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Would you like to travel or is the suitcase already packed? Can’t get the electrician to call you back or do you need another babysitter? Does your spiritual life need a new inspiration? there is a corner of your home that contains a diverse collection of energy that supports not only your experience of giving and receiving in everyday life, but also with the heavens themselves. Let’s take a look at this multifaceted gem that is the helpful people and travel area of ​​the feng shui bagua map.

In feng shui, the bagua defines several specific areas of life that are compatible with the energy (or lack thereof!) within your home. Place the bagua grid, similar to a tic-tac-toe board, over your house plan to define the nine specific areas (called guas). as you stand at the front door looking in, the travel and helpful people section is to the front right. corner of your house.

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create the feng shui bagua map of your home

Get you FREE DOWNLOAD of my Feng Shui Bagua Map.

During my almost two decades as a Feng Shui consultant, I have found this incredible tool invaluable in uncovering and adjusting major energy imbalances in my Client’s homes and businesses. I’ve created my own free Bagua Map for you to download so that you can begin to tap into its wisdom as well.

You can learn more about how to place and analyze the bagua with my feng shui bagua map series. provides detailed steps on how to more fully utilize its many treasures. Once you’ve identified your own helpful people and travel area, you can apply the various feng shui tips below to balance and harmonize the energy in that section of your home, office, workplace, or other space.

helpful people and travel guides are associated with helpful people and the qualities of power, synchronicity, inspiration and confidence. Helpful people can be family members, friends, colleagues, businessmen, officials, spiritual beings, or even someone you have never met before. it is also the gua that is used to attract opportunities and help others. In addition, all aspects associated with travel are addressed here.

Since studying feng shui, this is the area of ​​my home that has always given me the clearest and most challenging feedback. in return, my feng shui adjustments have produced consistent and, at some points, surprising results. you too can use this powerful corner of your home to create all kinds of movement and progress in your life.

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define your feng shui intention for helpful people and travel

When experiencing a problem or imbalance, feng shui can look at your home or workplace for environmental factors that could be adjusted to bring in new energy to help you reach your goal.

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Take a closer look at helpful people and travel gua when:

  • traders, doctors, lawyers or other support people needed for any situation in your life
  • you are selling or buying a house and need the assistance of a real estate agent and other support people such as inspectors, bankers, title company staff, a feng shui real estate planner or others
  • being too intellectual is a challenge and you would like to improve your intuition
  • you would like to balance how you help others
  • giving back, being more philanthropic or grateful in general is one approach
  • being more organized or productive are goals
  • more is desired synchronicity in your life
  • search for new travel opportunities
  • plan a trip and need extra energy for a safe trip
  • would you like to be safer than yourself
  • there is a health problem in the head, neck, brain or skull, such as migraines or concussions
  • the pr elimination health problems are a concern
  • there is my excess of worry or mental stress
  • too much rigidity, perfectionism or need to control are problems
  • there are problems of authority with an elder, boss, colleague or other
  • the father or older man in the household requires additional support

place a feng shui enhancement for helpful people and travel

I would love to return to one of my favorite travel destinations, New Zealand.

To work with the energy of your home and make it more fully supportive, it is important to be clear on your intentions. With the help of the list above, can you identify a specific situation in your life that the Helpful People and Travel gua can help to shift? Whether a new goal or a long-standing concern you’d like to improve, there is a Feng Shui enhancement that can be applied.

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Feng shui enhancements are specific elements or architectural features that are present in any particular gua. once identified, placed, and matched with your individual intention, they help balance the energy of your space, bringing vital, fresh ch’i energy in the form of new opportunities, inspiration, and more.

Appropriate upgrades for Helpful People and the Travel Guide include:

Any object, book, photo, art or other reference to your spiritual beliefs is an appropriate enhancement for Helpful People and Travel.

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