Karen Kingston: The problem with integral garages

Integral garage

Full-length garages are a challenging feng shui issue in many modern homes today, especially in the United States, where so many homes are designed that way for comfort, without thought of energy effects.

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There are a number of problems this can cause.

your front door is no longer your front door

An integral garage usually has a door connecting it to the house to make it easy to transport groceries from the car. but doors are portals for both energies and people, so what this means is that your garage doorway energetically becomes the front door of the house, and your real front door is hardly ever used. /p>

Since many garages open into utility rooms rather than more tastefully designed entry foyers than front doors, entering this way makes you feel like a second-class citizen. Your lobby can be a delightfully welcoming space for visitors, but you rarely experience this effect. This can lead to problems such as low self-esteem, always putting the needs of others before your own, or feeling like you’re not in control of your own life.

your feng shui bagua orientation may change

the feng shui bagua is a grid that can be placed on the blueprints of your home to reveal where every aspect of your life is located on the property.

The most effective way to do this is to orient the bagua towards the front door of the house. however, if you have an integral garage, this may mean that you regularly enter through the door that connects the garage to your home rather than the front door, and this may change the feng shui bagua orientation of your home somewhat. which can have undesirable consequences. for example, it could cause a bathroom or toilet to be located in the wealth zone of the bagua, with all the economic draining effects it can have.

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there may be toxic leaks in your home

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Another problem caused by having an integral garage is that any room above one is not the best place for human habitation. if used as a bedroom, it can result in ungrounding and also health problems due to toxic seepage of fumes from cars or chemicals that are stored in the garage.

A feng shui cure that sometimes fixes a lack of grounding is to place a large rock or stone ornament in the room above the garage, and vents can be installed to channel toxic fumes safely. but it is still far from ideal to use a room as a bedroom. It would be better to use it as a storage room, taking care, however, that it does not become a storage room.

energetic side effects

One of the least understood problems caused by having an integral garage is that every time you enter the house after parking your car, you will not only flood your home with toxic chemicals from car exhaust, but also, without knowing it, it will carry with it a mishmash of energies that the vehicle has accumulated in its travels, which can cause very chaotic effects.

Most Eastern cultures understand very well that there must be a clear separation between outer and inner energies, which is why they observe the strict practice of removing shoes before entering a building. they know how disruptive it can be to trample outside energies through a home, and this is without taking into account the chemical cocktail of pesticides we pick up on the soles of our shoes, even in urban areas. but most Westerners have very little awareness of this, and modern garage designs now go a step further by mixing the energies of automobiles as well.

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the ideal location for a garage

in places like singapore, where feng shui principles are well integrated into everyday life, cars are always located away from living spaces, usually in designated parking lots. even the super-rich park their ferraris a suitable distance from home, usually in open carports rather than closed garages (a carport makes it easier to clear wind circulations). I have never seen a single case of a Singaporean house having a garage attached to any kind of living space.

According to feng shui, the ideal location for a garage is some distance from the home and behind the front door line, not in front of it like the garage shown here. placed right in front of the house, this garage resembles an open mouth waiting to be fed. The occupants of a home like this are likely to find their time and resources relentlessly gobbled up by one thing after another.

so what can you do if your house has an integral garage?

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A client I worked with in the US. uu. he devised a simple solution at least to the public toilet entrance problem. she would park her car in the garage, walk to the front door closing the garage door behind her with a remote, and enter her house through the front door. if she had to bring purchases from the car, she would then go back into the garage through her laundry room to retrieve them. This simple behavior change resulted in beneficial changes in her life on many different levels.

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too many problems, I hear you say? I admit that it depends a lot on the layout of your house, the weather on a particular day, and how much you care about the quality of power in your home. but if I had to live in a house like this, I certainly would. I suggest you at least try it for a while and see how you feel. even if you cheat from time to time and enter the laundry room when it’s pouring with rain, you’ll probably notice a noticeable improvement.

and if you want to go one step further, try taking your shoes off when you enter too. In most Western homes it’s neither practical nor desirable to leave them outside the front door, but keeping them in a closet just inside the front door works almost as well. when external energies are kept outside, you can build a much more enriching interior space.

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Do you have an integral garage? Do you usually enter your house through the connecting door? How does this feel different than walking in the front door?

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