Feng Shui Your Office in 2022: Set-up your office for carrer luck

use feng shui elements at home and in the office, not only to decorate, but also to attract the harmonious energies of the universe.

This philosophy and technique of more than 2000 years has been used by the Chinese to improve the quality of their lives.

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During the year of the tiger 2022, in order to attract professional success, use one or more of the following activators:

the frog is associated with success in business and career

The frog, commonly made of metal, can be placed on the north side of the office and is said to have a beneficial influence on those running a business or earning extra income from commissions and bonuses.

the amethyst quartz gemstone money tree: beneficial to get a promotion

since ancient times, Chinese sages believed that amethyst, a purple crystal, could facilitate professional relationships with superiors, as well as with experts in the field.

It is recommended to place a tree made with amethyst stones in the office, where you can balance the energies between colleagues and leaders, which, at the right time, will lead to promotion.

carry i-ching coins in your wallet

The Chinese believe that you can attract luck and prosperity in your career by using money, but not just any kind of money, but i-ching coins. These are round coins, with a square cut out in the center, linked together with a red silk thread.

These tiny coins can be carried in your wallet or connected to your phone, following the latest trend. The most important thing is to take them with you, especially if you work in retail or sales, so that they bring you luck.

dragon horse – a creature for ambitious people

This statue, usually made of bronze, representing a mythical creature, a combination of a horse and a dragon, is a lucky item for the ambitious.

For those who are going through a tense moment in their career and want to get a better position, it is advisable to place this statue in their office.

the Chinese red rooster: another beneficial element for the race

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The golden rooster or the red rooster is an element of luck for those who want to get a promotion.

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on the other hand, it is beneficial when placed in the office because it balances energies, improves communication and helps to establish new contacts and relationships.

The Chinese like to decorate it with lucky coins and place them on the north or south side of the office.

feng shui tips for the office in 2022

Are you stressed at work, no longer able to cope, do you face a mental block, do you lack energy, relationships with your colleagues are tense, in short, do you no longer feel good at work?


have you ever thought about using feng shui? feng shui is the Chinese art that teaches us to harmonize the vital energies of a specific place, using small arrangements to ensure health, well-being and prosperity.

By applying feng shui techniques at work, we can help relieve stress and facilitate harmonious relationships between team members, enhance creativity, focus and productivity, and remove negative energies.

This can all be achieved by setting up your office according to feng shui principles and we can help you by offering some feng shui tips.

when designing your office, try to use the five elements of feng shui: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. a metallic decoration detail, wooden stationery objects, plants, an aquarium, etc.

The first stage in your feng shui office design is to get rid of all the clutter that gets in your way, in short, clean up.

  • don’t put stacks of files on the floor.
  • don’t put too many objects on shelves or on top of the cabinet.
  • tidy up inside cabinets and drawers.
  • fix or throw away everything that no longer works.
  • organize all the documents that are on your desk.
  • throw away all post-it notes that no longer work. are valid.
  • throw away all soda bottles and cans, wash dirty coffee cups.
  • remove dust.
  • throw away the garbage bag every nights.

Clutter has a profound effect on your emotional state and well-being. A clean and organized office provides vital energy and facilitates inspiration, concentration and creativity.

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Your ideas will be much clearer, your energy and vitality will be restored, and you will be more relaxed and calm and less affected by stress.

feng shui desk office orientation in 2022

The orientation of your desk is one of the most important things when designing your office. To adhere to feng shui principles, place your desk in the power spot, which is away from the room’s front door, diagonally or with its back to the wall.

  • The desk should not be placed with its back facing the window or the door, because it makes you vulnerable and creates a feeling of anxiety. You have to watch who comes in and you have to watch out for any danger that comes into your office. if you can’t set up your desk this way, make sure you have a high-backed chair that can protect it.
  • don’t put your desk near the door, so you don’t get distracted.
  • >avoid placing your desk facing the wall, you will work more efficiently and concentrate better. If you have no other option, put a painting of nature on the wall – a landscape, the ocean…
  • Your front space should be free, to facilitate opportunities.
  • If you have Share the space with another person, avoid a back-to-back or front-to-front position. These two positions have a tendency to create conflicts. if you can’t avoid it, move your desk a bit or set up a barrier by placing a plant or a painting.
  • If you work in an open space, it is important to have partitions, because in a space that is too open, the energy tends to evaporate. try to limit the space between you and your colleagues.

what objects and images to use for feng shui in your office in 2022

every object in your office has an influence on you. when you are surrounded by inspiring images and objects, you are creating a favorable environment to achieve your goals.

Place images, slogans and images that symbolize your goals. choose furniture and accessories that inspire prosperity, abundance and success.

The best place for the computer is on the right side of the desk, while on the left side, above, it is better to place a lamp.

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Hang a picture of a mountain behind the desk, without the sharp peaks, and in front of it, a picture of aquatic life, because water symbolizes wealth and prosperity.

To set a dynamic atmosphere in the office, place the right objects in the right places, with the help of a compass, as follows:

  • phone, agenda, computer, business cards to the west or northwest, to facilitate external contacts and improve your career;
  • photos with relatives to the west or east;
  • lamps should be placed to the south, to illuminate your future prospects
  • to improve relations with your colleagues, place the plants to the east.

feng shui colors for office

The office should have light and relaxing colors. the recommended colors are beige, sand, light gray and light yellow.

These are not the only colors used for the interior design of workplaces. Dark colors are also used but is recommended to mix them with light, delicate tones. Bright colors tend to unnerve the body and spirit.

  • Yellow: promotes optimism and hope, aids concentration and attention, and stimulates the intellect.
  • Green represents growth, vitality, and abundance.
  • blue is the characteristic color of reliability and security and increases creativity.
  • black promotes introspection and opens new horizons.
  • brown: supports and strengthens the body, but does not stimulates the spirit.
  • white: energizes the spirit and mental focus, but wears down the body.
  • grey: stimulates concentration, but is taxing on the body.

feng shui plants for office

In feng shui art, it is recommended to place green plants in the office. they are valuable for health and working conditions because they bring positive energy and increase creative work and productivity.

The best plant for the office is bamboo because it brings luck. place plants from east to southeast. avoid cacti, bonsai, and sharp-leaved plants.

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