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This auspicious figurine of the mighty dragon, in dazzling high-quality gold plating, is depicted clutching a crystal ball in its claws to represent prosperity and career success. it is a highly sought after symbol and would make a great addition to any feng shui collection.

The dragon, which is the most powerful symbol of yang, is one of the four celestial animals in feng shui. it is considered as the “supreme being” compared to all other worldly animals, because it can survive in any environment; the sea, the mountains and even the skies. It is a mystical creature that has been an emblem since ancient times, when it was believed that it infused vitality, courage and heroism to the viewer. the dragon symbolizes power, excellence, divinity, nobility and bravery.

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For the Chinese people and for all followers of feng shui, the dragon is the most revered animal of all others, extremely auspicious and always treated with the highest sense of reverence. The dragon is considered the strongest symbol of good fortune and prosperity because it is believed to emit a special form of chi, known as “sheng chi” or “heavenly breath.” feng shui is essentially about capturing and creating sheng chi. it is this “essence of life” energy that attracts wealth, luck, good fortune, good luck, abundance and success to the area lucky enough to receive it. It is for this reason that the dragon is such a popular lucky symbol used to enhance success and prosperity in business.

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In feng shui terms, mountain ranges are often described as dragons. it’s not hard to see how a rolling plateau resembles a mythical dragon. therefore, feng shui practitioners would look for the “dragon” when appraising a property. These topographical analyzes could tell if an area or property has good feng shui or not. It is the same analysis that revealed that Singapore has five dragons, which explains its economic strength and level of prosperity.

the dragon can be placed in a variety of ways in the home or office. According to feng shui experts, no matter where the dragon is displayed, it will serve to defend the area, build confidence, attract wealth, and stimulate the vibrations of masculinity. To achieve all your goals with confidence and strength, use the dragon in the following ways:

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1) For good feng shui spread throughout the family, display this good luck charm in a prominent area of ​​your home or in your transportation vehicle. the best sector to exhibit the dragon is the east; When you’re done, you’ll be blessed with an infinity feng shui fortification.

2) Many establishments create logos that incorporate a pregnant or fat dragon as it is a symbol of creating additional business branches. Those who do not wish to include a dragon in their logo also have the option of displaying a figurine on the desk in their upper or integral areas of the premises.

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3) When the feng shui dragon is placed next to a water source in your home, such as a waterfall or aquarium, it will provide an enhancement for those seeking knowledge, promotions, recognition, reputation, and command.


4) The cosmic chi emitted by the feng shui dragon can help those suffering from illnesses with a speedy recovery. This is because the yang energy of this animal, when distributed in the health sectors (center and east), will generate long life and well-being.

5) When this lucky charm is displayed behind the area where you work most often, it will attract the support of your superiors, prevent any involvement in the office drama, and allow you to discover your inner potential and advance in his career.

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6) For those whose Chinese zodiac animal is the Dragon, display it on your desk at work in either the Rat, Rooster, or Monkey corners, or between 97.5 degrees and 127.5 degrees , will improve wealth generation and money luck.

7) According to the feng shui bagua 8 life aspiration formula, the northwest sector governs the luck of the mentor and benefits the patriarch. displaying the feng shui dragon in this sector will attract the attention of influential people and establish good relationships with supportive people. mentor luck, noble luck or “gui ren” luck is the kind of luck that will be brought to you by a good samaritan or someone kind and helpful who will give you a hand or a life-changing push in times of distress, problems and difficulties; not necessarily in the form of money but also opportunities, wise advice, support, encouragement or just being there to listen. In addition, it will give the patriarch luck in his career.


8) When placed in the north corner of the home or office, the dragon will serve to increase your career success. this symbol of good luck will earn you the promotions you deserve and more respect from those around you.

The dragon is a very powerful creature, and some guidelines should always be observed:

1. the bedroom of a house is the residence of the yin symbol; never place the dragon in the bedroom as its powerful yang will create chaos and clash. 2. To keep a firm harness on the dragon’s mystical and celestial powers, always position it below eye level. 3. treat the dragon with the utmost respect and never show it in the bathroom.

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