Dr. Mainini presents Introduction to Feng Shui live at Jaguar AutoDealer, Innsbruck, AT

Dr. Mainini presents Introduction to Feng Shui live at Jaguar AutoDealer


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This exceptional one-hour video presentation by feng shui master simona mainini, dr. bow. shows how to use this ancient technology to add more value to her home by enhancing her energy to maximize health, wealth and abundance. buy & watch now

feng shui colors: the five elements90 min. video self-study online feng shui class

Enjoy this presentation on one of the most misunderstood feng shui techniques: the five element theory and how to use it to find your feng shui colors. buy & watch now

feng shui for real estate agents & new homebuyers 1 hour online self-study video feng shui class

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this one hour video presentation by feng shui master simona mainini, dr. bow. shows how to use feng shui to help find the perfect feng shui house where you will thrive and prosper. buy & watch now

feng shui for health & wellness 2-hour online self-study feng shui video class

Join us for this 2+ hour video class with feng shui master simona mainini, dr. bow. as she explains how the feng shui of her living and working environment can help you achieve better physical, emotional, and mental health. this event is open to everyone and recommended for acupuncturists and doctors. (note: the class was done overtime, so the duration is approximately 2 hours and a half). buy & watch now

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feng shui for stress relief 2 hour feng shui self-study video class online

Enjoy this two-hour video webinar with feng shui master simona mainini, dr. arch., where she will learn about the mechanics of qi that influences the emotions, as well as simple feng shui techniques and short meditations to reduce the effect of daily stress and to center and ground her mind, body and spirit. buy & watch now

feng shui office design for beginners

3-video self-study online feng shui course

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Take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn how to change the space of your business to increase creativity, productivity and achieve ultimate success. Self-Study Video Course: Feng Shui for the Office:Buy and start watching this course now

Feng-shui-home-office-businessTake advantage of this unique opportunity to learn how to change your business space to increase creativity, productivity, and create ultimate success. Dr. Simona Mainini is a Feng Shui Master who has worked for almost 20 years with small, medium, and large sized business facilities. She has very comprehensive ideas of how Feng Shui can make or break your business success. From home offices to retail businesses, from corporate facilities to manufacturing plants, and restaurants to production and technology companies, Dr. Mainini’s expertise and experience have helped all of them correct their big Feng Shui problems and paved the Feng Shui road to success.

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In this 3-video feng shui course you will learn:

  • how to position your desk for more power • how to choose the right desk for you • how to set up your office to maximize productivity • how feng shui specifically applies to your business success • what colors are best right for your energy • which area to activate to attract more customers • how to increase the energy of abundance and prosperity • how to choose a new commercial space to buy or rent • how to tell if you have feng shui versus business problems

Note: This course is specifically intended for current business owners and business executives. Join us now for this amazing new and unique opportunity to change your workspace and transform your business!

self-study video: feng shui for the office: buy & watch now

read more about how to get a good feng shui house here.

For personalized feng shui consultations for your home or business, find more information here.

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