-groupGarnet Dimond Feng Shui Ring (Source: Pinterest.com)

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If you want to rise to a position of authority and power in your workplace, a garnet ring is a great idea. wear it on your index finger and watch it rise to a commanding position in no time. the ring enhances your networking and people skills, which in turn makes you a person of respect and power in your workplace.

which of these feng shui rings should you use for luck?

Using feng shui rings is not as complicated as you might expect. As a general rule, it is said that one should wear the stone that most resonates with them. therefore, you should read and research more about each stone and then choose the one that appeals to you the most. however, you can also contact a feng shui master or an expert in the practice to get a detailed idea about feng shui rings and which one will align with your job or business requirements .

11 precious stones and their meanings according to feng shui

Each gemstone used in feng shui rings has a certain meaning attached to it and you can create good feng shui using them. here are the best gemstones and what they mean in the world of feng shui. read on:

5 types of ring designs

Once you’ve decided which gemstones should be part of your feng shui rings, it’s time to consider designs. Your ring may have more than one type of gemstone, and different types of designs can help you choose what works best for you.

side stone ring

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Feng shui ring with lots of diamonds.A bridal diamond ring in side stone ring design – can also be used as feng shui ring. (Source: Pinterest.com)

In a sidestone ring design, diamonds are worn alongside the large center gemstone on each side. this flanks the sides and further brings out the beauty of the main stone. side stone rings look great in emerald shaped diamonds like the picture above.

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grouped ring

A beautiful ruby and diamond feng shui ring.A beautiful ruby and diamond feng shui ring – oh, what a stunner! (Source: Pinterest.com)

three stone ring

A three stone diamond ring design also perfect for feng shui rings.A three stone diamond ring design also perfect for feng shui rings. (Source: Pinterest.com)

Just as the name suggests, this feng shui ring design has three stones. these three stones are placed next to each other as you can see in the image above.

princess cut

A deep blue sapphire ring in a princess cut design - can also be worn as a feng shui ring.A deep blue sapphire ring in a princess cut design – can also be worn as a feng shui ring. (Source: Pinterest.com)

A very popular type of design for engagement rings, the princess cut ring has a center stone that is shaped like a square or rectangle. this design allows a single stone to take center stage as shown in the image above and does not feature any more stones.

eternity band

A diamond eternity ring design that is also suitable for making feng shui rings.A diamond eternity ring design that is also suitable for making feng shui rings. (Source: Pinterest.com)

summarizing feng shui rings

feng shui rings can be very useful for people who use them to improve various aspects of their lives. using one may not be as complicated as might be expected. feng shui as a concept believes in energy and it is important that when you wear a ring, it resonates with you. Therefore, depending on why you want to use a feng shui ring, you should research the various types and then choose the one that appeals to you the most. But, if you still have doubts about what type of feng shui rings are right for you, consult an expert and call him.

Note: It is recommended to consult a feng shui expert when choosing a feng shui ring. This is just a general overview of feng shui rings and the type of impact they can have on an individual. in no way is it intended to guide you in selecting a definitive ring or stone type.

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