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In the art of Chinese metaphysics, feng shui brings balance, comfort and harmony to your environment and life. it is the concept that the layout and design of your home can affect your physical and mental well-being, as well as success in your relationships and career. One way to improve the feng shui in your home is to add flowers. flowers can transform a home into an oasis.

Flowers have a high amount of chi, also known as cosmic energy, and the right balance can help you create a flow of positive energy throughout your home. dead plants have negative chi, which can cause stagnant energy to build up in your garden or home. By bringing live, fresh flowers and incorporating them into your home décor, you will soon feel a boost of vivacity in your life. venus et fleur® flower arrangements are made with real roses that last a year®, so you can fill your home with fresh-smelling flowers that last. They are ideal for bringing clean and bright energy to your space and your life.

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practice bagua by placing flowers to get positive energy

One of the first steps in understanding feng shui is understanding the bagua map. The bagua map is divided into nine sections. think of a 3×3 grid. each section analyzes the energy in a given space, assigning a color as well as a living area. if you are standing in the doorway of a room, looking in:

  • on the far left is wealth and prosperity, symbolized by the color purple
  • in the middle section is fame and reputation, symbolized by the color red
  • on the far right is love and marriage, symbolized by the color pink
  • in the left middle section are family relationships and ancestors, symbolized by the color green
  • in the very center of the grid is health, symbolized by the color yellow
  • in the middle section to the right are children and creativity, symbolized by the color white
  • in the lower left corner is knowledge and self-cultivation, symbolized by the color blue
  • in the near/lower middle section is the career and path of life, symbolized by the color black
  • in the near/bottom right corner is useful people and travel, symbolized by the color grey
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By following the bagua map, you can manifest and enhance specific areas of your life by focusing on certain sections of your room or home. be intentional with your home decor. for example, to enhance your knowledge and self-cultivation, you can place a blue-colored crystal, such as celestite or sodalite, in the right corner of the room closest to the entrance. this way you can control the flow and functionality of each room.

use flowers to attract passion and pure love

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Using the bagua map, you will find that the area for love and marriage is on the far right of your room, or your house if you are standing at the front entrance. Roses are the universal symbol of pure love and passion, so by placing roses on the far right, you will be able to attract more love into your life and allow it to stay. for a stronger statement, place a loving arrangement of red roses in the corner.

Consider placing our classic packet set, with red eternity® roses, on a nightstand you’ve placed on the far right. if your bed is already situated in the far right corner, consider placing a shallow floating shelf above the bed and place all three stunning pieces (our timeless le mini round, le mini square and fragrant rose blanche votive) on the shelf . this set also serves as a wonderful gift, so your friends and family can also bring more positivity into their spaces and lives.

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The bedroom should be a place of love and rest, so be sure to decorate your room with other elements that symbolize romance and passion, such as a rose quartz crystal or two matching lamps on each side of the bed. Equal or symmetrical pairs of two will bring good luck in your love life.

use flowers for prosperity in your work life

When you want to bring more prosperity, abundance and wealth into your home, bring some purple flowers. According to the bagua map, placing purple flowers on the far left of your room or home will enhance the flow of wealth.

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The color purple has long been associated with royalty and luxury as it is a rare color to find in nature. A long time ago, purple dyes were extremely hard to come by, and the first violet color was made only after extracting several sea snails. in fact, this rich color was so hard to come by that purple-dyed items were worth more than their weight in gold. for an amalgamation of this royal color, order a thalia vase with eternity™ mixed flowers in a lavender hue. With a beautiful mix of garden roses, hydrangeas and gardenias, this luxurious flower arrangement is everything you need to manifest wealth and prosperity in your life.

For more powerful feng shui, incorporate wood and water elements in the far left corners, as both wood and water are elements of nature and wealth. Hang artwork like a painting of a waterfall, set in an organic wood frame, or hang a mirror in that corner of the room. Mirrors are considered to symbolize water due to their reflective nature. hanging a mirror in your space will also make the room feel and appear more spacious, which can be relaxing.

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use flowers to cultivate happiness and health

The very center of the bagua map symbolizes health and is represented by the color of the sun, yellow. This means that at the heart of every room and every home is the path to good health. If your dining room is at the heart of your home, be sure to include plenty of bright yellow flowers on the table. if the centerpiece is in your living room, place your coffee table in the center of the living room and place a sunny arrangement of yellow flowers as the centerpiece. we love the look of a venus et fleur arrangement placed on top of or next to a beautiful stack of coffee table books.

When you focus on your center, you will inevitably allow positive energy to flow through the other eight sections of your home. good health is the solution for most areas of your life—mentally, physically or emotionally. When these three areas are in harmony, you will prosper.

While you can opt for a large yellow flower centerpiece, you can also opt for several smaller arrangements, like our classic le petit white rose arrangement, to scatter pieces of health and happiness in the center of your home. This elegant flower arrangement features four beautiful roses in a small Parisian-style bandeau. This beautiful ensemble is small enough to layer multiple pieces around the room without going overboard, while the yellow roses are vibrant enough to keep you happy and smiling. even the smallest yellow arrangement will introduce an immense amount of brightness into your space.

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