How To Delete Messages On Tinder 3 Ways To Delete Messages, How To Delete All Your Matches On Tinder

Do you want to delete unwanted messages on your Tinder profile but you don’t know how to do it since Tinder gives no direct option to perform this action? Here are two ways you can try to remove messages on Tinder.

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Pre-Script: You can’t delete single/individual messages on any conversation thread.These methods will delete the whole conversation.Additionally, you will not be able to talk to the same person again.


Select the reason to un-matchHit Ok

Report the Person

In order to report someone on Tinder, follow the first the steps mentioned in method #1 above and on the fourth step press Report Button instead of Un-match.

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Delete your personal account

When you delete your Tinder account, your messages, matches, and likes will also be deleted.

Important: If you want to make new tinder account after deleting the old one, make sure you use a different email, Facebook ID or Phone number in order to avoid getting banned.

Post-Script: All the above three methods work the same on almost all devices or systems whether Android or IOS, and/or PCs.

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