Feng Shui 2017 tips for home: Year of the Fire Rooster

feng shui 2017 tips in this year of the fire rooster will help keep negative energy away and bring good luck and fortune in life. knowing which part of the house or office can be decorated with which color, shape and element to keep the positive energy flowing. here are some feng shui tips for your home and office.


since luck will enter your home through the door, it’s important to keep the entrance clean and attractive. clean the area; wash and sweep the porch, stairs, lobby and entrance hall, among other areas. decorate it and put a new doormat. a fresh coat of paint would also give it an attractive look.

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living room

The next part of your home you can focus on is the living room, which is considered to be the element of fire. Since 2017 is the year of the rooster, the feng shui of the room plays an important role in this year of the fire rooster.

Stand at the entrance to the living room and start with the first thing that comes into view. clean and decorate it, and make sure it always stays clean and tidy. the first thing you see in the living room sets a nice tone for the entire room. therefore, it should be inspiring and not cluttered.

feng shui 2017 – good feng shui areas

  • east – energy of wealth
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for 2017, this area is dominant with the earth element. avoid the element of fire in the eastern part of your home. however, you can use the wood element. make sure fire colors (red, pink, purple, orange, and yellow) are used sparingly here.

  • southeast – wealth and prosperity

move to the area of ​​wealth and prosperity (southeast) below. Since the dominant element of the year is fire, avoid the presence of strong earth feng shui things like stones, pottery, crystals, or earthy landscape images. instead, use elements that support fire like wood. include candles, fresh flowers, wooden decorations and cheerful images in that area. multiply the decorative elements by the number nine, as that would also multiply the benefits, according to fengshui.about.com.

  • northeast – romance and relationship

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Move to the northeast area of ​​the house, which represents romance and relationship. the dominant element in this area in 2017 is wood. therefore avoid fire decorations as well as metal feng shui as they would destroy the wood element.

since the colors blue and black nourish the wood element. the northeast area of ​​the house can be decorated with these colors. In addition, green plants, images of travel destinations or about romance can be a great idea.

  • north – run

the metal element is dominant in this area. therefore, use colors such as white and gray. Hanging a wind chime in this area is perfect for good luck and career fortune in the year of the Fire Rooster. earth feng shui elements can also be used. Chinese coins and metal statues can also be placed here.

  • center: overall success
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This area of ​​the house is responsible for bringing good luck in all areas of life. metal and water elements are good for the area this year. Avoid fiery colors and elements. instead, use colors like black, blue, charcoal gray, and white. fountains and dragon turtles can be placed here. You can also keep your vision board here, showing what your goals are for 2017.

feng shui 2017 – bad feng shui areas

  • south – avoid bad luck

pay special attention to this area of ​​your house, as it may be responsible for bringing bad luck. keep this area as quiet as possible. therefore, avoid construction work, renovations, and the use of noisy machinery here.

place metal feng shui to neutralize bad luck. for example, six Chinese coins can be placed somewhere. weaken earth element and use metal decorations for that.

  • west – guard relationship

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This area of ​​your home may be responsible for obstacles in your relationship. use fire elements to neutralize negative energy here. Avoid water feng shui like the mirror, as well as wood and metal feng shui here. use the colors red, purple, yellow and orange. the triangular shape is good to go. annoying elements and renovations can be avoided.

  • northwest – neutralizes disease energy

To neutralize the energy of illness, use metallic elements in this part of your home and avoid fire. the water element can be used sparingly. however, avoid using fiery colors like red, purple, yellow, pink, and orange. Also, avoid triangular shapes in the area.

  • southwest – protect home
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For the protection of your home, use the water element here and avoid the earth and fire elements. blue elephant and rhino decorations can be of great help here.

Another 2017 feng shui tip for the year of the Fire Rooster is to keep your home and office clean and tidy before you leave. this ensures positive energy when you return. also, if possible, paint your home as it will transform the energy of the environment, according to susan levitt. use the colors taking into account the elements (fire, earth, metal, water and wood) dominant in the area.

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